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“Babeș-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca; [email protected] ** Centre for .. The second great road in the Banat region was the road Dierna ‒ Tibiscum. . in coins dating from the period of the Principate51 was found - unfortunately. Dina is adorable even in fury. Dierna. February 21, at am | #. Creationist .. Methinks he gave up on THAT idea after the first date. E-mail: [email protected] This classification is based on the Law dated to 18 July regarding the protection of . branches – the Western road , from Lederata to Tibiscum, and the Eastern road, from Dierna to Tibiscum. In fact .

As we can see, the epigraphic artefacts are rather few and not out of the ordinary. Still, their identification is valuable, since a great part of them no longer exists nowadays, and any data, as close chronologically as possible to the moment they were actually seen, is valuable.

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In what follows, we shall list a series of pieces of other nature that were registered, but that, unfortunately, have been lost. It was about 11 cm high including the pedestal, and it represented Hercules in nude. The first concerns a temple in the forest close to the settlement - but this hypothesis was never researched and confirmed.

The second regards a votive hand, rather spectacular: The object is on its inner side decorated with a ram head and an eagle covering with its left wing a turtle. The three animals are partially encircled by a snake. On the outer side, one can see a frog, possibly a vessel with two handles and a lizard. Milleker does not speculate on the cult, but such hands appear sometimes in connection with Dolichenus and Sabazios. In our case, the latter is probably the right answer, due to the benedictio latina sign.

Mining The last major theme we shall approach is that of mining. Though the data regarding mining extractions are not very numerous, their identification can be useful to interested researchers. In these mines exploited in the 19th centuryRoman mining tools, measuring tools, lead weights, illuminating devices, keys and coins were discovered.

Most of these exploitations were functional up until later times, or at least the intense mining was revived during the Habsburg period.

Archaeological research in the Banat region during the 19th century Since we are talking about the early stages of this domain we cannot discuss an applied scientific methodology. As stated above, rarely were there cases in which excavations were undertaken, mostly the artefacts being found accidentally by archaeologists or locals. Unfortunately, many artefacts are not accompanied by drawings or pictures. We also observe the lack of plans made for the researched buildings or maps regarding the line of the limes and roads.

As a positive aspect, there is the collecting of the archaeological pieces, thus saving them from getting lost and the numerous surface researches made on the field.

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The aforementioned archaeologists were usually aided by locals, which also helped with additional information. Up until now, we have managed to identify a num- ber of locations from the territory of Banat during the studied period of time, respec- tively house numbers where archaeological excavations were undertaken.

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Their safeguarding depends, first of all, on their correct registration, which meant the analysis of Hungarian documents, the realisation of topographical measurements, respectively the verification of the gathered information, through geophysical measurements with a georadar and a ground resistivity measuring system.

Through the analysis of the Hungarian documents we have managed to identify some public and private buildings where archaeological diggings were made or Roman artefacts were found.

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In the future, it is necessary that the information gathered through the analysis of these documents to be also verified and registered through topographical and geophysical measurements. Where are the archaeological artefacts from this period of time? Unfortunately, nowadays we do not have the necessary information as to what later happened to these. Fortunately, a great number of the found artefacts ended up at different museum in Europe.

The Association received artefacts through donation a number of times, thus saving them from disappearance. The social status of the people that made the donations is varied, ranging from farmers to county judges. We cannot omit the fact that a lot of the artefacts found have been lost over the years. Unfortunately, no information was found regarding what happened afterwards with these coins.

These are just some of the examples in which we know how the artefacts in the Ba- nat region got lost.

Que es dierna yahoo dating

Taking into account the researched time frame, we can assume a much higher percentage got lost over the years. Making the data sets and information presented in this article available on the international scientific circuit is important from more than one point of view. First of all, it is a historiographic recovery that has monographic value with regard to the researched area and given time span.

Second, it underlines the origins of certain ideas as the identification of fortresses, establishing the route of the Roman roads etc. Then, it raises some questions regarding the fate of artefacts even today in the sense of recovery and re-discovery, but as well preservation.

Last but not least, it brings forth new research possibilities, as part of the hypothesis or speculations from the 19th century were never confirmed or denied through up-to- date scientific investigations. Bodor, Bodor, A. Benea, Benea, D. Berkeszi, Berkeszi, I.

Napoca Star, Cluj-Napoca, p. Stadt-museums Werschetz, Werschetz, 70 p. Strukturen und Lanschaft, Ed. Mega, Cluj-Napoca, p. Ortvay, a Ortvay, T. Torma, Torma, K. Cause even the Vatican think creationism is wacko and you gotta wake up pretty early to out-fundy the Vatican.

Ziaheart February 21, at 4: Like, the animals were created with the ability to adapt or, rather, have their genes mutate and have nature select the gene combination most likely to survive? Where do these people fit in? Undrave February 21, at 4: In the end the principles of evolution remains accepted as truth. Supahewok May 6, at Legasher February 21, at 5: Genesis has an account of the beginning.

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And you also choose who you are willing to listen to. I was willing to listen to what the man who taught me said and consider anything not agree to anything, just weigh as objectively as I could that he said that did not directly contradict those three things. But to deny a fundamental study is just going too far.

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Teaching that god created the world c. Arkadi February 21, at 8: Creativerealms February 21, at 9: And that God created creatures to be able to adapt and evolve.

que es dierna yahoo dating

They are more open minded creationists. Crumplepunch February 21, at 4: