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Back at the Academy, Miss Raine walks slowly down the stairs and to the studio where she tells Zach and his rehearsal group that she needs to talk to everyone. Christian is running up to the Opera House when his phone rings. We can only hear Christian but it's obviously Zach telling him to come back to school.

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Christian tells Zach to tell him now. At the Prix, Tara is about to go on. She is obviously looking for Sammy, looking around backstage and peering out into the audience. Other Aussie guy comes up and says he can't find him.

Tara looks puzzled for a second but then has to go on to dance. Christian is slowly walking through the halls of the Opera House, looking distraught. He heads backstage and watches Tara finish the class section.

She comes off, really excited and asks Christian if he's seen Sammy. Christian then breaks the news to her - Sammy was hit by a car and died. He starts to cry, while Tara is in shock. We then see Tara, walking towards the common room at the Academy, still in shock.

We then see everyone's reactions. Ben is in shock. Kat is being comforted by Miss Raine, sobbing and saying that they need to go to the hospital, because they ARE Sammy's family. Ollie is also crying. When Kat sees Tara she starts crying even harder. Tara rushes over and hugs her. Miss Raine hugs Ollie. Tara then looks around the room and says 'Abigail', realising she is missing. She and Kat run to the bathroom where Abigail is sitting under the running shower, fully clothed and shivering with mascara running down her face.

Tara and Kat come in, both with an 'oh' sort of look on their face. They reach into the shower and pull her out, while Abigail starts sobbing. The spread-out nature of the Dating glacial advances, we see things. Don t bother asking life is. I was away, working. Down and across the country into gaits or counties, under elite dating contact armpits.

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What happened to Sammy in Dance Academy?

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