Glucose definition yahoo dating

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glucose definition yahoo dating

Diabetes occurs when a person has too much glucose in their blood. Doctors can diagnose diabetes with a random glucose test. A person can. Dexcom Continuous Glucose Monitoring - Discover smart and simple Continuous Glucose Monitoring. Designed to help diabetes patients keep track of their. This page describes specific privacy practices with respect to Yahoo Answers, Yahoo Autos, Yahoo Celebrity, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Movies, Yahoo Music, My .

glucose definition yahoo dating

Oral glucose tolerance test OGTT. People with diabetes can sometimes have a typically normal fasting or random glucose test. If a doctor still suspects diabetes, they may recommend an OGTT. This test also requires a person not to eat or drink for 8 hours.

After giving the first blood sample, the individual drinks a liquid containing glucose, and then more blood samples are taken hourly over the course of the next 2 hours. How and when is the test done? A doctor may recommend a random blood glucose test if a person has symptoms of diabetes, such as: People with diabetes may also experience a sensation of tingling or numbness in the hands or feet, which is known as diabetic neuropathy.

This is more likely to occur if a person's blood glucose remains uncontrolled for extended periods. A random glucose test is a quick test that a doctor or nurse can carry out at short notice in their office or clinic.

Your doctor can advise you on appropriate changes in your medication.

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You may also need to adjust treatment if you've increased your exercise routine. Medication Insulin and other diabetes medications are designed to lower your blood sugar levels when diet and exercise alone aren't sufficient for managing diabetes. But the effectiveness of these medications depends on the timing and size of the dose. Medications you take for conditions other than diabetes also can affect your blood sugar levels.

Insulin that's improperly stored or past its expiration date may not be effective.

Random glucose testing: What is a normal blood sugar level?

Insulin is especially sensitive to extremes in temperature. Report problems to your doctor. If your diabetes medications cause your blood sugar level to drop too low or if it's consistently too high, the dosage or timing may need to be adjusted.

Be cautious with new medications. If you're considering an over-the-counter medication or your doctor prescribes a new drug to treat another condition—such as high blood pressure or high cholesterol—ask your doctor or pharmacist if the medication may affect your blood sugar levels.

Liquid medications may be sweetened with sugar to cover their taste. Sometimes an alternate medication may be recommended.

What is a random glucose test?

Always check with your doctor before taking any new over-the-counter medication, so you know how it may impact your blood sugar level. Illness When you're sick, your body produces stress-related hormones that help your body fight the illness, but they also can raise your blood sugar level. Changes in your appetite and normal activity also may complicate diabetes management.

Work with your health care team to create a sick-day plan. Include instructions on what medications to take, how often to measure your blood sugar and urine ketone levels, how to adjust your medication dosages, and when to call your doctor. Continue to take your diabetes medication. However, if you're unable to eat because of nausea or vomiting, contact your doctor. In these situations, you may need to adjust your insulin dose or temporarily stop taking your medication because of a risk of hypoglycemia.

Stick to your diabetes meal plan. If you can, eating as usual will help you control your blood sugar levels. Keep a supply of foods that are easy on your stomach, such as gelatin, crackers, soups and applesauce.

Drink lots of water or other fluids that don't add calories, such as tea, to make sure you stay hydrated. If you're taking insulin, you may need to sip sugar-sweetened beverages, such as juice or a sports drink, to keep your blood sugar level from dropping too low.

Alcohol The liver normally releases stored sugar to counteract falling blood sugar levels. But if your liver is busy metabolizing alcohol, your blood sugar level may not get the boost it needs from your liver. Alcohol can result in low blood sugar shortly after you drink it and for as many as 24 hours more. Get your doctor's OK to drink alcohol.

glucose definition yahoo dating

Alcohol can aggravate diabetes complications, such as nerve damage and eye disease. But if your diabetes is under control and your doctor agrees, an occasional alcoholic drink is fine.

Moderate alcohol consumption is defined as no more than one drink a day for women of any age and men over 65 years old and two drinks a day for men under One drink equals a ounce beer, 5 ounces of wine, or 1.

glucose definition yahoo dating

Don't drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. If you take insulin or other diabetes medications, be sure to eat before you drink or drink with a meal to prevent low blood sugar. Choose your drinks carefully.

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Light beer and dry wines have fewer calories and carbohydrates than do other alcoholic drinks. If you prefer mixed drinks, sugar-free mixers—such as diet soda, diet tonic, club soda, or seltzer—won't raise your blood sugar. After the samples had cooled to room temperature, the absorbance of the aqueous solution of each was measured at nm. The free radical scavenging activity of the extract, based on the scavenging of the stable 1, 1-diphenylpicrylhydrazyl DPPH free radical was estimated according to the procedure described by Cuendet et al.

An aliquot of 0. The control contained only DPPH solution in place of the sample while methanol was used as the blank. The mixture was vigorously shaken and left to stand at room temperature.

Diabetes Management: How Lifestyle, Daily Routine Affect Blood Sugar

After 30 minutes the decrease in absorbance of test mixture due to quenching of DPPH free radicals was read at nm. The scavenging effect was calculated using the expression: A 2 ml sample was withdrawn from the mixture and mixed with 1. The absorbance of the chromophore formed during diazotization of nitrite with sulphanilamide and its subsequent coupling with napthyl ethylene diamine was measured at nm [ 22 ].

Gallic acid was used as standard. Where, A0 is the absorbance of the Control and A1 is the absorbance of the extract or standard. Aliquots of trichloroacetic acid 2.

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The absorbance was measured at nm. A blank was prepared without adding extract [ 23 ]. Experimental design Experimental Animals: A total of thirty female Wister Albino rats weighing about g were procured from animal house University of Lagos, Idi-Araba, Lagos State and used for the study. The animals were maintained for five weeks and were housed in well ventilated, standard clean cages made of plastic and wire gauze. Wood shavings were used as beddings to keep each compartment dry.

The animals were allowed to acclimatize for two weeks for proper adaptation to their new environment and were weighed weekly. They had access to pelletized feed and tap water ad libitum. All the ethical and humanity considerations as well as euthanasia of the animals were considered and performed. All animals were allowed free access to feed and water throughout the period of the study and the treatment spanned over a period of 14 days.

Experimental design and treatment: The animals were divided into five groups of six animals each. The hyperglycemia was confirmed after 72 hours by the elevation of blood glucose and the behavioral changes excess thirst and frequent urination.

The experimental design of the animals into groups is as follows: Body weights of the animals were measured weekly using a weighing balance. The blood glucose levels of the animals were determined before the administration of extract and after the seed extract administration with a commercially available glucometer kit ACCU-CHEK blood glucose monitor.

On the 14th day after commencement of treatment, the rats were anaesthetized with chloroform and sacrificed by cervical dislocation.