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espacio unidimensional yahoo dating

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These pieces havebroad, sharp edges and therefore can be used as base forms to manufacture different types of instruments Andrefsky ; Galarce ; Piel-Desrrouiseaux ; Whittaker These are byproducts obtained by applying controlled percussion or pressure techniques to the edges of a biface piece during the final stage of manufacture, or during tool maintenance.

Organization of Variables As the reader can appreciate, each case has its own criteria that can be used to organize the different expressions of the three variables according to the degree of bifaciality with which they are associated. We have organized the raw materials on the following scale, beginning with those most suitable for bifacial technology: By using the same criteria, the different types of platforms would be organized as follows: Again, by using the same criteria, the different reduction categories would be as follows: As our analysis seeks to integrate these three variables to produce a single score, we first tested whether the categories assigned to each variable were mutually compatible; in other words, whether the classification scales of the variables were mutually consistent.

As the table shows, in general, our expectations were met, especially at the extreme ends of the spectrum. Thus, there is a high correlation between low quality rocks and cortical platforms that diminishes to insignificance with the increase in prepared platforms.

At the other extreme, the correlation of high quality rocks increases significantly from Cortical Platforms to Prepared Platforms, and the same thing occurs in relation to reduction categories, which increase significantly as we move from Core Byproducts to Bifacial Retouching Byproducts.

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Bivariate correlation between analyzed variables. By comparing only platforms and reduction categories, we also obtain expected results at both extremes. First there is a higher correlation between Cortical platforms and Core Byproducts, then a lower correlation between the same kind of platform and Bifacial Retouching Byproducts, and finally a lower correlation between Prepared Platforms and Core Byproducts and a higher correlation between that kind of platform and Bifacial Retouching Byproducts.

Notable among these results is the formation of three variable sets that are more closely correlated internally, and more distant from those in the other sets. Main Component Analysis for different expressions of variables. Group 1 would therefore correspond to the variables closest to the most suitable stones for bifacial work, while Groups 2 and 3 are more distant and in fact are ordered from more to less suitable.

The faceted platform falls somewhat outside of the predicted scenario, appearing in Group 2, although the fact that its position is closest to Group 1 and more distant from Group 3 allows us to maintain its position in the order we have assigned according to technological criteria.

The C Index The index we have built fulfills two basic objectives. The scale chosen ranges from 0 to 1 with values rounded to two decimal points ; this not only standardized results but also enabled us to build a simple parallel scale for comparing results. Thus, a score of 1 is obtained where the technological strategy exhibits maximum curation, and a score of 0 is obtained for the inverse situation, i.

Obviously, these two extremes are only ideal situations, and in all real contexts the results lean towards one extreme or the other, but never with a total absence of the other strategy.

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Despite the fact that most of their tools were used with an expedient strategy, it is always possible to find biface elements too, especially projectile points made with raw materials such as obsidian and silica. The scale of 0 to 1 can be divided into four quartiles of equal size, wherein a context with a C index between 0 and 0. As mentioned, this rating scale will be especially useful for making comparisons.

Once this is achieved, the next step is to assign an individual position on the scale to each expression of the variables studied.

espacio unidimensional yahoo dating

Thus, each expression of a variable was assigned a specific weight within the continuum according to the scale shown in Table 2. Ratings assigned to each expression of the three variables studied.

Tables 34and 5 show the relative frequency of each expression of each of the three variables studied, expressed as values between 0 and 1, for the archeological occupations studied; they also show the calculation of each's contribution to the Cp for each variable of each occupation studied. The Partial Curation Rating for a variable is therefore calculated using the following formula: The values represented here are rounded to three decimal places.

espacio unidimensional yahoo dating

For this reason, the direct sum of the values presented here may not match in the third decimal. Cp index calculation for the variable Platform type in the occupations studied.

espacio unidimensional yahoo dating

Cp index calculation for variable Reductive Category type in occupations studied. Thereader may observe that, in general, the values are distributed more or less in the center of the three dimensional space, following a line that rises from the PAT occupation of the El Manzano 2 site, which, according to this representation, has a lower curation rating, to the Archaic IV occupation of the El Manzano 1 site, which corresponds to a higher degree of lithic technological curation.


This spatial distribution may be difficult to interpret, however, and therefore we felt it was advisable to simplify the interpretation by integrating the three variables into a single measurement: Three dimensional image of the relation of variables studied for the different occupations.

This index will be the calculated as the central position of each case in the cluster of points shown in Figure 3which corresponds to the average of the three Cp values previously obtained using the formula: However, if we wish to allow for the possibility of assigning more weight to one or more of the variables considered, a definitive formula for calculating C would be: The value of A will be 1.

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The overweight assigned to specific variables should in no case lead to a Cp for any variable greater than 1. For the occupations studied all variables have the same weight. C Index curve calculated for occupations studied and line showing the trend of the entire set. Table 4 also shows the ordinal values for each occupation, which in this case are distributed as follows: A lot of fish dating. Christopher and Stephanie spurt countless hours talking, writing, thinking, and often worrying on every side their relationship.

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espacio unidimensional yahoo dating

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