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They claimed that the French, German and Dutch banks would hold onto their Greek bonds to enable the newly-starting programme to succeed.

Secret IMF Documents on Greece

Since then it has been proven that the French, German and Dutch banks massively sold off the bonds they held on the secondary marketthus aggravating the Greek crisis and transferring to European tax-payers, especially Greek tax-payers, the burden of the risks they had taken and of the crisis which was largely their fault.

Again, to calm the reticence of certain executive directors, the IMF directors handling relations with Greece declared that social measures would be taken to protect people with low salaries and small pensions from the austerity measures.

Furthermore, to get the agreement of the executive members of the IMF, they claimed that Greek banks were sound and that their problems were entirely due to risks engendered by far too much public debt and a colossal public deficit.

Greek banks were in a disastrous situation.

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Another lie invented to convince the doubters was that the plan would be submitted to the Hellenic Parliament for approval. In reality, the programme was forced upon the Parliament with no chance for amendment and with no regard for the Greek constitution, as numerous jurists pointed out at the time.

The Greek representative, Panagiotis Roumeliotis, confirmed this fabrication. Later, this same representative claimed that it was under pressure from the European Central Bank ECB that Greece had declared that it did not wish for debt reduction. Certainly, Jean-Claude Trichet did use this threat during the months of negotiation of the Memorandum.

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It turns out that he used the same threat against Ireland, too, a few months later during the fine-tuning of the Memorandum concerning that country. A customs house was built there, the Castillo de Salgar, to accommodate the new traffic.

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It had originated in Cartagena, which in turn had received it from shipments coming from Panama. Subsequently, the city would be recovered by the Liberal leader Manuel Cabeza on December 9. Inaugurated inbuilt by the Railway and Pier Company. It linked Barranquilla and Sabanilla Salgarthe latter being the location of the customs house. Due to the shallowness of the waters, it was necessary to extend the railway to Puerto Cupinowhere the Cuban engineer Francisco Javier Cisneros built what was then one of the longest piers in the world, second only to the one in Southend-on-SeaEngland.

This telephone project had Mr. Orlando Flye, an electrical engineer from Ohio, as general contractor; [32] and the foundation of the first private telephone service in Colombia, the Colombian-West Indian Mobile Company of Mobile by the U. Urueta triumphed over Obeso, but additional troops overtook Urueta. Barranquilla became one of the 34 new departments, comprising the provinces of Barranquilla and Sabanalarga. The Palma building is in the background.

With the fall of General Reyes inthe Department of Barranquilla was abolished by Act 65 of that year, with Barranquilla again integrating into the department of Bolivar.

Secret IMF Documents on Greece

On September 7,a bill was passed by Congress recognizing the opening of Bocas de Ceniza as a national necessity. Puerto Colombia became one of the longest piers in the world and the principal port of Colombia, nicknamed the "Golden Gate of Colombia".

el aleman es dificid de aprender yahoo dating

Of these immigrants, the Arab and Jewish from the Middle East immigrants were prominent, [40] referred to wrongly as "Turks" by the Colombian people. As a result, during the first half of the twentieth century, Barranquilla became one of the fastest growing cities of Colombia, growing at rates well above other Colombian cities, which was maintained until the s.

el aleman es dificid de aprender yahoo dating

Under economic dynamism, the city's business strength grew. This was attributed to its point of entry to the country by thousands of immigrants and many advances such as aviation.