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For daytime use, a lens diameter of 21—25 mm is recommended, but for low light conditions, mm provides better performance. Field of view The real field of view is the angle of the viewing field measured in degrees and indicates how large the viewable field is at a distance of m from the point of observation.

Cual es el origen de la navidad? traducido a ingles?

Sometimes the field of view is also expressed as width in metres. Exit pupil The exit pupil is the diameter of the light beam visible through the eyepiece. It is calculated by dividing the objective lens diameter by the magnification factor. The larger the exit pupil diameter, the brighter the image seen. An exit pupil of 2—3 mm is adequate for daytime use, though with less light available, an exit pupil of 5—7 mm is preferable, e.

Brightness Brightness is a relative value, obtained by squaring the diameter of the exit pupil. Larger relative brightness values mean brighter images. However, this is not always the case as the amount of light the eye can absorb depends on the actual diameter of the pupil, which is different in bright and dark surroundings. How to read the numerical code The model names provide an overview about the most important features.

The description 10x42 EXPS I means that this model offers 10x magnification and the objective lens diameter is 42 mm. Eye relief The eye relief is the distance from the rear eyepiece lens to the eye point. A long eye relief provides comfortable viewing and ease of use without image black-out. Insufficient eye relief results in a loss of field of view.

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For users who wear glasses, an eye relief with at least 14 mm is recommended. Prism types Porro prism left: Large lenses produce needle-sharp, bright images of brilliant quality and with a distinct sensation of depth. The light is focused directly on the eyepiece. These binoculars can therefore be made lighter and more compact. Benefit even more from MyOlympus As a member of the MyOlympus community, you will enjoy additional great benefits to make your Olympus experience more rewarding.

The Christmas tree, original of Germanic zones, extended by other areas of Europe and America. The carols were recovered and new ones were made up many the custom to sing carols, although from old origins, comes fundamentally from century XIX.

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Santa Claus and the Spirit of Christmas The familiar image of Santa Claus, with the sleigh, the reindeer and the bags with toys, is a American invention of these years, although the legend of Noel Papa is old and complex, and partly comes from San Nicholas and a jovial medieval figure, the Christmas spirit.

In Russia it traditionally takes cochinillo pink under the arm. Christmas nowadays At the moment, Christmas is time of great commercial activity and interchange of gifts, familiar meetings and meals. In the West the Mass of the rooster in churches and cathedrals is celebrated. In the countries of Latin America, of rooted catholic tradition, the Christmas Eve 24 of December with a familiar supper is celebrated specially for which they are elaborated a diversity of plates, traditional desserts and drinks.

Also one gets used to attending the Mass of the rooster and celebrating with rockets and fireworks.

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What the encyclopedias say envoy by Conception Garay S. The word "Christmas" is a contraction of "natividad", that means natalicio. This celebration made its appearance in the Catholic Church and it extended there to the Protestantism and the rest of the world.

However, from where it received the Catholic Church? It was not of the lessons of the New Testament. It was not of the Bible nor of the apostles who had been instructed personally by Jesus Christ. Christmas originating one of the paganism was introduced in the Church during the century fourth. Since the celebration of Christmas was introduced in the world by the Roman Catholic Church and it does not have another authority that the one of she herself, we see what the Catholic Encyclopedia says on the matter edition: The pagan customs related to the January principle were centered in the celebration of Christmas.

In the same encyclopedia, under "Native Day", we found that Origins, one of the parents of the Church, recognized the following truth: Single the pecadores as Faaraon and Herodes celebrated with the great rejoicing the day in which they were born in this world ".

The British Encyclopedia, edition ofsay: