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Time and Place links the passage of time to the player character's location on the horizontal axis. As the player moves toward the right, time flows forward, while moving toward the left reverses the flow; standing still or moving vertically will pause time.

The player's location must be carefully managed in relation to enemies and objects. Time and Decision involves a "shadow" of the player character appearing after the player rewinds time and performing the actions that the real player character rewound; if the timeline expires, the shadow will complete any initiated falls and jumps but will otherwise stand still before disappearing. Things coloured in violet can interact both with the main character and his shadow at the same time. Puzzles in this section revolve around using this mechanic to carry out multiple actions at once.

Hesitance provides the player with a magic ring which, when dropped, warps the flow of time around itself; the closer moving objects including Tim are to it, the slower time passes for them.

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The regular rewind control remains available. Rewinding time returns the flow of time to its normal state. As one progresses through the six worlds in Braid, storyline text at the beginning of each world provides further insight into Tim's quest for the princess, and alludes to the overarching gameplay mechanic of each level. The themes evoked include forgiveness, desire, and frustration. Tim is suddenly locked out of the house, and, as time progresses forward, reversing Tim's actions, the events show the princess running from Tim, setting traps that he is able to evade, until she is rescued by the knight.

Tim is revealed to be the "monster" the princess is running from. The ending of the game is purposely ambiguous, and has been subject to multiple interpretations. No effect Call me if you need an excuse to bail. No effect Choice 11 You absolutely cannot come in. No effect As long as it's quick. No effect Choice 12 Like father, like son, huh? No effect Get out of our house! No effect That's actually tempting.

No effect Choice 13 Show him around campus! No effect Find out more about him. No effect Talk to your mom about this. No effect Choice 14 We'll need to work twice as hard. No effect Choice 15 What are you wearing? No effect Lookin' sharp!

No effect It sounds like you're thriving. No effect What do you say to dirty dancing? You only get the last option if you're dating Zig. Choice 17 I'd love to stick around! No effect Diamond Choice 1 Like you're angry. No effect Like you're scared. Joe decides to look for the time traveler at the hospital, and using the time machine to get through obstacles and avoid the police, Joe eventually reaches the hospital but discovers that Lambert has died of his injuries.

Using a toe tag on the man's corpse, Joe is able to match up a file number with a name and address in the hospital's records, learning that the time traveler's real name is Dr. With this information, Joe fixes up and steals an ambulance and goes out in search of the present Lambert. On the drive over, Joe ponders on Lambert's survival in the future and the concepts on time travel. Episode 2[ edit ] After hours of driving, Joe finally reaches Lambert's address, a small island residence on the far side of a lake.

When Joe finally arrives to the island by boat, he finds no sign of Lambert. After getting rid of the crocodile guarding the house, Joe breaks into the house and manages to recharge his time machine which was low on power. Able to jump back to the future, Joe discovers that future Lambert had fortified his home, replacing his hardwood doors with steel ones to protect himself from wild animals and set up an agricultural garden to grow food to survive.

Joe also discovers a much larger Mark prototype time machine in Lambert's basement, as well as the blueprints to the pocket sized Mk. II prototype that he currently carries. Joe eventually finds the younger Lambert behind a hidden door, who pointed a rifle at Joe, demanding an explanation.

Joe tries explaining that it was actually Lambert himself who sent him here to warn him of the coming extinction of the human race. While Lambert is initially unconvinced of Joe's story, he finally comes to believe Joe when he is presented the Mk. II with his family crest on it. Feeling that Joe deserves an explanation, Lambert recounts the events of how his college thesis on the possibility of time travel had caught the attention of Athena, an experimental weapons company with ties to the U.

I Time Machine for military use. Their initial intentions were that they could use the machine to strangle communism in its cradle before the formation of the Soviet Unionbut Lambert couldn't design a machine that could travel back in time due to the Law of Causalitypreventing an individual from traveling back before the invention of time travel. In later years, Athena secured a confidential contract with the U. With a large military budget at their disposal, Archon began mass-producing Lambert's Mk.

I Prototypes and began conducting live experiments with human test subjects. The results, however, were more horrifying than they could imagine; the majority of time pilots who were sent to the future never returned, while those who did make it back did not bring back weapons but became terribly ill, ranting of empty streets and human remains. While most were convinced to stay due to being offered large pay raises and career options, Lambert, having seen the virus's effects first hand, resigned from his position and moved out of the city to prevent himself from being infected by the plague and to prepare for the coming apocalyptic future.

Realizing that the extinction of the human race is imminent, Lambert tasks Joe to return to Archon the day before and prevent the Mk.

I and its pilot from taking off. While initially hesitant, Joe agrees to the task after Lambert explains that he was only there at that moment because Lambert was able to complete his work on the island. Before sending him away, Lambert warns Joe to not encounter his past self, for it could have dire consequences according to the Law of Causality. Unable to use the ambulance for transport as it is no longer there, Lambert provides Joe with a fully fueled van and some food for his journey back to the city.

Causality 4 Walkthrough / Cheat

After infiltrating Archon's lower labs, Joe attempts to destroy the time machines control console to prevent it from leaving. As he tries to find something to destroy the console, Joe enters a confidential lab, where he discovers a Cryo Lab containing two test subjects, and finds his old coworker Frank going through some confidential files.

After managing to steal the acid, Joe finds that Frank has disappeared along with the files concerning Archon's Mk. As he's exiting the Cryo lab, Joe hears a faint warping noise from the Mk. I testing chamber, and discover the time machine has already taken off.

With no time to spare, Joe steals the acid and destroys the control console, and discovers a trail of blood. Realizing that the future Lambert is in the testing chamber, Joe enters only to discover future Lambert telling his past self of the doomed future.