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So you basically like more darker anime: Shiki!!!(so this one is horror, mystery, supernatural strange things start happening in a village, people. sulejman velicanstveni sve epizode online dating SEE PROFILE hiatus pronunciation yahoo dating . anime like parasyte yahoo dating. points • 16 comments - Don't be like Yahoo.. - 9GAG has the best funny pics, gifs, videos, gaming, anime, manga, movie, tv, cosplay, sport.

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Top 10 Anime Similar to: Tokyo Ghoul

The cockroaches have turned into destructive monsters possessing ginormous strength and intellect, as well as hostility, marking them as a major threat to Earth. Now, as a deadly virus reached Earth from Mars, humanity sent an expedition comprised of highly-capable fighters to Mars in order to capture some Terra Formars specimen and combat the threat that's looming to destroy humanity.

For Terra Formars, the conflict is much more direct and straightforward. If you've seen the parasytes trying to blend in to the society and destroying it from the inside, it's the opposite for the Terra Formars.

It's because the Terra Formars are fighting it off with sheer number and their hatred for humanity is a natural instinct. In the end, this anime takes the notch a level higher by declaring a war against humanity from the start. In a far-off secret facility, there exists a dangerous group of special human creatures that are being detained and studied through scientific experiment. They are the diclonius, and amongst them is their queen -Lucy- held at the deepest part of the facility.

When a careless minor mistake was made by a member of the facility inside Lucy's detainment room, Lucy was released and her rage was unleashed! Humanity shall soon face the blazing wrath of the diclonius queen.

Lucy is one who is particularly hell-bent on destroying the whole human race. There might be some obvious gore and violence in Kiseijuu, but if you haven't seen Elfen Lied, you haven't seen it all!

That's because Elfen Lied is a much higher ranked piece in the horror and gore department. It's as if the parasytes weren't as much dangerous as the diclonius. Both species slashes and cuts, but at the end of the tunnel, they're both in horror anime shows that are capable of terrifying and shocking the viewers.

In the future of the world and humankind, measuring the criminal tendencies of people is made possible through the "Psycho-Pass" and the innovative technology involved with it. Using this technology, the enforcers are capable of determining who's guilty or not and bring justice accordingly at the flick of a button. But, as convenient as the Psycho-Pass may seem to be, it still has some grave imperfections which are just waiting to be discovered.

With the Psycho-Pass at the disposal of crime-fighting enforcement organization body,it is now up to them to utilize it to its full potential while serving the world and ridding it of crime. It isn't an easy task though, as crime never sleeps and the technology they currently possess is still far from being truly perfect and just. A lot of things separates Parasyte from Psycho Pass but, even if that is the case, there's still exist a very fine line that connects the two together.

For one, Psycho Pass carries the same dark and mysterious elements as Parasyte. While the story and plot is technically not the same, the theme and the atmosphere is very close to it.

And besides, Psycho Pass works under the framework of "society" and "living within" which is very much the same as in Kiseijuu. For Seiji Sawamura, being a high school delinquent has totally ruined his chances of having a normal romantic high school life and a normal reputation within the school grounds.

Because of his rather notorious status, he always gets rejected by girls which leads him to believe that the only companion he'll ever have in his life is his rowdy right hand. But then, something out-of-the-blue suddenly happened - he wakes up to find that his right hand has become a girl!

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The girl on his right hand is Midori Kasugano - a shy girl who has a crush on him for 3 years already. No one knows exactly what really happened, but Midori is now his right hand So now, both of them have to live in co-existence until they figure out the mystery surrounding their troublesome yet funny predicament. Oops, it's obvious that the genre and story of this one is far different from what we've been talking about so far. But, that's the point! While I want you to freshen-up and take a break from all the the ultra-serious and dark themes as well as the horror, believe it or not - this one quite deserves to be on this spot.

After all, it's an anime sharing a major detail with Parasyte.