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zone marcel dube online dating

Additional Physical Format: Print version: Dubé, Marcel, Zone. Toronto: Playwrights Canada, (OCoLC) Material Type: Document, Internet . Buy the Paperback Book Zone by Marcel Dubé at, Canada's largest bookstore. In stock online . Date published: Zone by marcel dube online dating. Zone by marcel dube online dating. Category. zone · marcel · dube · online · dating. Zone by marcel dube online dating.

She is in love with Tarzan but does not reveal this to him until the end. The leader of the group of contrabandists. He falls in love with Ciboulette, but recognizes that they cannot realistically be together. The traitor who accidentally leads the authorities to the shed where their cigarettes are hidden, and who betrays Tarzan by telling the police that Tarzan crossed the border the day a border-control officer was killed.

He is in love with Ciboulette, which complicates his relationship with Tarzan. His nickname is "Tit-Noir" because when he was little, he had black hair, so his father called him "Petit-Noir", which eventually became "Tit-Noir".

Tit-Noir serves a function similar to the messenger in Greek tragedy. The most artistic of the group. He often plays the harmonicaand joined the group so that he could become a musician.

Zone (play)

His name comes from the French word for sparrowa humorous way of calling him a featherbrain. His lack of intelligence is clearly shown several times throughout. The Unseen Character Johny: The least seen of the gang, with only two lines.

zone marcel dube online dating

He drives the truck to the border with Tarzan. It is unclear whether he is a member of the group, or just a chauffeur.

He is Ciboulette's estranged uncle.

Zone par Marcel Dube

The old, experienced Policemen Chief Policemen: Only seen during the second act, when he interrogates the group. He cleverly causes every member to reveal something they did not intend to. He has a son around the age of Tarzan, which makes it harder for him to send him to jail. The detective that follows Passe-Partout to the hideout. The Stereotypical Guard Roger: A police officer who is present during the interrogations, and who kills Tarzan at the end of the play.

Zone : a play

Summary Tarzan assembles a group of teenagers who, under the stress of their familial or economic situations, agree to sell cigarettes smuggled into Canada from the United States. Ciboulette, the youngest of the group and the only female, is in love with Tarzan, but does not reveal this despite Tit-Noir urging her to as she is worried it will ruin the business.

Tarzan risks capture by crossing the Canada—US border with contraband cigarettes. While the others wait for Tarzan to return, Passe-Partout attempts to supplant as the gang's leader,[11] and disobeys Tarzan's instructions by stealing a wallet from a passerby, who is actually a detective, Ledoux.

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Tarzan returns to the hideout but Ledoux arrives at the gang's hideout and arrests the teenagers with a police brigade. Each member is questioned individually.

During the interrogations, the police receive a call informing them that a border patrol guard was murdered earlier that day.

zone marcel dube online dating

The police chief interrogates Passe-Partout, who reveals that Tarzan had crossed the border that day. Under the impression that the other gang members have betrayed him, Tarzan confesses to the murder of the border guard. Ciboulette suggests a makeshift marriage in the hideout, but Tarzan refuses, not wanting to make his believed certain death more painful than it needs to be.

Tarzan wastes all of his escape time making out with Ciboulette. Tarzan runs off into the night, followed by police. Heard shortly thereafter are several gunshots, ending in silence with Roger the police officer standing over.

The curtain closes on Ciboulette lying over Tarzan's corpse. Laroche suggests that the teenaged gang members are play-acting as the characters they saw in films. Larochepp.