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Characterizing video watching practices among young people with Interaction Flows

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Even though the screen and the place are the same as in the pastthe content varies a lot, going from informative videos such as documentaries, to entertainment such as episodes of series, movies, live shows and reality or talent shows.

The content varied not only in genre but also in type. The content was on demand provided by Popcorn Time. Our participants sometimes plan and book time to watch something that is live on TV, other times they pick a movie or series on demand, they just watch what is passing on TV, or they select something they recorded earlier.

The criteria to select the content depends on if they are alone or not, always with the focus to chill and to relax. On the other hand, as indicated by Abreu et alone of the biggest challenges for the on-demand platforms was if people would engage themselves and invest time seeking for something to watch, instead of just turning on the TV and seeing what is available, as happens with linear TV.

On the cards that match with this flow, we noticed that our young participants easily deal with both possibilities. They do not mind managing the resources that the selected content demands provider and connectionbut are also still zapping P3 or just watching something that was on TV P3, P4, P5, P7, P8, P9 and P Based on the number of cards, we can say that this was the most common flow, identified in all the diaries, except by P7 and P10 who do not have Netflix subscription.


Both are used to watch more on free services like Popcorn Time and YouTube. For this flow, time of the day always varies considering that the most important for the participants is to take advantage of some free time to watch something from Netflix. The motivations seem to be: In contrast with the previous flows, here the practices are mostly alone, but we also identified cards where the participants were with friends or colleagues.

In those situations, there is no time to look and select something new. The focus is to quickly occupy some free time, which is the easiest by following some known content until the end of an episode, a season or a series. In this flow, the content is in majority series from different genres and themes but always from Netflix and in the most part related to fictional narratives. The screen usually is the one that the participants also use for work or study situations and which they have easily available at that time, such as the laptop or tablet.

Only in the case of P2, we found cards reporting the kitchen as a location for this flow.

ver tvx el salvador online dating

She is one of the participants with the most cards filled and her watching situations — not only related with Netflix — occurred in many locations. The most common combination of elements was: Flow 4 — Passing time watching videos on Social Media In this flow the situations are always online because all of them are based on content watched through social media sites, especially YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Despite the fact that each platform allows different types of interactions and ways to view and share content, including live streaming and self-produced content, we identified in our study similar watching situations based on vlogs, stories and random short clips educational material, music clips, animal clips, recipe clips, cartoons, memes, gifs, content produced by friends, otherslaunched on the timeline of social media sites.

Those are shorter occasions than what characterizes Flow 3 and they are related to non-interrupted viewing and procrastination. The focus is passing time, checking for updates and being informed, or just relaxing.

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It can be everywhere and during any activity. The screen also varies a bit between smartphone and laptop, especially regarding content from YouTube. In the case of Facebook and Instagram all participants were using the smartphone. This flow represents a significant part of the cards collected, being It is important to remember that in this Flow we are talking about free content, making it more accessible for P10 who does not have a Netflix subscription and to P6 who is not allowed to use the account of her mother on weekdays.

As TV used to work as a background for other activities and played the role of a companion before sleeping and when waking up, we note that this practice has been reshaped recently by the use of portable screens, especially the smartphone, as it is now often the first screen to see when waking up and the last one before sleeping. Similar to zapping from channel to channel on TV, we open social media sites, scroll for interesting content and keep looking for something to watch quickly, for a short or a longer time, it does not matter what.

We understand that this flow could be considered a new way of zapping through on demand content, in contrast to the TV flow. Final considerations This paper reported the results of a qualitative study of TV and video viewing practices performed with female young participants who live in a mid-sized student town in Belgium.

We found that although the video watching practices are clearly more dispersed and occurring in different places using portable and connected screens, it was mainly a domestic and private habit for most participants.

Even as most of the watched content was on demand, we still observed regular and daily watching practices on the TV set, as documented by earlier research. The difference is that, nowadays, new elements are being added in the context of video watching, making it a pluri-dimensional practice through the association of different dimensions content, providers, and screens used in different places and times.

By clustering the results by location, content, screen, provider and time of viewing, the interaction flows provide insights into the watching practices of the participants, how they combine different resources and what their motivations are for these practices. As presented, flow 1 highlights situations in which the content is the most important factor, whereas on the flow 3 the provider is the central element. The flow 2 underlines the importance of social viewing and the flow 4 addresses the idea of passing time, all while taking into account which providers give access to the content and what the social context of these practices is.

By presenting the results of our study using four interaction flows, we offered a structured way of looking at and understanding the combination of both new and more traditional video watching practices. While it is difficult to speculate how the results would be different when male participants would have been involved, the participation of only female young people showed how video watching practices are motivated by a range of reasons that go beyond content preferences, which are often related to gender or age.

Although the results obtained in this study are linked to one particular gender, we do not think that this was the determining factor of the identified practices.

ver tvx el salvador online dating

The possibilities of watching videos nowadays are so diverse that content preferences are one of the defining elements, but not necessarily the principal one. Moreover, as we do not make any claims regarding generalizability, our results show how current viewing practices can be analysed and described using interaction flows, whether by men or women, or even by people in other age groups. The proposal of a portable, easy-to-handle and printed diary attracted the curiosity of the participants and engaged them in filling it in.

ver tvx el salvador online dating

In addition to being a different and intriguing material to carry with them, it did not distract the attention of the participants from the screens where they mostly watch videos, instead of when using an online tool, commonly adopted nowadays for data gathering.

Because of that we believe that the card-based diary used in this study is a fruitful way for making the diary-keeping more interesting to the young participants. Moreover, its format, for being structured and attractive, has been adopted for mapping and analyzing data from two case studies in Brazil.

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