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As a new feature of the commercial offering, DIA Argentina launched a new brand of household appliances exclusive to the company through this channel, under the name of Bixler. This is a group of small household appliances that benefit from free delivery. ThroughoutDIA Argentina worked on achieving a closer and more direct relationship with the customer, especially on the development of new digital strategies on its own platforms and Social Networks.

At present, a portfolio of more than own-label and national brands are sold on this platform.

supermercado dia argentina online dating

The aim of this new partnership is to provide better service to customers in China to help them in their daily shopping and allow them to buy Spanish brands, with greater added value both in its own-label products as well as national brands. This agreement comes on top of the one signed in November with the largest Chinese marketplace, T-Mall.

Through this online B2C business to customer sales platform, part of the Alibaba Group, the DIA Group already sells more than imported products with high added value throughout China, in addition to its premium banner, Delicious.

supermercado dia argentina online dating

The platform also makes it possible to expand access to DIA products to areas where the company does not have a physical presence. InDIA China also worked on developing e-commerce. Through the commercial website www. The order is prepared from a network of 21 own stores, with the customer choosing the date and time slot for delivery.

Environment Over the last five years, the DIA Group has been operating in a highly competitive environment in continuous transformation, in which the distribution sector has had to deal with one of the periods of most change.

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Shifting consumer habits in each of the countries in which it operates has driven the company to implement new plans and strategies that pursue its firm proximity strategy, accompanied by the highest-quality commercial offering at the best price and a cost-efficient model.

With the exception of the Portuguese market, the countries in which the DIA Group operates have a low sector concentration, with highly regional operators specializing in the development of proximity purchasing.

In this context, DIA has played a leading role in recent years in the few concentration transactions that have taken place in the sector, gaining specific weight and leveraging the corresponding synergies.

The ageing of the population recorded in recent years in all of these markets has also played an important role in the strategy carried out by the leading companies in the distribution sector, with a new shift in habits seeing consumers shopping closer to home and more frequently, rather than making large monthly shopping trips to superstores.

supermercado dia argentina online dating

The various acquisitions made in recent years have served to create a multichannel, multi-brand system seldom seen up to now in the international retail business, and the success of which is based on synergies between formats.

Accordingly, the opportunities arising from these transactions have resulted in a type of establishment where customers can do all their shopping, not only adding efficiency to the value chain, but also to the experience itself.

supermercado dia argentina online dating

A story of consistent, profitable growth in food retail of stores CAGR Compound annual growth rate Proximity, profitability and internationalization The DIA Group has a business model that places the customer at the heart of its business, based on an innovative concept of constant improvement that incorporates the profitability of all the players in its value chain.

Its geographical development in Iberia and Latin America offers a wealth of opportunities for organic and inorganic growth in both regions, creating a business model that reflects solid cash-flow generation, an attractive investment return and shareholder profitability that is higher than the sector.

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This sustained business development is also based on a committed investment policy, focusing primarily on transformations, new openings, and acquisitions, which have led to an investment of more than EUR2. The multi-format, multi-brand proximity business model, supported in turn by a loyalty programme that has a customer base of more than 32 million 2 million new customers join the loyalty programme each yearallows for a unique level of knowledge of customer behaviour, promoting and working on price image through specific promotions and close collaboration with suppliers.

Dia (supermarket chain)

Constant innovation in these commercial formats also facilitates the progressive expansion of a model that avoids cannibalization and meets the daily needs of its customers.

The DIA logistics chain integrated in all countries uses systems and programmes that it develops itself, allowing the company to offer a rapid response to the specific needs of the proximity model, which requires maximum efficiency and flexibility in all processes.

supermercado dia argentina online dating

Its 38 logistics centres, comprising oversquare meters, make up the core of an innovative and profitable customer-oriented business model. Over the last four years, DIA has managed to lower distribution costs by four points. Leading industry returns, well ahead of sector average Sector average Multichannel customer and innovation The ongoing investment in prices, combined with improved customer service, is showing results in all the countries in which the company operates, increasing comparable sales growth above that of the respective markets.

Specifically, this past year consolidated comparable sales were 8.