Mungaru male dialogues online dating

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mungaru male dialogues online dating

"Mungaru Male 2" is the sequel to Blockbuster "Mungaru Male". This romantic movie features Golden star Ganesh and Crazy star stirim.infoandran for the. Mungaru Male Kannada Movie - Catch up latest news about Mungaru Male Kannada movie, story, reviews, release date, photos, wiki, cast & crew only on. Release date. 19 August (). Running time. minutes. Country, India. Language, Kannada. Box office, ₹14—30 crore. Jogi is a Indian Kannada film written and directed by Prem. It stars Shivrajkumar, Jennifer The film was noted for its technical prowess, colloquial Kannada dialogue and lyrics.

While staring at her, he inadvertently falls into a manhole.

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Nandini rescues him from the pit, but in the process loses her heart-shaped watch she had just bought. Jaanu, who has been following Nandini, beats Preetam thinking that he is in love with Nandini.

Preetam, unaware that Jaanu has vowed not to allow anyone near Nandini, trashes Jaanu and his gang in revenge. In Madikeri, Preetam unexpectedly meets Nandini. He identifies himself and expresses his love towards her and offers to tie the watch as an indication for their marriage. Nandini, who is already engaged, rejects his request.

mungaru male dialogues online dating

Nonetheless, Preetam vows to marry Nandini if she meets him again. In the meantime, Preetam discovers that his nearly-deaf host in Madikeri, Col. Subbayya, is Nandini's father and that Nandini's marriage is only a week away. Dejected, Preetam throws Nandini's heart-shaped watch away.

But Nandini telephones him and taunts him to return.

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Delighted, Preetam goes in search of her watch and spots a rabbit, which he calls Devadas, and brings it along with the watch. Since Nandini's friends are due to arrive from Mumbai for the marriage, Preetam takes Nandini to the railway station.

The train is delayed by five hours, so Nandini and Preetam decide to visit a nearby hill-temple.

Mungaru Male

Madesha rejects their offer and returns to his tea stall. An inquisitive trainee journalist Nivedhitha Jennifer Kotwal is eager to know about Madesha and requests an appointment with him. Despite trailing Madesha for several days, she is unable to interview him. Subsequently, she meets an old woman Arundathi Nag from a remote village, who has come in search of her lost son.

mungaru male dialogues online dating

After listening to her story, Nivedhitha assures her that she will locate her son. In a flashback, it is revealed that the old lady's son is none other than Madesha.

mungaru male dialogues online dating

Madesha originally hailed from a village called Singanallur, Kollegal Taluk, South Karnataka and lived with his parents. His father Ramesh Bhat earned his living as a Jogi - a wandering minstrel, who went from one household to another and collected alms in return for singing. Due to the strenuous workload, he falls ill and dies. Enticed by his childhood friend, who flaunts his success, Madesha decides to try his luck in the city.

However, in the city, he gets tangled with anti-social elements and ends up in jail. His anxious mother comes to the city in search of him.