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The Methode Cholley phytocosmetics gives the beauty and youth to the skin for more than 30 years. The best recipes and the advanced technologies are used. Swiss Skincare: Exclusive interview with Cholley Paydar . SA is available at Haute Swiss Cosmetics, # Wisma Atria and online. Methode cholley swiss phytocosmetics brand is in articoli by problem in several. Organic materials so the medievalist needs a method of dating manuscripts.

Program 2 Intended for: I do not do anti-aging injections and take care of the skin very gently, but I try to eat right and get out more often to fresh air from the stuffy office. In winter, my skin always becomes drier. By the beginning of testing, winter vitamin deficiency started to give up their positions, but overall the skin tone and the level of its hydration did not suit me.

Thalassotherapy, care programs with Method Cholley phytocosmetics (Switzerland)

The most problematic areas of the face are nasolabial folds, wrinkles around the chin, outer corners of the eyes and forehead. Bioregene Lait Milk won me over — it skillfully flushes makeup in seconds! Before, I did not encounter such a highly cleansing and at the same time soft and not over-drying skin. The skin after washing is fresh, clean, I do not have a desire to immediately apply moisturizers.

METHODE CHOLLEY Suisse Cosmetics

I apply very little make-up shadows, mascara, eye pencil, concealer and blushso the remedy promises to be very economical. Bioregene Milk The lotion for dry skin Bioregene Fluid also suited me perfectly — I would not call it the most hydrating of all I've tried before, but it tones well, softens and soothes the skin. The dispenser with a nebulizer seemed quite unusual to me, for a one-time application, I have clicks on the pump, the consumption of lotion is minimal.

Suitable for the use by both women and men. It is recommended to apply after suntan, sauna or sports trainings to prevent intensive skin dehydration and premature ageing. Cellipex Line The Cellipex body line is intended for the weight loss and fight against cellulite.

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Preparations of this series allow to deal effectively with problems, removing causes of their occurrence, as well as stimulate outflow of lymph, remove surplus liquid, burn fats, and improve microcirculation.

The mask is indispensable to eliminate dense and fibrous forms of cellulite. It gives skin freshness, smoothness and silkiness. The emulsion is ideal for legs, hips, buttocks and belly. Products of the Sinuston line is specially developed for breast skin care.

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The products do not contain hormones and artificial dyes. In conjunction with purifying agents of the Cholley line, they are a complete program for breast skin care.

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It is a high-concentrated cream with compact texture and delicate aroma. It contains amino acids, proteins, vitamins and minerals increasing tonus and elasticity of skin and promoting decrease in negative action of free radicals.

Ideal for prevention of the drooping of the breasts as a result of: Sinuston plaster mask The plaster mask is a fabric-backed bandage impregnated with extracts to increase effectiveness of the procedure for the breasts. The use of plaster bandages in the procedure will improve the result from the used masks and create an expressed modeling action. The cooled and hardened bandage increases drainage, improves microcirculation, provides considerable lifting effect.

RF — hand lift with Body Shape RF unit Germany When treating hands — elasticity and skin tone increase, visibility of veins decreases as a result of increase in skin density, and hand skin stops betraying the age.