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Currently, the Manapparai murukku is available online for Rs for a Stay up to date on all the latest Tamil Nadu news with The New. Manaparai Murukku: Muruku is a reknown and a routine snack. This crispy swirls is made with standard crud dal flour and also with many traditional ingredients. Arisi Murukku - Buy Murukku at best price of Rs /kilogram from Ok Chips ( Brand Of G. K Traders). Also find here Download App. Help; Call us Manapparai murukku is the best among the varieties of murukkus available anywhere. We also offer Organic Dates, Salty Chips, Salty Namkeen and many more products.

Inside a house with walls the colour of lime green and rosemilk, the man introduces himself, laying additional stress on his prefix. These are double the normal size and cost Rs. Even as I marvel at the precision of technique, she discards the slightly errant ones. The process looks deceptively easy but involves hard labour, with the day beginning at 4 am and winding up at 2 pm, except during the Deepavali season when heavy demand keeps them up till midnight.

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Export offers and expansion plans have been eschewed for want of trained labour. Rahman, who have feasted on his fare. Though there is nothing left of the erstwhile railway canteen, murukkus made the double-fried way are sold at a stall owned by Prabhu, a dear friend of Mani Iyer.

The canteen was so popular that trains used to arrive ahead of schedule for an extended break at Manapparai station. The ingredients have been replaced owing to cost factor, he rues, pleading guilty. As I am about to leave, a steady rain starts beating down and I decide to wash down the murukkus with some tea.

For Manapparai has another claim to fame — a famous weekly cattle market, where the best of cows are traded.

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The sweet does melt in the mouth, but that is another story. Share Via Email Published: A secret recipe passed on through generations continues to make Manapparai murukku one of the most popular crunchy snacks in South India.

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However, the lack of a Geographical Indication GI tag for this snack allows online suppliers to pass off normal murukku as the Manapparai variety. Mani Iyer was the pioneer who introduced the special variety of the murukku here in the 20th century to customers at the railway station.

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Currently, around families in Manapparai are engaged in making this traditional murukku. Most traditional snack makers have not introduced new varieties and still use the recipe introduced by Mani Iyer. Yet, despite popular demand, the third generation of Manapparai murukku makers are not making much profit from it. I have to pay salaries to three of my workers, so my profit is less than Rs 15, a month.

If we had machines, we could produce more than 8, murukkus every day without spending much. Middlemen who buy this traditional snack from the makers are the major beneficiaries of this industry, which has the potential to generate Rs crore in revenue.