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llegir el petit princep online dating

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And it is very complex. A cloaked figure murders a man and his son by leading their carriage off a cliff. As Andreu attempts to exonerate his father, he finds much more in the world surrounds him than he wants to know.

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One complaint I had was that the film is unashamedly created for mainstream audiences. Still, there are some things of genuine worth here. His leading cast wields some genuinely lovely moments out of the unruly script. As well as some genuinely disturbing ones.

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Found by his friend Andreu a terrific Francesc Colomerthe boy breathes out the name of a ghost in his final moments: Was his death some sort of revenge, a score settling? In the eyes of the police, the victors, Farriol must be guilty. A boy and a man make their way uneasily through this rough terrain in horse and carriage. A hooded figure emerges out of the trees and kills the man with an enormous rock, while the little boy watches, hidden in the canopy of the wagon, too scared to make a sound.

A beat later the killer will take the dead man, the boy, the horse and carriage and send the lot over a cliff. This episode has the feel of a nightmare, and not only because of the mysterious figure of the hooded killer.

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Set in in the countryside around Barcelona, the narrative takes place in a Spain that has only recently come out of a civil war, with the Fascists victors. In his new home Andreu is awakened to sex and politics and the lies that adults must tell so they can learn to live themselves and their past. Still, it sets a mood and a tone of unease that never abates. Set inthe film opens with its most visually startling scene, its brutality setting the tone for what follows.

The issue of whodunit quickly becomes secondary. Farriol escapes to France, while Andreu is sent by Florencia to live with his grandmother Elisa Crehuetin a house full of women; the men are all either dead or exiled. While the women do their best to cope, the war has caused the men to regress to their most basic instincts: The local schoolteacher Eduard Fernandez, brilliantly eliciting both compassion and repulsion is an alcoholic who is sleeping with Nuria.

Farriol, despite his repeated speeches to Andreu about maintaining ideals, is an ambiguous figure at best. It all adds up to a harrowing portrait of a war and a regime that have taken a toll on victors and vanquished alike, as well as their children.

As a depiction of rural poverty, pic is impressive: The darkly lit, richly textured interiors seem to be an extension of the beautifully lensed natural landscape, with a palette that switches from natural brown tones during the day to harsh blue hues at night. Several scenes, including a dream sequence, are shot through with a raw, unsettling power.

But what really distinguishes the film stylistically is the urgency of the often handheld lensing, more redolent of a gritty urban drama than of a rural period piece. Even the closest relationship in the film, between Andreu and Farriol, is always troubled.

llegir el petit princep online dating

Perfs are uniformly fine from a Catalan cast whose biggest names, including Laia Marull as Pauleta, the deranged wife of the man murdered in the first scene, are relegated to the smaller roles. These questions mostly center on Andreu, and Colomer carries the emotional weight superbly, especially in a wonderfully understated final moment.

Adapted from a well-regarded literary novel, the mainstream-oriented picture tries to cram too much incident and symbolism into its two-hour running-time. Nevertheless, the Spanish has a solid domestic box office prospects given the subject matter, the familiarity of the source material and the starry cast. Main focus is on bright Andreu Francesc Colomeraged around 10, whose family are implicated in the ongoing conflict between the government forces of General Franco, successful in the recently-concluded Spanish Civil War, and those who oppose or resist the victorious nationalists.

In an atmosphere of tension and suspicion, the children of the area channel their fears into folk-tales of supernatural forces in the surrounding hills and forests.

He even casts the latter movie's Sergi Lopez in a very similar role as a sneering Fascist bully-boy. The intriguing title refers to the brown-flour food which peasants like Andreu's family subsist on.

After a startlingly violent and disturbing opening - involving simulated but very realistic-looking cruelty to a horse, the film gradually bogs down into an overcomplicated stew of secrets, lies, myths and melodramatic revelations. Villaronga generally handles proceedings in a bland, functional manner.

Hand-held camerawork is deployed to give proceedings a slightly arty touch.

llegir el petit princep online dating

He does obtain fresh performances from his child actors, their realistic brattishness offsetting a general tendency towards tear-jerking sentimentality that's especially noticeable in the grim final reels. Set in post-Spanish Civil War Catalonia, the film creates an atmosphere where the potential for death and hostility to erupt exists around every corner, in every situation. From the outset you learn that no place is safe; not the family hearth, government offices, and certainly not the multitude of caves, woods, and fields where the year-old Andreu Francesc Colomer grows up.

Andreu witnesses the final moments of his best friend, and the dying child gurgles the name Pitorliua, the name of a ghost said to haunt their village. His father, Farriol Roger Casamajoris accused of the murder, and must go into hiding. The two wounded children form close bond, and are forced into the grown-up world of secrets, lies, jealousies, rumors, politics, and redemption. Ultimately Andreu is forced to make arduous, soul-rending choices about his dreams, family, and loyalties, decisions that are difficult—at best—for adults, let alone a child trying to come to terms with the world.