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and abuse in peacekeeping and the progress achieved to date to tackle it. These include an online e-learning Standards of Conduct module, pocket cards, . Maison De Vacances - Billio is set in Guéhenno and offers barbecue facilities, a garden online hotel reservations. £ It dates from the 19th century and sits peacefully \"à la campagne\" at the edge of the quiet village of Billio. Jean-Marie Guéhenno was until his appointment as president of the International Crisis Group the Arnold Saltzman Professor of Professional Practice at.

Listening to this show is part of my routine! It highlights world events and brings depth to the conversations with real world rockstars. A great resource for world news, an inspiring array of contributers, and a thoughtful host. Aboslutely worth adding to your arsenal of globally rooted podcasts!

The host is tremendously successful at getting the interview subjects to really open up and provide fascinating insight into their own area of expertise and their experiences.

This definitely ranks highly among the podcasts that I would recommend to a friend just getting into the medium. I am not a great fan of the mainstream media's podcasts as they usually have some bias or central line of questioning in them. For Mark, it is a pure enjoyment for what he does, to enquire and to learn.

I have learnt a great deal from this podcast and I have introduced it to my colleagues and friends alike who say it is wonderful.

Just keep it going Mark.

guehenno online dating

Excellent insight into global affairs- a good podcast! Incredibly informative and interesting! I have told all my friends and family about it and how Mark does a wonderful job at keeping his listeners engaged.

Different episodes range from emotional and inspiring stories to insightful information on current events. I would rate it 10 stars if I could! Great Foreign Policy Podcast March 27, by CCaywood from United States This podcast is easily accessible for people of all levels when it comes to foreign policy engagement.

The conversational nature of the program is also something I find helpful to my understanding of the subjects discussed. March 14, by fr from United States Thought-provoking and profound in-depth substance of everything from world affairs and foreign policy to pressing political issues on the daily. Thank you for your insight - I learn so much!

A range of issues are covered to appeal to all interests, and the unique perspectives of those being interviewed provide a human side to the titles on the news. Personally, I had a fairly niche interest in wanting to learn about the Middle East when I subscribed, but the episodes in places across the globe have been some of my favorites.

This is definitely the top podcast I recommend to all my friends who want to become stronger global citizens. He interviews a wide range of interesting people who describe various global issues and provide interesting stories about their background. Interesting, informative, and factually accurate! March 9, by LydiaDef from United Kingdom This is a great way to stay informed on current events, gain background knowledge from acadmics and scholars regarding policy and politics, and it is a factually sound, non-bias way to learn.

A big help to anyone studyng IR or pollitics. Great podcast for all foreign policy wonks March 8, by Soenarto from Australia Mark provides a measured perspective on a wide range of foreign policy topics and issues, and he manages to find such great and interesting guests, beyond the usual suspects.

Great global news source March 1, by ascdiabla from United States This podcast offers a vast variety of topics and insights into global politics and theory.

Hosts are easy to listen to and guests are decorated and knowledgeable. Keep up the good work! Excellent, engaging, and edifying February 3, by I am awestruck from Australia An essential component of any study of international affairs.

Great foreign policy podcast January 27, by Capa2Eme from Kenya Great podcast for those interested in the foreign policy news of the day. I love the interviews with FP thought-leaders: The podcast sometimes quite restrictive when it comes to its analysis: Overall, keep the great work, Mark! Excellent January 17, by Tanyaguyatt from United States Mark Leon Goldberg brings an insightful perspective to current events in foreign affairs.

His interviews are interesting and cover the issue at hand, information about the organization and some aspect of the interviewee's biography. The subjects Mark chooses to address are always topical and he manages to add more personality and depth to the issue than run-of-the-mill news reports. I always look forward to the new podcasts! Genius December 16, by Charel B.

Always up to date, informative and thought provoking Global DIspatches is well produced and expertly hosted by Mark. Interesting and challenging November 30, by e. I wait for each episode as excited as a child is for 25th of December. As a global politics student, I find this podcast helping me to learn more as well.

Informative and interesting November 13, by Whereitsat from Australia Really great choice of topics and questions to keep it entertaining and interesting. Every question I think of throughout the interviews is always asked A must-listen for students of international relations October 24, by Natnat from United States This podcast has been an excellent resource for my education and life.

As a student of international studies and human rights, I get my daily fix of interesting global issues with dialogue from leading experts in those topics from this podcast.

I've enjoyed every single one I've listened to and appreciate the depth of knowledge and considerate conversations that it provides. It is enjoyable and educational to listen to this podcast and learn about hot topics in international development.

I particularly appreciate the wide variety of people with extraordinary professional backgrounds! This is a program that offers a lot of value to the listener. Better yet, support him on Patreon! September 5, by markusofirelius from United States Many varying topics and guests with a focus on international relations, geopolitics, and human rights.

Top global affairs podcast August 8, by emmett. Mark does a great job giving the guests space to fully explain their ideas while asking relevant follow-ups and make clarifying points and interesting connections. The wide ranging guests that are interviewed on the podcast has allowed me to about topics that had previously been gaps in my knowledge. Finally, hearing the about the lives and careers of the guests adds a very personal element that allows you to not only learn what they have done in their career by why- what has shaped their personal and professional views.

So informative and very well done. You can tell he really cares about the subject matter and he welcomes listener interaction. Global thinkers look here July 11, by El Privo from United States Mark does a fantastic job of finding people with unique points of view. He interviews both public and private sector leaders, going deeper than just a simple news story. Excellent podcast if you are looking to be more proficient in important and rising global issues.

Enlightening and comprehensive July 8, by muriiiellll from Australia My favorite podcast regarding foreign policy and world affairs. Each episode delves into the background and implications of a contemporary issue via an expert in the field.

Mark does a fantastic job facilitating the unpacking of certain concepts and asking the questions listeners would want answered. Mark is a thoughtful interviewer who makes sure the subject matter at hand stays accessible and substantive and entertaining! And the scholars, policy makers, journos and development pros he talks to are always fascinating folks with great insights to share.


I have so many favorite episodes of this podcast! Great podcast June 1, by ater from Czech Republic This podcast is series of one on one conversations with individuals involved in international affairs. It is sufficiently detailed to offer a "behind the scenes" peek into many fascinating areas of international politics, humanitarian work, policymaking etc. But it also succeeds in striking balance between certain level of nerdiness and entertainment, which keeps the podcast accessible even for casual listeners or non native speakers.

The personal part of interviews when guests are questioned about their careers, life decisions, education and so on gives the whole thing an interesting twist. I cannot recommend Global Dispatches enough! Best Foreign Policy podcast out there May 26, by John Yorgles from United States Always thoughtful interviews with fascinating guests from across the global affairs spectrum.

Never too long but always thought-provoking, I've learned so much about underreported issues from Mark and his guests. If you're a heavy podcast listener, it's an essential supplement to other news-related podcasts like NPR Politics and The Daily.

If you only listen to a few, consider making this your go-to global affairs podcast. The podcast covers important events and stories--some that garner international attention and others that receive minimal coverage from popular news media. The host Mark Leon Goldberg interviews incredibly experienced guests and asks all the right questions. I recommend this podcast to anyone interested in foreign affairs.

You make my morning runs an enjoyable learning experience. Always looking forward to the next episode. Each one is an in depth conversation with global players in foreign policy and world affairs. If there's another place to get this kind of content, I certainly haven't found it. March 15, by Brian's k from United States As someone far removed from the field, it's very helpful having in-depth, yet accessible, content.

Great podcast March 15, by lucer09 from United States Intelligent conversations about important topics with smart guests. Great insight from those involved in a wide variety of subjects within foreign affairs, both governmental and nongovernmental. I would likely give it five stars if there wasn't such an obvious liberal bias to the episodes.

He has given us unflinching diplomatic and practical support on this issue. His involvement has been invaluable and we are grateful for it. I also must highlight the exceptional leadership ASG Jane Holl Lute has demonstrated this past year in galvanizing the department and the UN system to deal with this problem more seriously than we ever have in the past.

Most of all, I express deep appreciation for the amount of time, energy and political attention Member States have invested recently in seeking solutions to the problem. The troop-contributing countries especially deserve praise for engaging with the Secretariat and the membership at large on issues of extreme sensitivity and of great importance to their national honor. I stress the word honor, because it has been earned at the cost of the lives of some of their finest uniformed personnel.

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Security Council members well know that just some weeks ago, three Jordanian soldiers died fighting gang members while helping to strengthen a central checkpoint o n Haiti 's most dangerous road. Not long before that a Canadian Royal Mounted Police officer was killed in an ambush while patrolling in Port-au-Prince. In the jungles of the eastern DRC, eight Guatemalan special forces soldiers lost their lives in a firefight with a hateful militia group.

A year ago this week nine of their comrades from Bangladesh also fell in the line of duty in clashes with armed thugs.

Unfortunately, they are not alone.

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This is a dangerous business, claiming and threatening the lives of men and women from Peru to PakistanIreland to Indiaand Bolivia to Brazil. But despite the risks, day in and day out, UN personnel --civilians, military and police alike-from countries get on with doing their jobs in tough conditions and at great personal sacrifice.

We dishonor these brave men and women when we fail to prevent or punish those from within their ranks who victimize the very people peacekeepers are meant to protect and serve. I'm not so sure this was fully understood a few years ago as clearly as it is today. Two years ago, prior to the revelation that a shockingly large number of UN peacekeepers had committed sexual exploitation and abuse in the Democratic Republic of the Congoneither we, in DPKO, nor you, the Member States, openly discussed or fully appreciated the magnitude of the problem of sexual exploitation and abuse in peacekeeping.

Today, not only is the severity of the problem openly recognized, but the General Assembly has adopted a comprehensive strategy to tackle it, building on the collective efforts of Prince Zeid, DPKO and the UN system at large.

This strategy focuses on prevention, enforcement and it will - upon approval by the General Assembly of a policy on victim's assistance - incorporate remediation as well. We have already made concrete and meaningful progress to implement that strategy. Before discussing this, though, I want to be clear upfront that we still have a considerable way to go.

It must be said that not all troop contingents or staff on the ground fully support -- even after all the negative publicity and attention -- aspects of the zero tolerance policy, particularly as it pertains to prostitution.

guehenno online dating

We will need to work together to address that point. We also need to markedly strengthen the peacekeeping operations' and OIOS's capacity to investigate violations while respecting due process. Once we have overcome these hurdles, we expect to significantly narrow the continuing gap between zero tolerance and full compliance.

Until then, as we even more aggressively seek out non-compliance measured against a higher standard than ever before, the progress being made will not seem obvious, nor will it be enough.

Prevention Let me now start with the progress we've achieved. We are making headway in laying the foundations for the prevention of the problem in the longer-term. Two years ago, we did not even have a uniform standard governing what is, and what is not, considered sexual exploitation and abuse.

You can hardly prevent the problem if you can't define it clearly and consistently. Thanks to the efforts of the General Assembly last year, all UN civilian staff members, military personnel, contingents, UNVs, and contractors are bound by the same very strict standards outlined in the Secretary-General's prohibitions on sexual exploitation and abuse.

In the past, we did not do enough to promulgate, publicize and train personnel on whatever standards were on the books. Today, we most certainly do. We have also developed tools to reinforce that training and its underlying message of the duty of care every peacekeeper has to the people they are meant to help. DPKO has worked with an outside professional company to produce a film on the code of conduct for peacekeepers.

guehenno online dating

It has been widely distributed in the field and translated into a dozen languages. And, I'm pleased to report, it has been well received. We've developed and are making use of other innovative tools and training materials to educate and inform personnel. These include an online e-learning Standards of Conduct module, pocket cards, mission readiness booklets distributed to staff prior to deployment, security briefings, and sexual exploitation and abuse and anti-trafficking posters and brochures prepared, I might add, in six languages as well as other public information tools.

Our personnel are not the only ones we target with this material.

Guehenno online dating mediothek boxberg online dating

We're sharing them with host populations as well. They have a right to know the standards we expect of our people. They are also often in a better position to know when our personnel are violating those high standards. We are now actively encouraging and making it easier for them to bring breaches of conduct to our attention. But, prevention cannot be achieved through training, information and public outreach alone. Welfare is another important part of the equation, as armed forces throughout the world know all too well.

Jean-Marie Guéhenno Will Depart SIPA for Conflict Resolution NGO | Columbia SIPA

This is especially true when you deploy uniformed personnel, as well as civilians, into quasi war-zones in the remotest parts of the world. Missions are now addressing this issue as a high priority. Most are now creating constructive recreational outlets, and several have even established, from existing resources, multi-purpose sporting, socializing and dining facilities.

These are the types of initiatives included in our welfare strategy and standard operating procedures on welfare promulgated and sent to all Heads of Mission last month. In our discussions in the General Assembly, we will encourage Troop Contributing Countries to make use in the mission area of the welfare stipend paid by the Organization for every military peacekeeper.

guehenno online dating