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Gentex GENK5AM Auto-Dimming Rear View Mirror with Compass. 3 offers from Rs. 24, · TORQ Automatic Dimming Mirror with Rear, Back/ Reverse Camera for Maruti Date First Available, 26 May . Shop Online in the. Once upon a time (before the Internet), Raymond earned his Created date The interior rearview mirror of most cars has an ingenious variation, in which surface of the glass so you can see a dim image of the headlights. Join Date: Oct a4anurag is online now . Step 3: Fit the Auto-dimming IRVM in place and tighten it - I have used rubber washers to.

When the mirror is moved to the night view position, its reflecting rear surface is tilted out of line with the driver's view. This view is actually a reflection off the low-reflection front surface; only a much-reduced amount of light is reflected into the driver's eyes.

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This electrochromic feature has also been incorporated into side-view mirrors allowing them to dim and reduce glare as well. Trucks and buses[ edit ] On trucks and buses the load often blocks rearward vision out the backlight. This is a safety issue which the driver must compensate for, often with a person guiding the truck back in congested areas, or by backing in a curve.

Street-legal motorcycles are generally required to have rear-view mirrors. Motorcycles for off-road use only normally do not have rear-view mirrors. Rear-view mirrors come in various shapes and designs, and have various methods of mounting the mirrors to the motorcycle, most commonly to the handlebars.

Rear-view mirrors can also be attached to the rider's motorcycle helmet. Bicycles[ edit ] A bicycle with rear-view mirrors formerly on an automobile Some bicycles are equipped with a rear-view mirror mounted on a handlebar.

Rear-view mirrors may also be fitted to the bicycle frameon a helmet on the arm or the frame of a pair of eyeglasses. This allows what is behind to be checked continuously without turning round. Rear-view mirrors almost never come with a new bicycle and require an additional purchase. Aircraft[ edit ] Inthe Civil Aeronautical Administration proposed a rear-view mirror mounted right above the pilot to keep an eye when private aircraft are landing or taxiing on the runway to prevent collisions.

Once you open the sunglass holder, two screws will be visible. Unscrew them and you can easily remove the whole part. Two connections have to be unplugged here - 1 interior light wiring harness and 2 Bluetooth microphone harness.

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The last two wires on the right side are orange and black in colour. Black is the ground wire and orange is the active power supply. To check if it works, connect the bare end of the red wire from the new auto-dimming IRVM to the other end of the harness, where the orange wire terminates.

Similarly, do the same with the black wire from the new auto-dimming IRVM connect it to the to the other end of the harness, where the black wire terminates.

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When I say connect, I mean just insert it into the other end of the harness, so that the wires touch the other end. This will make the connection active and the green light from the auto-dimming IRVM will light up. Now you know it works!

You also need to ensure the power supply gets cut off when you leave the car. So ask someone to hold the wires in place, switch the engine off and lock the car.

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Within 5 seconds the green light from auto-dimming IRVM will go off. Unlock the car and the light comes back on. Now you know the power supply gets cut off when you leave the car and lock the door.

There are many ways of doing this. You could use a wire tap connector and tap the orange and black wire from the existing wiring to make the connection. I didn't want to meddle with the original wires. So, as you saw in the picture where I tested the connection, I left the two wires from the auto-dimming IRVM on the other end of the harness. I bent the bare wires so that the wires don't cause any obstruction when I attempt to plug it back in directly into the cabin light port.

Then, slowly plug it back into cabin light port.