Webinar software free australia dating

10 Best Webinar Software Platforms of

webinar software free australia dating

How to choose the best webinar software for your small business without But remember, go back to why you're running this webinar in the first place. . Is there a help area available with useful, practical and up to date material? .. Copyright @ · Balancing Australia Pty Ltd · All Rights Reserved. The best free webinar and conference call software solutions in webinar software free australia dating. Workshop Overview: Level 3 – Professional Studies in Wellness Coaching, is the ideal program for.

Remember going back to the original webinar goal, what information will help you achieve that goal? Landing Page Options The sign-up optin forms part of the important webinar registration landing page. When reviewing solutions, check out what landing page options are available with the various platforms. Typically they fall into one of the three: If contacts cannot easily and successfully register, then you potentially will fall short of meeting your webinar goals.

Webinar Registration Thank You Page A webinar registration thank you, the page appears immediately after someone has submitted their information to register for a webinar. This thank you page message typically acknowledges them that their registration was successful. Here are some of the common thank you page options: Is this functionality important to your audience?

Does the webinar software have the ability for a user to easily add the webinar details to their calendar? This may be done on the thank you page or potentially in the confirmation email.

If this is available, which calendars are supported — Google Calendar, Outlook, any others? When assessing webinar software, is there an existing integration available that will talk to your CRM system? Otherwise, worst case scenario, can the tool export webinar data and then import into your CRM later? Is this important to you? Webinar Email Confirmation An email confirmation with webinar details is pretty much a standard practice these days with most tools.

Be sure to review the message, does it deliver the necessary details? Does it include key information about the webinar event, link information, dial-in details and a personalised message etc.? Can you customise the message if needed? If so, is that important? Webinar Email Reminders Sending out the webinar details is one thing. Reminding someone to attend is another! And probably the most important thing! Can you send multiple reminders, tailor the delivery to when you want to send them e.

This allows you to restrict access, track engagement and know who attends or not. Some platforms have the same URL for all registrants to log into, while others have a unique URL so you can track each individual registrant. The features outlined above indicate the most common functionality available in the Pre Webinar stage from webinar setup, registration to reminders.

Yes, this is the most critical part, considering this is the main experience that registrants have — the actual webinar taking place. Will you have a host or will it just be you presenting? Do you require the ability to unmute participants standard registrants so that they can talk for everyone to hear?

Visual Requirements Webinars are fantastic because not only are you able to speak, but you can use a variety of visual aids to enhance the user experience. Some of these common visual features include: Because of its online nature, registrants must be able to easily join on their own.

Some common accessibility requirements include: Interaction via a webinar can be achieved in multiple ways, including: Offer Most webinars offer something during or at the end of the webinar. It may be a simple call to action — download this file, sign up for this free thing or go here to buy. Do you have one? Most lead generation or sales based webinars you will want to offer something, whereas other types of the webinar you may not have any offer at all.

Can you easily share a link to that offer to your attendees? Are their custom pages in-built available to share the offer? Or can you redirect to a landing page once the webinar finishes? The webinar is over, so this includes functionality from this point forward. Recording A common request of webinar software is the ability to be able to record what you present. Do you need a copy of it? Does the software record?

webinar software free australia dating

If so, where does this file get stored? Is it hosted and if so, are there any time restrictions on that, or can you download and save it locally? How big is the file? Registrants — how many and who specifically registered for the event Attendance — out of all the registrations that you had, who attended? Engagement — how interested was your audience in your material? Call To Action CTA — what time did the CTA happen, how many people saw it and who Sign Ups — how many people signed up to the call to action from the webinar Having been a business analytic focused on reporting in a past life, reports are great and very useful, however, please, pretty please, think about if you had this information, what would you do with it?

Go back to your goal — what reports do you need to help measure whether you achieve it or not? Focus your attention there first.

"Zoom just works off the bat. It has transformed my program."

What information do you want to pass back to your CRM? Automated calls inviting people to attend your webinar. This is primarily a video conferencing suite that also caters for webinars and other live events. Who is WebEx for?

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GetResponse GetResponse is an email marketing platform by trade but it also comes with decent webinar features on most of its plans. Get Response webinar features: Select your dates, times and create custom URLs for your webinars in moments. Boost your audience with YouTube integration. Record your webinars, download and share with whoever you want. Engage viewers with dynamic presentations, interactive whiteboard, videos and live chat.

SSL-encrypted URLs and you can choose whether your webinar is open to everyone or password-protected.


Reports and analytics on your webinar attendance rates and other metrics. You also get the multimedia and interactive features, plus a range of customisation options for your registration page and thank you messages.

webinar software free australia dating

Allow people to signup once for an ongoing series of webinars. Users have the option to send private messages to event coordinators or public messaging visible to everyone. To keep things consistent with your brand. Automate replays of your webinars to build email lists. Insights into your webinar performance. Who is Demio for? Marketers who want a dedicated webinar tool with automated replays but put more emphasis on the live events.

ClickMeeting ClickMeeting is another dedicated webinar tool and it pretty much offers all the features you would expect at this stage.

The only major thing lacking is the automated relay feature, once again — but you can record webinars and download them for sharing. Assign webinar duties to different individuals in your team. Who is ClickMeeting for? The idea is to use multiple cameras, professional audio equipment and lighting for high-end productions, including corporate webinars.

webinar software free australia dating

Instead, it provides a platform for streaming live productions of the highest quality and how you use that is up to you. Livestream a professional production suite for film crews and production exports.

Including autofades, graphics overlays, pictures within pictures and green screen. With a moderated chat feed. Insights into viewership and other key metrics from your Livestream productions. But you do get a level live event production software that none of the other options in this list come close to.

Who is Livestream for? A new feature that sets you up for remarketing via AdWords. So you can replay your webinar footage as evergreen content. Prompt viewers to convert with popup-style product offers.

Polls, surveys and chat functions to engage with your audience. All in all, Webinars OnAir offers up an impressive list of features against any of the other tools in this list. Yet it still manages to lack a few vital marketing features and never really feels like a professional grade platform. Who is Webinars OnAir for? Brands who need to do webinar marketing on a budget. Up to interactive video participants for webinars with large panels of speakers.

Broadcast your webinars to Facebook Live and YouTube. Provide text captions for hard-of-hearing audiences or people using devices on mute.

As a webinar tool it caters well to live broadcasts, especially if you have a large panel of speakers waiting for their turn to speak. Who is Zoom for?