I2 analyst notebook free alternative dating

Comparison of i2 Analyst's Notebook from IBM to Sentinel Visualizer Alternative from FMS

i2 analyst notebook free alternative dating

Visallo is the best, and possibly currently the only, actively-supported open source alternative to IBM's Analyst's Notebook. There's an enterprise version with . do you know of any open-source intelligence, data-management and -is-a- good-open-source-alternative-for-IBMs-i2-Analysts-Notebook. Both are free, creative commons programs that replace Analyst Notebook and I was thinking about taking them on a USB to Herrick with me.

This prevents permits from being held indefinitely if they are not released at the end of a session. Product Authorization in a Virtual Machine environment If you are using i2 software in a virtual machine VM environment you will need to consider the following for reliable product authorization. Documentation describing how to use these utilities is available in the online help.

i2 analyst notebook free alternative dating

Installation Before installing Analyst s Notebook please check that your system meets all the system requirements. Installation steps Using Setup. Administrator privileges are required in order to install Analyst s Notebook. To install Analyst s Notebook: Close all applications that you might have open.

Insert the product CD into your computer s CD drive. The installation will start automatically.

Analyst's Notebook 8 Release Notes

If it does not start automatically, you need to browse to the CD to run Setup. The following shortcut will be installed: Google Earth is a third party application subject to separate license terms and can be downloaded from Issue No.

This explains how to perform automated and silent installs and use the advanced features provided by the Windows Installer MSIand includes details on customizing installed files, details of third party software installed and language specific files. Enhancements and Bug Fixes Mousing over theme lines when the theme line icon bar is displayed selects the correct theme line Reported Previously when working with multiple and diverted theme lines, it was not always possible to select or link from the required theme line if the theme line icon bar was displayed.

Now correct tooltips are displayed when you move your mouse pointer over theme lines and theme line icon bar and theme lines can be selected and links can be created as required.

Imported data records can be exported in their entirety Clicking Export on the Column Actions page of the Importer now exports all data records, not just the first records.

The Importer uses the time zone set in the template Imported data containing date and time references use the time zone set in the template. Previously, an error occurred where hours were automatically added to or subtracted from imported temporal data depending on daylight saving hours. This has been fixed in Analyst s Notebook Find Matching Entities cannot create links that will affect Social Network Analysis results Reported Previously, if running Find Matching Entities found non-matching entities on a chart, a link labeled does not match would be created automatically on these entities.

Social Network Analysis calculations would take these extra links into consideration and produce unexpected results. Now, additional links are no longer added to non-matching entities by default. Daylight savings are now being taken into account when filtering Dewis 64 When filtering using dates and times, daylight savings were not being taken into account causing data to be placed in inappropriate bins in some situations.

In conjunction with this fix, some additional enhancements have been provided. The time zone is now displayed in the histogram header and a tooltip is also provided in both the histogram header and filters list. For certain date and time filters menu options will be available to switch between viewing the data using the chart time zone default or the time zone of the chart items. Default setting has changed for double-click behavior on items charted from ibase Previously, double-clicking an item charted from ibase would display the Edit Item Properties dialog.

IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio extended with new and enhanced products

Known Limitations bit JPEG images are not handled properly when passed in from the clipboard For users with the "minimum" graphics capability bit color depthcopying and pasting images from Internet Explorer directly onto a chart item will cause that item to disappear from view, and the item will not be displayed in the Chart Overview Window. Undo the last action, by selecting Undo from the Edit menu. Delete the item from the List Items dialog. Press the F11 key to display this dialog.

Export to PDF - output is not as good quality as printing to a printer Reported Export to PDF produces output that is not as good quality as that displayed on the chart surface.

Open-source intelligence program?

Icons can appear squashed and display a white border around them and lines and event frames can look untidy. When deleting a picture from an Event Frame it does not revert to showing the type icon Reported Deleting a picture from an event frame does not switch back to displaying the type icon. The type icon can be easily switched back on again either by using the right-click shortcut menu or the display options in the Item Properties dialog.

Chart background color is always printed Reported The chart background color is included on printed charts even if you turn off the Chart check box in the Borders page of the Page Setup dialog. A workaround for this is to set the chart background to white in the Chart Properties Options Display page before printing.

Some plug-ins fail to load when launching Analyst s Notebook by opening two charts from the Desktop Reported If you select two charts from your Desktop and press the Enter key, Analyst s Notebook is launched but some Task Pane tabs are missing because several plug-ins fail to load. A workaround for this is to launch Analyst s Notebook and then open the charts. This problem occurs if the icons used in the legend did not exist in Analyst s Notebook 7.

Icons used in the chart itself are displayed correctly. Printing The Analyst s Notebook icon sets incorporate transparency so that icons may be used on areas of the chart where the background is not white, for example in filled event frames or on top of background items. The printing of legacy icons is complex and on some older computer and printer combinations there may be problems. In particular, the legacy icons may print incorrectly or printing may be very slow.

To overcome these difficulties, two printing options are provided, as described below. These options can be found in the Advanced Printer Setup dialog, which is accessed using the Advanced button on either the Printer Setup or Print dialogs.

Always Simulate Transparent Icons This option uses an alternative, simpler means of printing transparent legacy icons. Try this option if the icons do not appear correctly. Printing will be slower using this option. Use Basic Icon Drawing This option uses a very basic means of printing legacy icons. Try this option if the icons do not appear correctly or if printing is too slow.

Printing will not include any transparency using this option and therefore icons will always have a white square surround.

Visallo - The i2 Analyst's Notebook Alternative

However, the following limitations still apply: If your operating system has an application that has taken ownership of. If you encounter this issue, try inserting the image from the Insert OLE Object Picture menu, or use the Edit Item Properties dialog to add a picture to an entity representation. If an unrecognized file type is dragged onto the chart surface and the Unexpected file format. If you encounter this issue try inserting the object from the Insert OLE Object Picture menu, or use the Edit Item Properties dialog to add a picture to an entity representation.

Save As Version 6 not available if attribute class names are written in non-western characters Attribute classes whose names are not written using western characters can cause an issue when using the Save As Version 6 feature. Some Analyst s Notebook 8 charts that Issue No. For example a Chinese chart, that contained attribute class names written in Chinese characters, may not be able to be saved as a Version 6 compatible chart on an English operating system.

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  • IBM i2 Intelligence Analysis portfolio extended with new and enhanced products
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Performance problems when disconnecting from the network It takes between 4 and 5 seconds to move between tabs. This issue occurs when a user disconnects from a network and a network printer remains set as the default printer.

i2 analyst notebook free alternative dating

A workaround for these issues is, when disconnecting from a network change the default printer to a local printer and in Analyst s Notebook select a local printer. You should also delete the registry settings in: Analyst's Notebook Very similar to the Sentinel Visualizer is Analyst's Notebookwhich was developed in the early 's by i2a UK-based arm of software company i2 Group which produced visual intelligence and investigative analysis software.

After a number of acquisitions, it became part of IBM in For analysing telephony metadata, Analyst's Notebook has an extension called Pattern Tracer, which enables rapid pattern analysis for "quickly identifying potential targets and predict future incidents more accurately". Analyst's Notebook is said to be used by about intelligence, security and law enforcement agencies, as wel as police forces like for example the Dutch policethe German Federal Criminal Police Office and the London Metropolitan Police and investigative organizations and companies in over countries.

Usage As can be seen in the second video, these intelligence analysis tools are quite powerful and able to provide a deep insight into the life of a targeted person. But the presentation also shows that this kind of surveillance is consuming too much time and resources for using it against millions of innocent civilians.

Like the example in the second video, these tools are mainly used for operations against known and potential terrorists and a number of other people of interest, like drugs and weapons traffickers, and also some high level foreign government and military officials. Regarding the intrusiveness of these tools, we should also keep in mind that they are used by law enforcement and police forces too. Where intelligence agencies use these tools generally for preparing reports for political and military decision makers, their use in numerous criminal investigations by the police can affect ordinary citizens much more directly.

One of those was an NSA employee who gave a demonstration of how the metadata contact chaining method works.