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Who: All Singles. Ages: Where: Honey 16 East Atlantic Avenue Delray Beach, FL When: Saturday, Jan Time: PM. Register PREPAID with. Speed Dating Miami. Speed Dating @ Wine Vault | Midtown - January 19th Ages: | 7PM. N Miami Ave. #, Miami, FL Early Bird. Thousands of years before Europeans arrived, a large portion of south east Florida, including .. In December , police officers pursued motorcyclist Arthur McDuffie in a high-speed chase after McDuffie made a . During the meeting in Miami, the Free Trade Area of the Americas was met by heavy opposition from.

Though many of the cities in Florida were heavily affected by the war and went into financial ruin, Miami remained relatively unaffected. Early in the war, German U-boats attacked several American ships including the Portero del Llanowhich was attacked and sunk within sight of Miami Beach in May By June of that year, more attacks forced military leaders in Washington, D.

They also moved the headquarters from Key West to the DuPont building in Miami, taking advantage of its location at the southeastern corner of the U.

Navy took control of Miami's docks and established air stations at the Opa-locka Airport and in Dinner Key.

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The Air Force also set up bases in the local airports in the Miami area. In addition, many military schools, supply stations, and communications facilities were established in the area. Rather than building large army bases to train the men needed to fight the war, the Army and Navy came to South Florida and converted hotels to barracks, movie theaters to classrooms, and local beaches and golf courses to training grounds.

Overall, over five hundred thousand enlisted men and fifty thousand officers were trained in South Florida. Soon after, however, many middle class and upper class Cubans moved to Florida en masse with few possessions.

Some Miamians were upset about this, especially the African Americans, who believed that the Cuban workers were taking their jobs. Many Miamians, fearing that the Cold War would become World War III, left the city, while others started building bomb shelters and stocking up on food and bottled water. Many of Miami's Cuban refugees realized for the first time that it would be a long time before they would get back to Cuba.

Most of the exiles settled into the Riverside neighborhood, which began to take on the new name of " Little Havana ".

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This area emerged as a predominantly Spanish-speaking community, and Spanish speakers elsewhere in the city could conduct most of their daily business in their native tongue. By the end of the s, more than four hundred thousand Cuban refugees were living in Dade County.

However, parole only allows an individual permission to enter the country, not to stay permanently. To allow these immigrants to stay, the Cuban Adjustment Act was passed in This act provides that the immigration status of any Cuban who arrived since who has been physically present in the United States for at least a year "may be adjusted by the Attorney General to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence" green card holder.

The individual must be admissible to the United States i. Civil Rights Movement[ edit ] Miami Modern Architecture or MiMo, a style that originated in Miami in the s as seen in the Bacardi Building in Midtownbuilt in and dedicated as a historic site in Miami was a major city in the southern state of Florida, and had always had a substantial African American and black Caribbean population.

On August 7 and 8,coinciding with the Republican National Conventionrioting broke out in the black Liberty City neighborhood, which required the Florida National Guard to restore order.

Issues were "deplorable housing conditions, economic exploitation, bleak employment prospects, racial discrimination, poor police-community relations, and economic competition with Cuban refugees.

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During the s, Miami was a news leader due to the response to a Dade County ordinance protecting individuals on the basis of sexual orientation. In Decemberpolice officers pursued motorcyclist Arthur McDuffie in a high-speed chase after McDuffie made a provocative gesture towards a police officer.

The officers claimed that the chase ended when McDuffie crashed his motorcycle and died, but the coroner's report concluded otherwise. One of the officers testified that McDuffie fell off of his bike on an Interstate 95 on-ramp. When the police reached him he was injured but okay. The officers removed his helmet, beat him to death with their batons, put his helmet back on, and called an ambulance, claiming there had been a motorcycle accident.

Eula McDuffie, the victim's mother, said to the Miami Herald a few days later, "They beat my son like a dog. They beat him just because he was riding a motorcycle and because he was black. After learning of the verdict of the McDuffie case, one of the worst riots in the history of the United States,[ citation needed ] the Liberty City Riots ofbroke out. By the time the rioting ceased three days later, over people had been arrested and at least 18 people had died. Property damage was estimated at around one hundred million dollars.

Joneswas convicted on grand theft charges linked to gold-plated plumbing.

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His conviction was overturned on appeal and, on July 3,the state attorney Janet Reno announced that Jones would not be retried on these charges. However, in a separate case, he was convicted on misdemeanor charges of soliciting perjury and witness tampering and received a two-year jail sentence. The Mariel Boatlift of broughtCubans to Miami, the largest transport in civilian history.

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Unlike the previous exodus of the s, most of the Cuban refugees arriving were poor, some having been released from prisons or mental institutions to make the trip. During this time, many of the middle class non-Hispanic whites in the community left the city, often referred to as the " white flight ".

In the s, Miami started to see an increase in immigrants from other nations, such as Haiti. InXavier Suarez was elected as Mayor of Miami, becoming the first Cuban mayor of a major city. In the s, the presence of Haitians was acknowledged with Haitian Creole language signs in public places and ballots during voting. Another major Cuban exodus occurred in To prevent it from becoming another Mariel Boatlift, the Clinton Administration announced a significant change in U.

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In a controversial action, the administration announced that Cubans interdicted at sea would not be brought to the United States but instead would be taken by the Coast Guard to U.

During an eight-month period beginning in the summer ofover 30, Cubans and more than 20, Haitians were interdicted and sent to live in camps outside the United States.

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On September 9,the United States and Cuba agreed to normalize migration between the two countries. The agreement codified the new U. In addition, the United States committed to admitting a minimum of 20, Cuban immigrants per year. That number is in addition to the admission of immediate relatives of U. On May 2,a second agreement with the Castro government paved the way for the admission to the United States of the Cubans housed at Guantanamo, who were counted primarily against the first year of the 20, annual admissions committed to by the Clinton Administration.

It also established a new policy of directly repatriating Cubans interdicted at sea to Cuba. In the agreement, the Cuban government pledged not to retaliate against those who were repatriated.

These agreements with the Cuban government led to what has been called the Wet Foot-Dry Foot Policywhereby Cubans who made it to shore could stay in the United States — likely becoming eligible to adjust to permanent residence under the Cuban Adjustment Act. However, those who do not make it to dry land ultimately are repatriated unless they can demonstrate a well-founded fear of persecution if returned to Cuba.

Bennett Causeway[ edit ] The Emory L.

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With the completion of Florida's Turnpike and I-4 in andOrlando had freeway connections to the northwest, southwest, southeast and northeast, but lacked such a connection to the Kennedy Space Center to the east.

Its immediate goal was to build a road to the Kennedy Space Center, but the law was written with the intent of a larger expressway network. It had issues with raising money for the road; traffic projections fell short of necessary to pay for the large bond issue required. It also did not have the authority to build in Brevard Countyand many Brevard residents opposed the roads, as it would draw business away from the Cape Canaveral area to Orlando.

Enabling legislation was signed into law in July However, inflation caused problems with that plan. However, Governor Claude Kirk insisted that the new road continue west past the Turnpike to I-4and so the FTA did not have enough money to upgrade the road past the Jetport.

The piece from west of the Jetport to the Turnpike opened in late Julyand the rest of the road to I-4 opened in December. The road had one toll booth lying between the Turnpike and Jetport. The rest of the road to I-4 was free; initially there were no interchanges except at International Drivejust east of I-4, but overpasses were built at roughly one-mile intervals which would eventually provide exits for Orangewood Boulevard and John Young Parkway.

Johns Riverwhere it crossed into Brevard County. The causeway was widened, with a new eastbound side added c. Adding to the need for an upgrade was the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority 's plans for expanding the Jetport which became Orlando International Airport once the expansion was complete in September