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Perfectionist Achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

For Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two on the Xbox , Lab W Projector - Mickey's Service Station V1 W Ventureland .. is complete Use Thinner on the panel to reveal E-Tickets. . Free the gremlin from its cage with Oswald using his remote and Mickey using a Spin Attack. Buy Disney Epic Mickey 2 - The Power of Two (PS3) from stirim.info Price: £ & FREE Delivery in the UK. for the first time ever-are fully voiced by the official voice actors of those characters . reviews; Amazon Bestsellers Rank: 9, in PC & Video Games (See Top in PC & Video Games) .. Service for. Epic Mickey is a platform game developed by Junction Point Studios and published by Disney It has successors to the franchise such as Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two and Castle of by revitalizing them with the paint or destroyed completely using the thinner. .. "shopDisney - Official Site for Disney Merchandise".

Jump to the balcony. Jump to the elevated portion of the gap, then Double Jump to reach the other side of the gap. Doing this near the door will creat a path upward. Stand beneath the hanging platform to the south of the intersection.

Call over Oswald to have him toss Mickey up toward the platform. Double Jump to reach it. The treasure chest contains the Steamboat Willie Hat. Climb the path to the door. Use a Spin Attack on one of the gears, while Oswald spins the other.

Spin Attack the chests behind the columns for E-Tickets. Paint the switch near where Gus is floating. Grab the Remote with Oswald's Boomerang. Jump across the Thinner to the newly opened door. Grab the turnstile handle and walk forward to raise the lift. From this point on, the [Clear! If Oswald loses all of his health, he will remain a puddle for a short amount of time. Use Mickey's Paint to revive him to complete this challenge.

R2 on Player 2's controller Use the Remote on the machine in the Northwest In the Southeast, Mickey should grab the switch to the right and pull. Oswald should then unleash a shock tap R2 to hit both electrodes on the machine at once. In the Northeast, Mickey should Paint the cable above the machine.

Oswald can then charge the Machine with his Remote. Use Thinner on the plate holding the lower cable in place. Jump up the platforms in the center. On the third platform, Double Jump over to the platform on the wall to the south to find currencies in the chest. You have the option of befriending Using Paint or destroying Using Thinner them. The make the most of challenges that require dealing with enemies, befriend an enemy, then defeat it. Climb up the rubble in the southwest to the roof, then make your way across the rubble toward the north corner.

To get across the wide gap, have Oswald jump into the air and use Propeller Ears, then Mickey can grab him, allowing them both to glide across. Head to the door to exit the area.

Have Oswalk ignite the fireworks with is remote. To complete the [Oswald's New Groove] challenge, have a second player control Oswald to ignite the fireworks. Restoring the power, later on, will lower the prices.

Thin the stairs leading up to the train station to reveal a path underground. Travel, through the west path, to the back of the train station. Return to the front of the train station. Down the steps, talk to Seth to initiate the [Finding the Hidden Heroes] quest.

At the Emporium, purchase the Watch sketch for E-Tickets. Head to the open manhole cover to enter the Mean Street Underground. Have Oswald jump up and use his propellar wings, then Mickey grab on to ride across.

Use the jets of air to gain altitude. Free the gremlin from its cage with Oswald using his remote and Mickey using a Spin Attack. Talking to him will initiate the [Operation Gremlin Drop] quest.

Continue east, to the Mean Street North exit. Pins become available as you do certain things in the game. Collect 50x Scrap Metal and give it to him to repair the windmill. Continue into the tunnel, thinning the walls.

Climb up the path outside, Thinning the ledge to reach the upper level. Pull open the machine with the Mickey Mouse-shaped pull level to find Fireworks. Drag the Fireworks to the lower level, and ignite them near the door by the Gremlin to reveal the entrance to the D. Or, you can continue through the D. These tasks will require a large amount of Scrap Metal, so if you're low and don't feel like collecting a supply of them, continue on to the next D.

Enter the door to reach another Underground chamber. May be easier with Mickey's Fairy sketch Drag the generator onto the platform.

Have Oswald activate the Charge Panel to move the platform. Have Oswald use his Remote to float the generator, aiming with Mickey's Paint as well, toward the blue panel in the corner. Move the generator once more, across the rotating platforms to the other blue panel. Return to Mean Street North. Give him pieces of Scrap Metal to repair the large generator.

Talk to Jamface in the back area, behind the cinema, to give him Part B. This will allow you to travel to the roof of the Penny Arcade. Enter the transport tube to travel to the roof of the Penny Arcade.

Once filled, have Oswald use his Remote on the Charge Switch to make the hut operational again. Exit to Mean Street South, for now. Give him 40 pieces of Scrap Metal to fix the Pump. Enter the Pump to reach the Underground. Grab the generator, and drag it to the blue square panel to open a doorway. Use Oswald's Remote to stop the fan. Thin the Fan Blade to create a door. Drag the generator through the door, to the other blue panel.

Return to Mean Street South. Give him 50 pieces of Scrap Metal to fix the Robot Head. Enter the Robot Head. Inside, Paint the cracks in the pipes where steam is flowing out to patch them. Paint a pathway outside. Follow the path, and have Oswald use his Remote on the Charge Panel. Enter the door to enter the Underground. Carefully watch as the turbine in the center rotates. Jump onto one of its blades between your current platform, and the platform to the east.

Alternately, you can jump from one platform to the next as they switch between their extended and lowered positions. Jump onto the eastern platform. Paint in the box and have Oswald use the Remote on the Charge Panel.

Continue to the southern platform. Continue to the western Platform. Enter the open the opened doorway to the south. Head to Mean Street North. Enter the open the opened doorway to the west to collect the treasure. You can get to the chest on the roof without having to destroy the Air Conditioner. If you have previously destroyed the Air Conditioner, prices will drop again.

Talk to the Gremlin by the large doors near the train station. Pay him 10 pieces of Scrap Metal to open the doors permanently. Talk to the Gremlin by the Trash Compactor on the roof of the Emporium.

Give him 30 pieces of Scrap Metal to fix it. Later on, when you have the ability to lock onto multiple targets with Oswald's Boomarmerang, you can knock loose the panel on the north side of the trash compactor by Thinning a path next to the Emporium entrance. Doing so will damage the trash compactor further, and cost pieces of Scrap Metal to replace. However, it will reveal a new nook that replenishes with 15 pieces of Scrap Metal, so it may be worth the initial expense.

Enter the new Underground entrance. Give him 90 pieces of Scrap Metal to finish repairs. Leaving and returning will bring movable platforms that make reaching the Underground entrance behind the water tower easier. Jump onto the platform and perform a Spin Attack to raise it.

Jump onto the left platform. Wait for the moving platform to sink, then jump onto the balloon and ride it up. Paint the clock face and the book. Proceed right to find a chest with a Silver Pin. Continue right, and Paint the cassette tape to proceed. On the spinning wheels, head left and drop down below. Collect the Erase the red book to reach the Concept Art 31 below.

Use the Jack in the Box to reach the upper left area. Thin the Train, then jump down. Thin the pink cassette tape to reach a chest with a Bronze Pin. Continue left, jump onto the upper platform using the Jack in the Box. Use Oswald's Remote to move the platform across the rope. Continue to the turtle. Push the ball into the target below. Take the upper path to reach a chest with a Bronze Pin. Continue to the exit.

Exit to enter OsTown. Enter the house in the east and speak with Moody. Leave to speak with Gus and initiate the [Thanks for the Memories] quiest. Setting[ edit ] The game is set in the Cartoon Wasteland, a pen-and-paper stylised world, created in the game's narrative by the sorcerer Yen Sidas a place for "forgotten things", namely disused or obscure Disney characters. However, Mickey Mouse's tampering with Yen Sid's magic paint brush and paint thinner causes mass damage to the model, creating a post-apocalyptic landscape.

The land is tormented by the evil Shadow Blot, a monstrous being loosely based on the Phantom Blotan antagonist to Mickey in the comic strips created by Floyd Gottfredson.

The Wasteland is split into several locations based on the various lands from Disneyland and other Disney theme parks. Mean Street, is based on Main Street, U. The attraction's iconic clock tower serves as the first boss battle in the game.

Story[ edit ] Mickey Mouse, out of curiosity, enters Yen Sid's workshop through a mirror in his house and discovers the model of a land Yen Sid created which is based on Disneyland and the tool used to create it, the paintbrush. Fiddling with the brush and some paint to make a self-portrait, Mickey accidentally creates the Shadow Blot. Panicking, Mickey quickly tries to erase the Blot by throwing paint thinner onto it, but spills more paint on the model in the process. After many decades of fame following the accident, Mickey had forgotten it all until the Shadow Blot enters his home through the mirror and abducts him into the ruined forgotten world, now named by this time as the Wasteland.

Oswald all the while had his will and his mind twisted from years of hiding and his jealousy of Mickey's rise to fame, unaware the enigmatic Mad Doctor who was formerly loyal to Oswald before siding with the Blot and the Blot formulate a plan to steal Mickey's heart away, which they plan to use to escape the ruined world, as all Wasteland Toons living there are forgotten and can't leave Wasteland since they no longer have hearts of their own.

However, Mickey frees himself before they can succeed and scares off the Blot with Yen Sid's brush, forcing the Mad Doctor to flee.

Oswald, who was spying on them, also flees after tampering with the Mad Doctor's machines, leaving Mickey to deal with the Mad Doctor's now-hostile mechanical arm. Gus, one of the Gremlins who serves as mechanics and helpers throughout Wasteland helps Mickey disable the mechanical arm and escape Dark Beauty Castle, which the Mad Doctor was using as a hideout. Mickey also discovers that he was soaked with some of the Blot's ink. During his journey through the Wasteland, Mickey is guided by Gus and becomes armed with Yen Sid's brush, which grants Mickey the power to spray Paint and Thinner and allows him to erase or paint in toon objects and fight Blotlings and Beetleworx evil robots built by the Mad Doctor.

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After traveling through the Gremlin Village and fighting the Clock Tower who has been driven insane after hearing the song "It's a Small World" for decadeshe makes it to Mean Street, where the Wasteland Toons mainly reside.

Mickey uses the brush to restore the Wasteland in order to atone for his destruction and win Oswald's trust. After passing through Ostown and Mickeyjunk Mountain, they find Oswald, who agrees to help Mickey escape.

They go to Tomorrow City and find a rocket they can use to leave, but Oswald finds the Mad Doctor has stolen essential parts from it to use for his evil plans, so Mickey goes to collect them. He retrieves the first part after defeating Petetronic a robotic version of Petethe second after defeating a mechanical version of Captain Hook, and confronts the Mad Doctor in the Lonesome Manor.

After defeating him, he reveals to have turned himself into a Beetleworx, which will allow him to survive the Blot's revolt before he is sent flying after Gus removes the last rocket part from his hovercraft.

After acquiring all the rocket parts, Oswald has Mickey help repel an attack on Mickeyjunk Mountain. After defeating a fake Blot Oswald revealed the Shadow Blot Mickey fought along with all the Blotlings he encountered were drippings of the real Blot and that the fake Blot is the real Blot's second-in-commandOswald reveals that he and his girlfriend, Ortensia, attempted to seal the Blot away, but Ortensia was blighted by the Blot in the process and entered an inert state.

When attempting to reconcile, Mickey eventually comes to terms with his actions in causing what the Toons call "the thinner disaster", and reveals all to Oswald, who loses his temper. While jumping angrily on the cork sealing the Jug, Oswald accidentally causes the cork to break, allowing the true form of the Shadow Blot- a giant specter constructed from paint thinner- to escape his prison into the world. The Blot takes Oswald and Gus, threatening to kill them if Mickey does not allow the Blot to take his heart.

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Mickey yields his heart to the Blot, who then proceeds to destroy the Wasteland before moving on to the Disney universe to wreak havoc there. Mickey, Oswald and Gus attempt to use the rocket to reach the Blot, but end up crashing into Dark Beauty Castle after the Blot absorbs the rocket's paint.

The three successfully manage to destroy the Blot, eliminating his exterior with paint-laden fireworks on Dark Beauty Castle, and rescue Mickey's heart from the inside. Oswald reunites with Ortensia and befriends Mickey, the two now possibly bonding with each other as brothers.

With the Wasteland now regenerating, Mickey escapes back to Yen Sid's workshop and returns home through the mirror, which becomes sealed by Yen Sid to prevent Mickey from entering again and cause any more mischief. Regardless of what choices Mickey made in the Wasteland Yen Sid shows Mickey the positive outcomes or consequences of his major choices in the gamethe ending after the credits is the same: