Who is freda payne dating

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who is freda payne dating

Interview Date: 4/28/ |and| 10/7/ Singer and actress Freda Charcelia Payne was born September 19, , in Detroit, Michigan, to Frederick and. Freda Payne was born on September 19, in Detroit, Michigan, USA as Freda Charcelia Payne. She is an She was previously married to Gregory Abbott. Stream Lost In Love by Freda Payne and tens of millions of other songs on all . for ABC, 8 of which are from her best album to date, "Out of Payne Comes Love.

I was singing jazz standards in big bands in my teens.

who is freda payne dating

Bill and I worked together on picking the Gretchen and Tom originals we thought we could do the best job on. What brought you back to the studio after so long and how did the Mack Avenue deal happen?

I would perform a few nights then return a few months later, like a return engagement. She asked me if I wanted to record for her label and I was really excited. I was over the moon.


I felt it was a blessing from God. You have an extensive jazz background and started your career in jazz. The upside of having that big hit was that it got my name out there and made me a viable commodity to get bookings and a lot of work as a singer.

Of course the opportunities were primarily based on me doing that kind of music, where the audience expected me to be a soul singer. I was happy to get out there and the fact that I had a growing fan base. I still get fan mail from people who love the song and who share their memories!

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The downside, however, was and has long been that I was no longer getting respect as a serious jazz singer. I was a jazz singer who became a soul singer but remained a true jazz singer. Tell me about your childhood and the music you were listening to. When did you start singing and what was your original career goal?

Freda Payne

I was only nine when my uncle Johnny died, but when I was five or six, I heard some of the albums from his amazing collection. I listened to and loved them all.

who is freda payne dating

I also enjoyed jazz and blues, and my mom took me for piano lessons when I was six. She took me first to the Detroit Conservatory of Music and then a lady came to the house to teach me and my sister Scherrie, who sang with The Supremes in the 70s.

I studied piano for eight years and it helped me overcome my shyness. Everything came into focus when I started singing around 13 or 14 and started to enter talent contests.

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Everyone told me I was good and that I should be a professional. Tell me about some of your early professional experiences. She also entered many local talent competitions sponsored by Detroit television and radio stations, winning quite of few of them.

Her voice was already that of a polished professional by this time, attracting the attention of several big-time players in the music industry.

who is freda payne dating

Motown founder Berry Gordy tried to sign her to a recording deal—he even wrote three songs especially for Payne to record—and Duke Ellingtonafter hearing her sing as guest performer with his band, was ready to hire her as a regular. Payne's mother, however, insisted that she finish high school before embarking on a full-time musical career, and Freda cooperated with her mother's demands. After graduating from Detroit's Central High School inPayne was more than ready to launch her career with a full head of steam.

Sought Fame in New York in s Payne moved to New York in to explore that city's larger assortment of show business opportunities. Her first prominent job was with Pearl Bailey. Payne's work with Bailey gained her widespread attention as a vocalist to be reckoned with. It led to stints sharing the stage with such jazz luminaries and others as Lionel HamptonSammy Davis Jr. She toured with Quincy Joneswho was in his big band phase at the time, performing at such hallowed venues as the Apollo in New York and the Regal in Chicago.

During this period, Payne expanded her career into television and the theatrical stage.

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She became an occasional guest on television variety shows, including those of Johnny Carson and Merv Griffin. They urged Payne to cut a record for their upstart label.

The songwriters and producers eventually convinced her to record "Band of Gold," and it quickly rose up the charts inreaching Number 3 on the charts in both the United States and Britain and giving Payne her first gold record.

who is freda payne dating

An album of the same title was also a commercial success. Sadly, because of a dispute over royalties, "Band of Gold" did not make Payne rich; in fact, she barely collected any money from it despite the song's success. Another Invictus single, the Vietnam protest song "Bring the Boys Home," reached Number 12 on the charts and earned Payne her second gold record.

Her debut ABC album, Payne and Pleasure, peaked at number 55 on the Billboard charts, and contained a number of songs that received substantial airplay.

who is freda payne dating

Her second release, Out of Payne Comes Love, did not sell as well, and Payne was subsequently dropped from the label. The second half of the s was Payne's disco phase.