Village life game dating

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village life game dating

Village Life. likes · talking about this. Video Game. You can check our Facebook game guides list for more Village Life guides written We will list out some basic time frame of villager's actions in regard to date. Extra: throughout the "dating" cycle, your villager's head will have hearts Village Life game is very entertaining game and I love to play.

Here's what the pop-up looks like when deciding whether or not your villager can marry: The marriages cannot happen between two villagers in the same village. It's just not an option in the game. What happens when you accept for a couple to be married is there's a small simulation that comes up on screen. Also, your villager and their spouse may or may not stay in your village once they are married.

village life game dating

It looks something like this. We had to get around to it sometime. It only occurs between married villagers and the icon for this is a baby. The picture below is the process. Just click until the heart fills up and your job is done.

The rest is up to chance. You might conceive, you might not. If your villagers are unsuccessful, there is a cool down time before you can try again. You can't really decide when your villagers are ready to do this, the desire just pops up randomly.

After a certain age around 60 or so this icon doesn't show up anymore. There is a population limit, and it depends on what level you are. You can buy potions and stuff like that to affect the baby's gender or you can pay the fees to have twins or triplets you pay in gems. I'll get into why later. I've read that they go around eighty or so. I'm a bit uncertain about whether or not they have a retirement age where they don't complete tasks anymore There is no cemetery, but some players like to set up some sort of memorial for their villagers.

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Village Life: Love, Marriage and Babies

Be sure to post a screenshot of your village in the comments for the chance to win! Simply decorate your village and post a screenshot of your creation in the comments! We love her incredible Mountain village Likes: We love the use of stone in her beautiful Woodland village! Play Now - http: We love their beautiful woodland village and Ahkilya wins Gems! We love their incredible Mountain village and Nenad wins Gems! Megan wins Gems! Can you and your villagers help this mysterious stranger complete his quest?

village life game dating

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