Shadow hearts karin dating outfit ideas

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shadow hearts karin dating outfit ideas

Here is a character guide to the main cast of Aruze/Nautilus' dark fantasy RPG series, Shadow Hearts. This is a work in progress, so any contributions are. Shadow Hearts: Covenant is a monster of an RPG and one of my absolute favorites . It's a good idea to give your characters a variety of classes when equipping he'll show Yuri something Margarete left behind, a skimpy DATING OUTFIT. Legal Stuff: Shadow Hearts: Covenant (hereafter "SH2") isn't mine. .. Dating Outfit When Yuri already has both his Ultimates and you've and Yuri will offer up for inspiration a dress that he supposedly designed himself.

Old magician and old drunkard. Alice's uncle, Gepetto met Yuri shortly after the last shovel-ful of dirt had been laid on her coffin. He's been tagging along with Yuri since then, and becomes a member of your party after the mess at Dom Remy church. Technically, Gepetto's weapons are strings, but the more visible component is the marionette at the end, Cornellia.

Modeled after his long-dead daughter, she sometimes seems freakily alive. By changing the dresses she wears, you can change Gepetto's elemental affinity and add elemental spells to his "Marionette" spell list. But before you go about changing the dresses, you have to actually acquire them first. To do that, you need items called "Stud Cards". Present him with a card, and he will make your choice of six dresses; one, of course, for each element.

Wearing one of these dresses will change Gepetto's affinity to correlate with that of the dress, and it will permanently add an elemental "Cast" spell to his "Marionette" list of spells. It also ups Gepetto's magic power when casting spells of that element. To change the dresses, go under Gepetto's Personal section on the menu. There aught to be a "Change Dresses" option.

Flip through the sketchbook and pick which dress you like. Things wouldn't be nearly so fun if there weren't some extra dresses to find. To get these dresses necessitates an extra item, one to inspire Pierre's creativity. These extra items are different for each extra dress, of which there are 3 4 if you have SH1 save data. On the bed, there should be an item called the "Purple Bondage". Get this and go talk to Pierre when you have a Stud Card to give him.

Black Queen, for all its obvious leanings, is a affiliation None dress. It boosts the strength of Dark and Wind spells. It also adds the Marionette spell "Passion" to Gepetto's list. After you clear the Yokohama Warehouse District, re-visit the first warehouse on the left, and talk to the item-selling smuggler.

He has several odd and unusual things for sale, besides weapons. One of them will be a Stuffed Raccoon. Buy this and talk to Pierre when you have a spare Stud Card.

Karin Koenig

Like the other 3 special dresses, Beastmaster is an affiliation None dress, and it boosts magic power for Earth and Fire, as well as giving you the Cast Spell "Ecstacy" Blue Virgin Once you have the first two special dresses and the Stone Platform has become available, go talk to Pierre. A short scene will commence, and Yuri will offer up for inspiration a dress that he supposedly designed himself. Pierre loves it, and with a Stud Card to pay him, you will get a dress that is exactly like Alice's outfit from SH1.

She also gives Gepetto the Marionette spell "Advent". English version You can only get this "dress" if you have SH1 save data.

Not just any SH1 save data, unfortunately. You need a clear file from "SH1: The Best", a version of the game that has, to date, been released only in Japan. But, for the sake of completeness, let's assume you do have that data.

Talk to him anywhere else and he won't do a thing. Go there and Gerrard will lament that Pierre has gotten all moody after reading a particular book. Entice Pierre with the last card, a super rare oneand he'll eventually relent and make the last "dress. The curtain opens and Cornellia is stark naked. In Cornelia's case, it isn't attack or defense, it's elemental power.

Yuri finds this in Gepetto's Old Appartment when you first go there. If you have SH1 save data, you also get Mr. Swan here, not in Petrograd Mr.

You find this one in a treasure box in Southampton. Look in the hotel room that has 2 beds. Talk to Artist Peggy in Florence. She's in maid's clothing, wandering around the right side of the fountain. In the Hermitage in Petrograd, find Sentry Krile patroling the West Hall and talk to him right before Veronica fumigates the entire palace with pink mist. Clear the Cash round of Lucky Box. Clear Sara's Challenge, Disciple's Trial 3. Go to the bar in Cannes and find the fat man hiding in the corner, Staring Anatole.

Buy him a drink and he'll give you the Card. Yokohama Streets, check under the black awning next to the Mazymell Bros. It's a card of the Grand Gama. You get it from Yamaguchi, the working guy who stands to the left of Gama's ring in Nihon-bashi. Yes, you read right. As in the acupuncture specialist from SH1. This is the special 10th Builder Card, and you can only get it if you have save data from SH1. You should get the option for a Cash round. This one is a super-difficult 4x4 grid.

Good luck in beating it. The card is your prize. Crimson Thread Beat the boss of the Doll House side quest and you get these as a prize. The animal sidekick who's usually smarter than the people he follows. Pet to the little girl Jeanne in Dom Remy, Blanca was the town's, well, watch-wolf.

When the whole mess with Yuri and Nicholai happens in the church and Jeanne dies, Blanca tags along with Gepetto and Yuri. Nevermind the ghostly name to Blanca's ability, leveling it up means playing the non-spiritual game "Wolf Bout". The premise behind it is Blanca going one-on-one with the wolves you come across in the course of the game. Beat a wolf, and you get a paw-print stamp in a little booklet, plus, one of Blanca's skills goes up a notch. Collect a row of three stamps, talk to Earnest the creator of the game in Monmartre and you get a neat little prize.

There are a total of 15 different Bouts, 12 regular and 3 hidden. Many of the wolves show up in a dungeon directly after you've cleared it, but a few are right there in your path.

Earnest will actually give you hints about the first 12 wolves' locations, should you ask him. Or you could just look at the list below. Wolf Location Tetsu Monmartre.

You're forced into this one when you first come through that area. After you clear the area, Kelly will appear in the very back room where the boss was. He's sitting in the one corner, near where the Mazymell Brothers are. Henri SG Headquarters - Italy. Like Kelly, he shows up right after you clear the area, in the back room where the wall gets blown in.

This is another that's unavoidable. When Blanca has to get into the island prison by himself, Phillipe gets in his way. From Edgar's clock shop, go down and right-ish. It's the road that doesn't go to the Great Square.

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About 15 steps down there should be a slim alley that branches off from the far side of the street. R-3 is back there once you've un-Enthralled the Palace.

Necros Hall of the Dead. He's in a caged off nook, and the halls are dark, so it's pretty easy to miss him. Some time after you clear Ste. Marguerite, it'll become a viable destination again. Speak with the old guy who's walking circles behind the well to get the wolves to appear. Maya and his cronies are hiding in the dead end you hit if you go straight through the woods from the entrance.

Again, you have to clear the dungeon first. However, he doesn't show up in the last room. He's hiding in one of the dead-end hallways on the first deck.

Elenore She's dead obvious in the park in Nihon-bashi. Matsunaga Another really obvious one. He's guarding the Sacred Spring in Inugami Village. Fuji, then go back in again. Instead, Tetsu gives you a little note, informing you of another three wolves on the list. He's not around to give you hints, and you must defeat one before the next one will appear. Henri, again Tiffauge, once you've already cleared it for the first time. He's hiding all the way in the back-most part. Have fun getting there again.

Young Lobo Forest of the Wind. Beat Henri for a second time, then look on the trails in the forest. Here's what they are: Sign of the King Make it all the way through the Wolf Bout game, and it's the last prize you get.

A short FMV should start up, Jeanne manifesting long enough to say some last words to her favorite wolf and bequeath the armor to him. Muscle Arts transformation Details: Strapped for cash, the Crew hires on as part of the town patrol in Le Havre, so they can earn enough to book passage to Southampton.

The first job they're assigned; do something about the weirdo vigilante who calls himself the Grand Papillion!

After much ruckus and hullabaloo "mild-mannered" Joachim Valentine, alter-ego to the Grand Papillion, decides to join the Crew, nevermind what everybody else says. Joachim technically has 2 abilities, but you can only really affect one of them; Muscle Arts. The transformation ability is subject to the whims of the Joachithms. Except for Drain, all these abilities you learn from the Grand Gama.

Drains HP from the enemy. Sudden death effect or just minor damage. Get this by defeating Grand Gama the first time you meet him in Southampton. Be sure to equip a Leonard's Bear before going into the fight. Defeat Grand Gama a second time in Southampton. A one-hit, earth elemental damage move, it's basically one helluva body-slam.

Instead of "biorythms", it's "Joachithms"! When the sine waves cross the fat gray cross, Joachim will transform into one of 3 things. Fans of SH1, you'll recognize it immediately. Yes, this is the same bat that gave Keith his ultimate weapon. The bat's HP are half that of Joachim's, but its attack power is double. His HP don't change this time, but he is a lot harder for enemies to hit.

HP and MP don't change, but all his other stats go up. Available with steps on the Pedometer, and findable in some dungeons.

Forces transformation into Grand Papillion. You get this as a prize for beating Sara's Challenge; Believer's Trial 3. This is the Red Square prize from Lotto Member This is the prize for beating Sara's Challenge: You never have to buy a single weapon for Joachim. They're all lying around where you can find them. You just need to look. Check the bottom left part of the screen. There, you should meet the Peach Bat, Joachim's little sister Is there no end to this family?

Beat her inside 4 rounds, not 5. Yup, a mini-version of that famous submarine. Complete the Wakuraba sub-quest and it should be lying on the beach in Cannes. Part fortune-teller, part exotic-dancer, mostly bimbo. Roger missing, and only the word of a somewhat sketchy "Thomas" to go by, the Crew heads to Florence to look for a lady named Carla. They end up finding not only Carla, but also her young apprentice Lucia as well. Short Cash to pay for the info they want gee, how surprisingthe Crew agrees to pay for it "with their bodies".

Less of a fortune-predicting game, Lucia's Tarot Cards are more straight up gamble. Each card has different effects, and those effects change depending on whether or not the card is straight, reversed, or glittering. That makes all the cards potentially good or bad. Here's a list of the cards and where you can find them: The Moon You have this one from the beginning. The High Priestess You have this one from the beginning.

The Heirophant You have this one from the beginning. The Hermit You have this one from the beginning. Temperance Defeat the guard dog Oscar in the prison on Ste. Margueritte and you get it as a prize. The Magician Search a skeleton in the Halls of the Dead for it. The Sun Behind a lamp post on the Yokohama Streets. Lovers On the Battleship Mikasa, check the dead-end on the right side of the first deck.

The Tower Behind the last decorative pillar on the right side of the bridge in Nihonbashi. The Emperor Get 9 paw prints in your little booklet and visit Earnest in Monmartre. Judgement Finish off the Shoki that terrorizes Nihonbashi. Lucia can produce spell-like effects by mixing any 2 of 8 perfumed oils she finds throughout the game. Those effects are almost all status-affecting ones, and depending on which ones you mix in what order, you can do things ranging from a minor cure for Lucia to everybody getting a free Third Key for a round.

Just like the Combo Magic spells, you won't know what any of them do until you try them first. Lucia can affect either herself alone, or everyone in the party excluding herself.

The ones that affect the rest of the party will do so for 1, 2 or 3 rounds rnd. Now, a "round" equals the amount of time between when Lucia uses the oils and when her turn next comes up. So if you have a fast chara, like a high-level Yuri or Kurando, they might go twice before Lucia gets another turn; that means they get the oils' effect twice, even if it's technically only a 1rnd.

Here's the list of where you get 'em, and what they do: Lucia has this from the beginning. X Shining Oil - 28MP, medium cure, party, 2rnd. X Marin Oil - 16MP, protection from status ailments, party, 1rnd. X Grass Oil - 20MP, protection from ring ailments, party, 2rnd. X Night Oil - 24MP, protection from status ailments, party, 3rnd.

X Moon Oil - 20MP, protection from status ailments, party, 2rnd. X Shining Oil - 16MP, protection from ring ailments, party, 1rnd. X Sunrise Oil - 24MP, protection from ring ailments, party, 3rnd. This is hidden in the dry water-spout at the bottom of the long staircase in Cannes. X Marin Oil - 20MP, medium def.

X Misty Oil - 20MP, medium magic def. X Night Oil - 16MP, minor magic def. X Moon Oil - 16MP, minor def. X Shining Oil - 24MP, major def, up, party, 3rnd.

X Sunrise Oil - 24MP, major magic def. X Aurora Oil - 48MP, major def. Beat Rasputin's lackey Viktor in the Enthralled Palace. Defeat Veronica's monster form on the roof of the Petrograd Winter Palace. X Misty Oil - 20MP, agility doubled, party, 1rnd. X Shining Oil - 20MP, critical hit rate doubled, party, 1rnd. Pester Yuuko 3 times in a row. She's standing around on the Streets of Yokohama, talking about perfume.

X Marin Oil - 24MP, major atk. X Misty Oil - 16MP, minor magic atk. X Grass Oil - 24MP, major magic atk. X Night Oil - 16MP, minor atk, up, party, 3rnd. X Moon Oil - 20MP, medium atk. X Sunrise Oil - 20MP, medium magic atk.

X Aurora Oil - 48MP, major atk. It's in a chest in the 2nd floor room of the Inugami Village manor. Complete the Black Forest sub-quest and take the flower back to Carla. She'll make the oil for you. Nemesis Follow the Straw Millionaire game all the way to the very end and you'll get this from Margret.

Stella Vestito You get it from a treasure chest on the 2nd level of the Bronze Bell. Go and talk to him in Southampton, where he's waiting, and he'll give this to Lucia as an engagement present. A Russian princess with a talent for snooping. Anastasia's two abilities, Snapshot and Album, are interconnected. During random encounters and boss fights, you can use the Snapshot command to expose your enemy's HP, MP and Affinity. This works with any enemy; boss or random encounter.

As a nice bonus, taking the picture of 10 particular enemies will add spells to Anastasia's Album. It's a concept very similar to the "blue magic" spells in the Final Fantasy series.

Castille Andre Steal Cash from an enemy. Restore Oscar Negate any status-boosting spells on an enemy. Thieving Gale Toy Tanuki Swipe nifty stuff from an enemy. Tengu Run away from a battle. Hyper Cannon Kanazuki hit Affinity None attack, range like a laser spell. Spirit Ward King Tamakos Boot an enemy out of the encounter. Nightmare Cockroach Just like the SH1 version, decent physical damage plus a schlew of ring and status disorders.

Euthanasia Orobas As you might notice, a considerable number of these beasties are old news long before Anastasia joins your party. Some don't even show up in random encounters. The only way to get them is through Sara's Challenge. In a corner of the Winter Palace's rooftop, after you beat Veronica's monster form. Hidden behind the rack of drying things in Inugami Village. Defeat Sara's Challenge, Worshiper's Trial 1.

Hidden on the second floor of the Doll House. The whole Romanov family should be there. A cut scene starts up and at the end of it, you get the Coat. Loyal, honest, polite samurai.

Kurando uses Fusion, too? Did the folks at Aruze just run out of ideas? Nope, there's a viable reason behind this. Kurando and Yuri are cousins.

Yes, they're related though you'd never know without being told. Kurando's mother Saki is younger sister to Yuri's father, Ben Hyuga. Yuri and Kurando were pretty shocked too. Anyways, Kurando is the last member to join your party. He shows up in Yokohama, your first port of call in the Japan half of the game. While everybody's busy worrying over Yuri's near-lethal case of sea- sickness, Blanca scouts out the area and comes across a lone samurai facing off against several soldiers.

That meeting kicks off the storyline for the second half of the game. In fact, Kurando only ever gets two fusion monsters, Tsukuyomi and Ogre. Kurando's fusion ability works just like Yuri's, except for one part; both learn their new spells at Lv4 and Lv7.

shadow hearts karin dating outfit ideas

Turn around and come back out, then pay Inugami Village a visit. Get ready to go up the steps to the manor house, and Sachi will tell Kurando that his mother is waiting for him at the Sacred Springs. Kurando enters the Springs alone, and things fall out that he has to battle his mother one-on-one. Win, and the FM is yours.

Ogre is right up there in power with Dark Seraphim, so naturally, he requires 7 SP a round. Nameless Wolf Make it all the way through the Kurama's Dog Shrine and it's waiting for you at the end.

Ogre's Loincloth It's in a treasure chest on the 4th level of the Bronze Bell. There are 4 additional characters who you have the short opportunity to play at various points of the game. Nicholai Conrad, Ohka, Hien and Raiden.

shadow hearts karin dating outfit ideas

Seeing as how they are, well, temporary, their special abilities are limited to the point where they are essentially non-existant. Of course, there are no weapons or armor to get for them, either. The higher the affinity between between two charas, the more extra damage they're going to rack up when they go back-to-back in a combo. The more often you combo two charas together, the higher their affinity for each other gets. For example, take three charas; Blanca, Yuri and Karin.

So, you're in a random battle and you want to combo those three charas. That's all well and good, but then comes the hard part; what order do you put them in? This is where you look at affinity. When a chara's turn comes up, shift down in your command menu to the "combo" part, and combo with another chara.

At that point, the affinity between those charas goes up 1. You don't even have to finish the combo. Look closely at your command menu when the fourth character's turn comes around. It should be the second one available, right under the fat bar for attack. When you first start out, all 7 Combo Magic spells are listed as?????. The only way to find out which one's which is to pick one and cast it. Unfortunately, you only ever have a maximum 4 of the 7 available to you.

Eternalm wrote in and mentioned that your spell selection likely depends on the elemental affinities of the charas currently in your battle party. The Ring for each one has 4 step-areas and one final, really narrow hit area. If your characters are working with a Technical Ring, be ready for a hit area narrower than most strike areas. All 7 spells cost 64 MP.

Strong Earth - earth - circle: Kurando is the same way. WWI is well under way, and Germany has made advances deep into France. However, one small hamlet --Dom Remy-- refuses to submit. The few survivors of the German companies sent in there all shudder and whisper in terrified tones about an unkillable demon. Utterly worthless strategically, Dom Remy is instead a huge blot on Germany's military pride, and the upper echelons are willing to do whatever it takes to bring the village under control.

One Karin Koenig, survivor of the latest normal attempt to subdue Dom Remy, is given orders to guide an exorcist from the Vatican to the place where she last spotted the alleged "demon", and assist with the attempt to send it back to where it came from.

shadow hearts karin dating outfit ideas

One powerful enough to put a crimp in the lifestyle of even an immortal demon. The only place to go is the Tower, but I suggest that you open up the menu triangle button first and 1 save, 2 take a look at what Karin and Nicholai can do. Not that there's much that you can change. On to the game itself. Press the O button and you'll go to the Tower. There's a short cut scene, and you'll find yourself in the middle of a large, circular hall on the first floor. Go directly left and up a short little spiral staircase for a treasure chest with a Thera Leaf.

Directly right and up a similar little staircase will bring up a "? Press the O button to get a Talisman of Luck. In the midst of doing this, you will undoubtedly get hit by at least one random encounter. Your first two fights are more tutorials than real fights, so don't get too nervous if you're unfamiliar with the battle system.

The Judgement Ring has received quite a few upgrades from SH1, and while it may seem pretty complex at first, you'll get the hang of it quick. Anyways, those two treasures are the only things of value on the first floor, so go down, then right for the stairs to the 2nd floor. There's a matching set of stairs curving up to the left, but at the present it's doors are locked tight.

They won't open up until you come back to the Tower for a second go-round later in the game, so ignore them for now. Round and round the stairs disturbingly reminiscent of the endless stairs of the Blue Tower in SH1 for a moment we go, until the hall takes a degree turn up, leading to a small intersection.

Follow the hallway all the way to the right, and you suddenly come across a creature? Besides handing out additional attacks, it's an amusing character. I suggest you give Karin the additional attack, as you'll only have Nicholai until you reach the church in Dom Remy. That done, sally forth! Up the stairs, around and around we go again, to the third floor. Off to your right is a second sealed door. This one, too, won't open up until you come back later in the game, so you can safely ignore it for now.

The big, glowing purple crest won't activate unless you press the O button first, so you can explore the two nooks off to the left and right. Well, the one to the right, anyways.

The left one is empty, so it's hardly worth the fuss. In the right nook is a Pure Leaf. Warp through the crest, and again duck over to the nook on the right. The save point is obvious, the Tent hidden in the far right corner isn't so obvious.

I definitly suggest you use the save point, and gird yourself for a boss fight. Combo attacks don't gain you much in the way of extra damage just yet, but now's a good time to start practicing.

The only thing you need to worry about are your SP levels. Karin's got a grand total of 3, and Nicholai isn't much better. You'll probably need to use at least one Pure Leaf, if not two, before you finish Gargoyle off. You can talk to the soldiers stationed here and there, but they won't give you anything. There is stuff you can find, though. Her father dies protecting her from Bacon during an incident in Rouen.

She is saved by Yuri when she is nearly abducted by Bacon a second time at the very beginning of the game, and from there Yuri promises because of the voice in Yuri's head to protect her in their travels. An example of the loli interpretation. Despite not being a goth herself, the dark atmosphere of the game makes up for it. Alice also dies in the canon ending. Back from the Dead: She was alive long enough to exchange "I love you"s with Yuri, though.

Justified, as the villains need her powers for their plans to work. Also, she lacks combat experience and is quite delicate. That said, she Took a Level in Badass after the time-skip and even menages to defeat Arcane Olga by herself. Deal with the Devil: One of the very rare examples in this series that doesn't amount to a deal for power. Alice's light powers manifest in battle as white feathers flying upwards. The small grave that appears in Yuri's graveyard after Alice's Deal with the Devilwhose name is clouded until very late in the game.

Alice starts out as quite innocent. Alice uses light magic for healing, protection and the odd offensive attack. She's a girl with mysterious power, not to mention a White Magician Girlso the white hair is pretty appropriate. Again, the Advent spell. She's wearing pink panties Alice sacrifices her soul in place of Yuri's. Alice starts off with only one healing spell, and has weak physical power to say nothing of her Sanity Points, which are the lowest of the main party.

However, as the game goes on, her healing spells get stronger and she gains an attack spell that hits like a TANK. After taking on Yuri's curse from the vengeful masks. She starts off very shy and timid. Although it is hard to see their color most of the time, Alice's eyes do indeed have a light shade of purple to them. Yuri rescues her from Roger bacon in the beginning f Shadow Hearts. Is great with magic, but her HP, offense and SP values are rather slow. When the Four Masks come to claim Yuri's soul, Alice offers her own to them in order to spare him, essentially transferring Yuri's Curse to herself.

She succumbs to the Curse during a train ride with Yuri, dying in his arms. In Covenant the last remnants of her spiritual essence took up residence in Yuri's Graveyard, watching over him from afar. The Curse of the Holy Mistletoe is no match for her love for Yuri. It is implied that the Timey-Wimey Ball at the end of Covenant makes it possible for Yuri to save her. Throw the Book at Them: While Alice is mainly a magic user, she can also bash enemies with a book.

She is the main healer of the party. She's the party's healer and status buffer. Li Zhuzhen Voiced by: He rejoins them when Alice is attacked by Li Li, and on hearing about their encounters with "Roger Bacon" and Dehuai, attaches himself to the group. Following the post-Shanghai Time SkipZhuzhen and Alice work as exorcists, and are called to the small town of Bistritz Used to cast his magic.

Zhuzhen swooned for Ben Hyuga when he was rescued by him. Also briefly notes that Yuri inherited his father's good looks. No arguing with it when he's a Taoist master sage. His is to Dehuai, who is his brother. His reason for killing Yuri's father — Ben Hyuga was taken over by the demon he'd absorbed.

Ben attempted to absorb the demon Dehuai had summoned, and when he failed to properly control it, Zhuzhen had no choice but to kill him. Put on a Bus: Is not mentioned after the first game, nor does he receive cameos like Margarete and Keith.

Dating Outfit

Alice and Keith even discuss it near the beginning of Act 2. My goodness, it's hard to know whether these two are bosom buddies or sworn enemies Oh, I guess you could say both.

Margarete Gertrude Zelle Voiced by: She also sets a small bomb outside as a distraction, claiming that it means there will be fewer casualties as everyone will come rushing out to see what the noise was, sparing them from the larger bomb that will go off a few minutes later. However her plan is compromised when Yuri and Alice inadvertently end up caught in the smaller explosion, and she drops out of hiding to check that they're unharmed. She then tries to make her escape via the sewer system, but finds herself overwhelmed by the monsters lurking down there.

Fortunately, Yuri and Alice had no choice but to follow her given that the authorities were hot on their trail, and Margarete ends up joining them. While she initially stays to find out more about their mysterious powers, believing it to be valuable information that she can use for her own personal gain, Margarete finds herself becoming close to the pair, and even envies the bond that they share.

She then becomes a loyal ally, and remains with the team no matter what.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Walkthrough

She manages to pilot a plane that was halfway falling apart some distance. We meet Margarete's father, who is a lottery member. He wears a fake nose and embarrasses Margarete, but not before wishing her luck and giving her her ultimate weapon. She has a cell phone and what appears to be a microcomputer pre-WWI.

Sports quite a stylish one. Margarete is the only playable character in the entire series to have no magical abilities whatsoever, all she has is conventional weapons. States in a confession scene that she was actually sent by the "Powers" presumably, the Triple Entente pre-WWI to keep an eye on the situation in Asia, and fully intended to use Yuri for her nation's betterment.

But as she traveled with him, she became attracted to his way of life and abandoned that goal.