Reggie theus dating juanita jordan

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reggie theus dating juanita jordan

Nov 16, Juanita Vanoy's marriage and relationships Juanita Vanoy is the Juanita had a period of brief romantic encounter with Reggie Theus (). recognition after she started dating Michael Jordan and married him. Dec 31, She dated Bulls star guard Reggie Theus before Jordan. Jordan, under consultation from his mother, refused to marry Juanita until she would. It is rumored that she dated Reggie Theus, a former Chicago Bulls professional basketball player, from , just before she met Michael Jordan. After her .

But she applied again for the divorce which was finalized on 29 December They settled amicably but Michael had to shell out a lot of money as alimony.

reggie theus dating juanita jordan

It was one of the costliest divorces at that time and in the history of basketball. Complex Michael and Juanita Jordan Juanita had moved on in her life and entered into a relationship with Ken Reynolds in Before she met Michael, Juanita had a period of brief romantic encounter with Reggie Theus Her current age is She was brought up on South Side of Chicago.

There is no information about her parents and siblings. There is not much known about her schooling and college days. It is not known as to which university she attended and what subjects she has majored in. Pinterest Juanita and her three children Juanita started modeling when she was quite young and in school.

She was still a teen then. She had modeled for several prestigious brands and won a name and place for herself in that industry. After working in this field for a few years, Juanita switched to working as an executive secretary as well as a model for the American Bar Association. Her fame rose and she gained recognition after she started dating Michael Jordan and married him. She continued to hit headlines for all the reasons related to her relationship with him and the delivery of their children.

Along with her husband, Juanita formed the Michael and Juanita Jordan Endowment Fund which is a charitable organization. She also started a real estate business. Could you chronicle the Rolling Stones without focusing on Mick Jagger? The fact that Jordan and his ability transcended the team concept is a running theme from hardwood to hardback.

Smith begins Chicago's title run in the spring of '90, with Jordan griping to an ''acquaintance'' about the lack of commitment and talent on the Bulls.

'Jordan Rules' Shows Michael As A Mortal

Fiercely competitive, Jordan routinely grows impatient because other players can't play the way he does, meaning he's on edge a lot. Jordan referred to him as Will ''Vanderbilt. It's clear that the Bulls revere and resent Jordan.

reggie theus dating juanita jordan

The preferential treatment teammates call it ''The Jordan Rules'' he receives wears on them. Jordan could call in sick when others couldn't or be late for the bus or receive extra ticket allotments. Teammates privately called him ''The General'' because he was often in command more than coach Phil Jackson.

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They complain how hard it is to play with Jordan, how he turns them into spectators. There was this exchange between Jordan and forward Horace Grant: You're too stupid to even remember the plays. We ought to get rid of you. What Magic fans should find interesting is that the player Jordan despised most was Reggie Theus.

Theus played for Orlando in the franchise's inaugural year before being traded to New Jersey. The story around the Bulls, though, was that Theus had briefly dated Jordan's wife, Juanita, before Jordan met her. It's a fair account that gives us a better feel for Michael Jordan outside the station breaks, particularly a scene in which Jordan is visiting a dying little girl brought to him before a game.

It's her last wish.

Michael Jordan Didn't Tell Ex-Wife He Was Getting Remarried