Prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub

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prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub

Prime Minister and I Episode 8 Eng Sub HD. Daebak; 20 videos; 1,, Prime Minister and I Ep 8 Eng HD 1. by Daebak. Play next. We've reached the final chapter for Prime Minister and I, and while .. Finally, I have to say I was disappointed by the slipshod subs. Not only were words omitted but the English idioms and metaphors February 5, at PM We SHOULD have gotten a montage of Yul and Da-Jung dating. Prime Minister and I Ep 5 Eng HD 1. by Daebak. Play next. The prime minister is dating ep 5 eng sub. The prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub. ça login.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. Daebak; 20 videos;The prime minister is dating ep 5 eng sub. The prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub. Watch online and download Prime Minister and I drama in high quality. Various formats from p. Dec 9, to Feb 4. However, they keep pressing up on the prime minister for his opinion on the importation. Prime Minister and I Ep 5 -2 Engsub: Prime Minister and I Ep 5 -2 Raw: The prime minister is dating ep 7 eng sub.

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Another confrontation takes place elsewhere as Na-young accuses Yul for telling their son everything while dangling the carrot of letting her see their children in front of her eyes. Why else would Woo-ri be so cold to her?

Na-young apologizes for overreacting but before she leaves, Yul says he has one important thing to tell her: He writes a letter to Da-jung in her diary later that night. But he has more urgent matters to attend to when Na-young rushes out with news that Su-ho recognizes her. Su-ho blinks in response.

Female Prime Minister ep 8 (Engsub)

Dad fawns over Da-jung out on the roof, smiling at how his pretty daughter needs to get married to a good and considerate man. Oh no no no no, is he dead? This is how Yul finds her, arriving a minute too late. Sometime later, Yul pays his respects to Dad, uttering the only words he can muster: Na-young walks towards her son hesitantly, and then mother and son share a tearful embrace.

He takes back his words about Na-young being accepted back into the family, and asks if Yul would accept his apology for his wrongdoings. Yul asks jokingly if Joon-ki would be able to if he thought about everything he did. Before Joon-ki leaves, Yul gives one last piece of advice, telling Joon-ki not to let the person by his side grow lonely. The Scandal News Team converse about recent events, wondering what will happen to Da-jung once her husband is unemployed.

He considers it a miraculous present from her father, words that warm her heart. Joon Ki tells her to leave the room and she does. Joon Ki thinks about what In Ho wants him to do to Yul and realizes he means business.

Yul looks at a picture of his kids and zeroes in on the rebelling Woo Ri. He stands up and goes to the window to brood. Da Jung comes in to get him for breakfast and pauses when he turns around to look at her.

His presence flusters Da Jung and she quickly leaves his study. She grabs her heart outside and wonders why its beating so fast. Da Jung is sewing frogs on the bed while Yul gets ready for work at his desk.

prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub

She sees a halo around him and a heart pops out from her eyes and she swoons at him. Da Jung goes outside to practice kendo and clear her head. Yul comes by and corrects her moves and gets behind her to show her to correct positioning. The President knows about the port construction and asks him to keep the country running. Yul wants the project reassessed and if there are any evaded taxes it can be collected to use for the people.

He wants to do things right despite the President urging him to not cause any problems. Yul and Hye Joo leave the Blue House and she wonders what he will do if the President ends up opposing his strategy?

Hye Joo invites him to lunch but Yul declines to go home and spend time with his kids. In Ho asks if it was a reporter and Dad says it was someone claiming to be a fan of Yul.

prime minister is dating ep 8 eng

Dad turns around and asks In Ho is he if dating anyone since he is an eligible bachelor. The editor thinks this would make a good story and wonders if the Prime Minister knows about his wife and aide being so close?

prime minister is dating ep 8 eng sub

When Na Ra is asked about her homework, she reveals Da Jung thinks kids having fun is more important. Yul then imagines Da Jung chiding him for berating the kids at the dinner table. His kids stare at him oddly and each of them decline his offer to practice kendo after lunch. Someone is missing his wifey. In Ho finds the lurking Scandal News reporters at the hospice and chides them for following him and Da Jung. He threatens to tell Da Jung unless they quietly leave.

Da Jung is walking outside when In Ho tosses snow at her. She packs a snowball and throws it right back and they engage in a feisty snowball fight.

Yul waits for Da Jung at home, checking his phone constantly. Yul is sewing more frogs for Da Jung when he gets distracted and pricks his finger. Yul walks outside and finds Man Se waiting in the cold for Da Jung to come home.

Da Jung pulls up and Man Se runs into her arms for a hug. After In Ho leaves, Da Jung asks why Yul is outside and he claims he came out for fresh air and is totally not here to wait for her. Even Man Se looks puzzled. Yul and Da Jung go back to their bedroom and he sits down at the desk and wonders why In Ho never told him about his brother at the hospice. Da Jung says she found out from her dad as well. Da Jung then switches to perfect wife mode and brings Yul his paperwork, hot cocoa, and changes the toilet paper roll in the bathroom.

Prime Minister & I

Yul orders Da Jung to tidy up the room and she eagerly does so. Da Jung wants to read to him first before she goes to sleep. Yul quickly climbs into bed and goes under the covers while Da Jung grabs the book and starts reading. Yul stares at Da Jung as she reads and she keeps reading until she sees that Yul is asleep.

prime minister is dating ep 8 eng

She looks at his bandaged hand and writes a note on it and thanks him for taking such care of her dad. She wishes him a good night and turns off the light as she leaves the room quietly.

Yul leaves for work the next morning and Man Se asks for a full hug before leaving. Before Yul gets in the car, Da Jung has the kids give him a very proper farewell.

She also tells In Ho fighting before he leaves. Yul and In Ho are out visiting a marketplace and hearing from the vendors about their complaints. Yul walks by a vendor for hair accessories and he buys something for Na Ra.

He notices a black rhinestone bow hair clip and buys it as well. In Ho gets a call and tells Yul that the President has agreed to review the port development project anew.