Persona 3 dating more than one girl

Are there any consequences to dating more than one girl in persona 4 (PS2)? : Megaten

persona 3 dating more than one girl

Read the topic about Persona 3 FES - Dating multiple girls on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga. Discussion in 'Persona / Shin Megami Tensei' started by iv gotten to the point with chihiro that it says "She might get angry if I date other girls" I believe, but if you have more than one girl past level 4 you're going to have to. D: thats not nice! so before i start talking to more girls and the game screws me by @Terrents: Been awhile since I've played Persona 3, but I think is supposedly a lot more lenient about relationship penalties than the.


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persona 3 dating more than one girl