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OKCupid Blind Dating is Way Less Intense than OKStupid at Upright Citizens Brigade | L.A. Weekly

okstupid okcupid dating

Showrunners find singles on OKCupid and ask them to blind date at UCB's OKStupid. Three girls try out one guy. Liquid courage helps. Welcome to /r/OkCupid — a place for all things online dating, critiques, advice, and the weird little community we've built here. “Do you have pee-pee?: P”. This is the message on OkCupid that tipped me over the edge last week. The guy was from Taipei, Taiwan, and.

Her words spill out at a million miles a minute. Combined with her wide eyes and nervous laughter, her anxiety is palpable but refreshingly honest. Cracking odd jokes in the green room, she actually seems hyped about getting onstage for the dates, and says she only has one concern about the date. Each card had an activity that they had to act out in order to break the ice. Hso Hkam The first date of the night, with Emily, had been a disjointed yet oddly touching experience.

It ended with a slightly awkward handshake as Emily left the stage. Still, the conversation between Mike and Aleks flowed naturally. They love much of the same music, and both like to smoke weed and watch Cosmos.

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Aleks won over the crowd by recalling how she once got stoned in a bubble bath and listened to the same song on repeat for 40 minutes without realizing it. You should have asked her to come watch a documentary with you.

OKCupid or OKStupid? – Sick Chirpse

Whatever the acceptable threshold for Fuck Punch consumption is, Mike has crossed it. His attempts to fight through the haze, though admirable, often fall flat.

He asks Julia if she smokes pot.

okstupid okcupid dating

He then proceeds to ask her if she wants to smoke weed and watch a documentary. Julia is less than impressed. Still, Mike is charming and at times quick-witted in his own way, and when the date ends he and Julia agree they should meet up for lunch sometime.

okstupid okcupid dating

Mike has succeeded in being an interesting date for three girls in what is likely the most stressful date setting imaginable for any of them. The lights have a red glow, a disco ball still proudly hangs, and pop music from decades past seems to be on permanent loop. He informs an audience member that he just smoked with the cast, and is now pretty stoned to compliment the fact that he's hammered.

When you do a search on Google, your results are personalized in ways never revealed to you, based on your search and click history, personal information, location, friends, and online habits. There is also one more algorithm at play, their calculated analysis of what search results will increase the likelihood of them monetizing your next action.

OKCupid or OKStupid?

You'd hardly notice however, because search results do appear. But are they the best results for you - or the best results for Google? The impartial search engine is in fact very partial, feeding you what benefits Google more than what benefits you.

Granted Google would say it does this for you. But at the end of the day, what I search for today and from where should have little impact on my search, unless that is something I request. I just want the best, unfiltered information. A few years ago search engine provider DuckDuckGoa privacy advocate company, did an interesting study where they had people search for the same election topics on Google at the same time. Everyone of course got different results even if the users were signed out of Google.

In other words, Google knew who you are without your telling them and used that information to form results.

okstupid okcupid dating

This brings us back to Rudder's statement. Contrary to his beliefs, this is not how all websites need to work. First of all, not all websites conduct experiments on you. DuckDuckGo does not as do many others. Secondly, by saying everyone is doing it doesn't make it right.

And thirdly, condoning such behavior says more about how Rudder values his users than anything else. Those that want to experiment can very easily ask for voluntary participation from users and follow a model similar to what the medical industry uses with real and placebo medications.

But to manipulate content without notifying us makes us unwitting participants in experiments.