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night shift dating

Swingshifters must find not only the right match, but also the time and energy for dating. If you're in a relationship with someone working the graveyard shift, you have probably experienced these unexpected issues. Has anyone ever dated a night shift worker before? (not overnights, but like mid- afternoon until midnight). Things are great with my boyfriend.

If you're in a relationship with someone working the graveyard shift, you have probably experienced these unexpected issues: You come back from work tired and ready to fall into your significant other's arms only to catch them hurrying off for their 11 pm shift.

You sleep early on a Friday night just so you can be awake when they come home from work To go back to sleep together. It almost feels like a long distance relationship considering you spend more time on the phone with each other than in person.

You feel insanely jealous seeing them curled up in the blanket while you're getting ready for work in the morning. You have to keep coming up with ways to keep each other awake at all kinds of strange hours. You have to keep telling them they look fine even though they always look like they just got out of bed.

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Public holidays are the only kind of 'real' holidays. You still feel sleep deprived like ALL the time. You become amazing at drinking at any time of the day thanks to your weird schedules. Not exactly a healthy talent.

night shift dating

Trying to find your lovah a regular job with better pay becomes a frequent pass time of yours. You don't get to meet any of your friends or even relatives because just making time for each other is nigh impossible. Going for lovely brunch is a distant dream. You never get to say "plus one" while going for a party.

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However with a few minor adjustments and a positive attitude, it is possible to socialize when you work the night shift and here are a few tips to get you going. Know where to look In the usual scheme of things, people work the whole day and then go out for recreation or leisure during late evenings. As a night shift worker though your hours are exactly the opposite — you need to be working just when people are milling into bars and nightclubs whereas you have time to spare during afternoons and early evenings.

The most immediate consequence of this reversal of schedules is that the kind of singles you can meet is restricted to those who are about town during your free hours.

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And among these there are likely to be singles who work night shifts like you. So explore your own workplace for unattached men and women or if there are rules against dating someone from your own office, you can look for singles in other departments or other floors in your office building but keep the same hours. Students are another group who may be relatively free during afternoons and early evenings — so hang out at cafes and parks in and around college campuses and if you can manage half an hour at libraries, so much the better.

Other than these air hostesses, nurses at hospitals, emergency services workers and those from the hospitality sector may be found working night shifts. Frequent pubs and cafes around such areas and you are likely to find some singles dropping over for a latte in the evening before heading for work.

night shift dating

You can filter by zip code and meet someone this weekend. Go online Even though there are a whole lot of sectors — ranging from hospitality to healthcare where someone or other is doing the night shift — the only problem is getting to meet them or come across such singles in the daytime. So one of the best things you can do to reach out to men and women like you is to go online.

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Look for dating sites which specifically cater to the relationship needs of singles working odd hour shifts and sign up. How to find the time Even if you have found yourself a potential partner, the physical limitations of working the night shift may stand in the way between you and an enjoyable date.

night shift dating

You will not only be coming home at seven in the morning every day but are likely to crash out for the better part of the day.

By the time you get up in the afternoon, there is food to be cooked and chores to be attended to — no matter how basic your living arrangements are. If you have a family, then this is also the only time you get to spend time with them or help them in some way before you get ready for your work again.