Nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

Nargis Fakhri: I would Love to Romance Salman Khan!

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

Nargis Fakhri feels that Priyanka Chopra is the hottest item girl of the The song Dhating Naach is popular among the young generation. Nargis Fakhri impressed one and all with her washboard tummy and bendy yoga moves. Photo: AFP/p. SHARE. 2/10 pNargis was last seen in the item number 'Dhating Naach' in 'Phata Poster Nikhla Hero'. Photo: HOT Or NOT? . An African Nation Just Banned Skin Lightening Bleaching Creams A Lesson For India. pIleana goes in for a sexy makeover for Phata Poster Nikhla Hero, post her deglam look in Barfi!./p. SHARE. 5/9. pNargis Fakhri sizzles in her first ever item number Dhating Naach, 8 Pictures That Will Prove Sunny Leone is Beautiful. An African Nation Just Banned Skin Lightening Bleaching Creams A.

Of course it will be Salman!

20 Ridiculous Songs Of That We Cant Stop Humming

I have got a chance to work with him and he has awesome energy. When you are comfortable around someone, you are looking forward to work with that person.

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

Now he has also sung a song from the film. How would you rate Salman as a singer? I was quite shocked at how good a singer he is.

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

He has a really good voice. You have a lot of completion in the industry. Do you follow their work?

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But say like now I will know what Alia is doing because Varun Dhawan is working with her and he is my good friend. So I think when you become friends, you start following a little bit. Talking about films, what are the next projects that you are working on? Well, now there is a search going on. I am meeting people and talking things. These songs are epidemics that literally spread. But the year took the idiocy a notch higher.

Music directors have been bombarding us with foot-tapping songs that hide embarrassingly dim-witted, meaningless lyrics behind this year, one right after the other! These are some of the songs of that we all love but hate to admit, thanks to the groovy music.

What does the girl sing? The few ones that can be make no sense whatsoever. The lyrics are outrightly crass and inappropriate to say the least. It is the hilarious video that gets to you, etching the ridiculous song in your mind.

Oh Boy Charlie Catchy as a cold, this song gets to you and refuses to leave. The madcap characters perform at a karaoke and weave almost any word that comes out from their mouths into a song and a dance routine. While the girl calls the guy Charlie, he chooses to call her by a different name each time, Dolly and Baby being some of them. What she forgets to take instead are some basic dancing lessons. But say whatever, Sunny did manage to make us watch the video enough times for the song to take over our minds.

Balam Pichkari Undoubtedly the best song on this list, this song is still a very bizarre one.

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

And like they say —when in doubt blame the alcohol! Dilliwali Girlfriend It is probably the same day they wrote this song too!

Nargis Fakhri: I would Love to Romance Salman Khan!

YJHD lyricists are no ordinary people. Honey Singh is known for doing the unthinkable in his songs. But with this one, he fell in his own trap and totally forgot to think! A supposed tribute to Rajnikanth, the song sounds like a little poem written by the most dim-witted three years old. Every line ends with a word rhyming that of the previous one and needless to say, as random.

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin

What it has also broken are all previous records of the most meaningless lyrics in the history of Indian songs. She is a beautiful woman who has won zillions of masses hearts with her gorgeous looks. She is an American born beauty who was born to a Pakistani father and Czech mother. She proved herself with her acting skills in her first debutant flick itself.

Dhating Naach Phata Poster Nikhla Hero I Shahid Nargis Fakhri Nakash A

She is a beauty with brain that has very good sense of humor. She is a charming beauty who has made her name with her good nature and of course with her stunning looks. Even though she is American born, she is very quick to adopt our living style and is now feeling B-town as her new own home. The Imtiaz Ali directorial Rockstar flick has given her enough space to prove all her acting skills. She shook her leg beautifully for the beat dhating naach, which was quite a big hit.

I feel 12 at heart, so I look and feel the way I want to. So let us take some simple tips from this young looking woman on beauty. Beauty tips to take from Nargis Nargis has never been into a beauty distress. She simply goes through deep cleansing and moisturizing every day and it is a daily ritual for her to go through them. She then uses Neutrogena face wash for her face. She is not dependent on any branded beauty products to enhance and sharp her beauty, but instead loves to use natural therapies most likely right from her kitchen to treat her body and face.

nargis fakhri hot in dating naach pics of skin