Monday magazine personals dating

monday magazine personals dating

Victoria/Esquimalt British Columbia Alacrity 59 Single Woman Seeking Men. Vancouver British Columbia hottygrrr21 38 Single Man Seeking Women. Victoria British Columbia SIMPLYJB 55 Single Woman Seeking Men. WARNING - This area of the website may contain content that some users might find objectionable and is intended for a mature person. It must . On our second date, he told me all about the movie we'd seen on our first date . the college newspaper, my eyes were drawn to two bold words in the personals: I continued reading: “Studying alone in the atrium on Wednesday between.

We met at a mall to see a movie. If he was new age, it seemed appealing enough: I was attracted to him, so when he talked about his first love — swimming with manatees — I convinced myself I really was interested in spending three times my savings account on diving equipment to commune with sea cows in frigid, freshwater streams. Was he new age or space age?

Finally, I went out and bought his suggested list of new-age books in the hope that we would have more to talk about. But soon I admitted to myself that we had little in common.

monday magazine personals dating

We spoke once or twice by phone, but no more. The irony is, though I lost interest in him, I devoured the books. They opened my eyes to the spirit that I had always sensed lived within me, but that I could never find for want of a proper guide. The Buddha teaches there are many paths to God: I found mine through the personals. Peter Massey Bradenton, Florida I was in my late forties, living alone in an unfinished cabin with no electricity or plumbing in the foothills of the Olympic Mountains.

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I was happy being close to nature, but sometimes wished I had a partner with whom to share my life. He replied quickly with a letter and pictures of himself and his place. I was immediately captured by his radiant, impish smile. I sent him hours of taped self-revelation; he sent me music that opened my ears and books that deepened my thinking.

The first time we met in person, we were amazed by our almost-immediate familiarity. On one of my early visits to his place, I walked down his spiral staircase wearing only a pair of his jeans. When he saw me, a strange look came over his face.

He told me that, while writing the ad to send to Countryside, he had seen a vision of a woman with long hair coming down those stairs wearing only a pair of his jeans and a big smile.

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Shortly after we met, Countryside discontinued its personal ads. I feel certain our relationship will last the rest of our lives. He promised not to tell anyone, but the next day at lunch he blurted out my secret. A woman at the table remarked that anyone who ran a personal ad must be desperate and that she would never run one. That night I had my first date with a woman who responded to my ad. Four years later, Caroline and I are still together. Why should we be ashamed of how we feel?

I desperately wanted to share my love with someone.

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What could be wrong with that? Paul Spitalny Everett, Washington Although Bruce had a generic personal ad full of key words like dining, conversation, and long walks, he seemed intriguingly eccentric in person. On our second date I went to his house and learned a couple of other interesting things about Bruce: We dated for another month, but things went downhill after that second night.

His idiosyncrasies began to annoy me. And I seriously started to worry when he told me he hated his father and would kill him if he ever came to town. I ran into Bruce twice after that.

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Once was when my future husband and I went to the Greek restaurant where Bruce and I had gone on our first date. Bruce was there with a woman petite and submissive? I wondered what his date would think of him when she got to know him better. The last time I saw Bruce was when we passed each other on the sidewalk one day.

He hurried away before I could say anything, and I turned and followed. When he saw me behind him, he broke into a run. Further examination confirms what I already know: He could never handle a truly passionate woman, I argue to myself; we are too hard to control. Have someone else arrange a meeting? As I review the possibilities, I notice the date: After a return letter and a phone call, I agreed to meet Helen.

She lived on a beautiful lake surrounded by large white pines and rustic cabins.

monday magazine personals dating

I found her in the driveway shoveling snow. She was very obese, with frizzy black hair and a poor complexion.

monday magazine personals dating

I got out of the car, and we went in to drink tea. Helen confided that the other man who had answered her ad had pulled away when he saw her in the driveway. That evening Helen took me out to see a band.

Though the roads were slick, she drove fast. The car skidded off into the woods, luckily not hitting any trees. After a tow truck pulled us out, we continued to the bar, where I felt like an outsider as Helen talked to her friends. Later that night we made love. Helen said it must be nice to be able to have lovers whenever I wanted, rather than having to take what I could get, the way she had to. I left in the morning, and we never saw each other again.

He danced effortlessly, told good jokes, loved to sail, and planned activities with his ten-year-old son every weekend. He moved in with me and said he wanted to make a lifelong commitment. I wanted to commit to him, too. I have been working in the design world for 13 years and living on the internet since the mids.

Thanks to the Personals community for making selfie videos: Visit Personals website for more info. We've already conceptualized and designed the app, the next step is implementation thru front and back end developers. Through the guidance of experienced tech mentors I will produce a streamlined, stripped down beta version of Personals. The goal is to have a highly functioning introduction to the app. Because of my budget there will be limitations to start but room to grow in further iterations.

Starting simple, and moving forward from there.

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Some of the functionality in the prototype design images may change. But the core features will remain the same. The beta model will get Personals up and running, and will lead to a more advance version.