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Kala Ashtami is related to Shiva's avatar that is Kala Bhairava. This day, Kala Bhaiva is praised by all devotees. Every day has its own importance in our hindu . Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple, Bengaluru: See 46 reviews, articles, and 44 photos of Sri This is an old Shiva Temple situated in Ulsoor. This is one of the oldest temples of Bangalore situated in old Madiwala, close to Silk Board junction, in BTM layout First phase. Someshwara Temple, which dates back to the 16th. Oct 14, "we are slowly introducing improvements in the temple to keep it in good shape. a lot of people come even from other parts of bangalore," he.

Today HS Sairam, Adhyaksha Coragappa's grandson is the president and continues this legacy and vision of Shree Adhyaksha Coragappa to help spirituality empower and enable masses Adhyaksha Koragappa, the builder of the Gokarnath Temple.

After visiting, Narayana Guru selected the place in Kudroli while riding in a horse-drawn coach provided by Adhyaksha Coragappa. With the blessings given by Shri Narayana Guru to Adhyaksha Coragappa to commence work, smooth progress in the temple's construction was ensured.

Gokarnanatha Kshethra, Mangalore, foundation stone was originally laid by the couple Siri Amma Poojarthi and Chennappa Poojary in They were foster parents of Coragappa Poojary. He named this place as Gokarnanatha Kshethra.


Narayana Guru advocated that all God's creation had the right to worship the Almighty and preached that people irrespective of the caste, creed or religion must worship one divine force, known by different names. This has helped devotees worship at all these sannidanams abodes and seek blessings and solace for their problems. Not only did Adhyaksha Coragappa donate the land needed for the Kshethra, in addition he was also chosen as the first administrative head of the temple.

As per Adhyaksha Coragappa's will only a member of his family can become the administrative head as the vision with which the temple was established can be carried forward and not lost. The belief is that the founders will and wish needs to be carried forward to prevent "dhosha" both of narayan guru's will by entrusting the temple responsibility to the founder and the founder's.

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Suvarna, to name a few. It was then decided that the temple committee would go to the people to raise funds. It was here that Janardhan Poojary earned the title "Renovation Mastermind". Rallies were organized across the country focusing mainly on Dakshina Karnataka, Udupi and Mumbai areas. Janardhan Poojary was a part of many such rallies and in one such rally in Dakshina Karnataka, the story goes that a person wearing shorts walked upto Janardhan Poojary and gave him 5 paise as his contribution to the development work.

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Janardhan Poojary astonished took the money. After the speech of Janardhan Poojary people tried to search for this person but no one could trace him. Some believe that it was Lord Shiva Incarnate who blessed this collection of funds by the way of this man in shorts.

It is believed that after this incident funds started pouring in. The people just came forward and contributed to their temple. It was one great movement that showed the strength of the masses. This temple started of with one mans vision - founder H Coragappa and today with the guidance of the eminent members of the community and temple committee what stands is the love, effort and sweat of the masses who contributed in their very special way to make the current Gokarnanatheshwara temple a reality.

Thus this temple is truly a temple by the people, of the people and for the people the vision of H Coragappa - founder, to empower the masses Sthapadi K. Dakshinamoorthy was the architect who designed and built the present temple in the Chola style of architecture from its original Kerala style. The new gopuram is 60 feet in height and very beautiful. The renovated Gokarnanatha Kshethra was inaugurated by the former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi inshortly before his assassination during an election rally.

A marble statue of Narayana Guru was erected at the entrance of the temple in and a crown studded with precious gems was given by the devotees later. It's estimated the renovation cost Rs.

Bhagwaan Hanumaan Mandir in turn adds beauty to the Kshethra. Festivals[ edit ] The view of the temple pond showing the statue of Shiva The temple observes many festivals.

It has worshipers from all over the world. The temples branches are in MulkiUdupi and Katpady. The birthday of Sri Narayana Guru is ceremoniously followed.

The Kshethra also follows the ritual of feeding devotees who visit it daily. Community Sri Satyanarayana Pooja, Sri Shani Pooja, free mass marriages and distribution of scholarship to deserving students are traditions, too. There are number of sculptured images of gods and goddesses selected from mythology on the tower.

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I could count 48 pillars with beautiful carvings of religious painting. We find Navagraha stand stand where nine planet- gods are installed on north where 12 pillars symbolic of Sages are located. Two Dwarapalakas standing at the entrance look like cautioning you to be disciplined inside.

Curiously interesting mythological episode is the sculpture of Ten-headed Ravana attempting to lift Kailasa Mountain. The sacred Kalyani stone stepped water tank in the temple precinct is said to be of years ancient. The most sacred Srichakra is kept in goddess Kamakshi shrine. We will have an opportunity to worship here other gods Bhimeswara, Nanjundeswara, Arunachaleswara and Chandramouleswara. On full Moon days purnami there will be religious function, as it is an important day for performing pooja to Lord and especially to goddess Parvathi and other female gods.

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Thousands of devotees gather in temple to offer their prayers on all such occasions. Temple timings are 6 am to 12 noon and 4 to 9 pm. There is another equally important historical and ancient temple of 12th century dedicated to Lord Someswara at Old Madiwala in Bangalore Bengaluru.

It is believed to be "Swayambhu" Shivalinga in the Sanctum Sanctorum, since the idol of Shivalinga is formed by natural Rock formation. It is of Chola period, having number inscriptions in Tamil on outer walls of temple, dating back to AD.