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Dating in San Francisco is like...

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Linx Dating’s Celebrity Matchmakers Have Grown an Invite-Only Dating Network Through Word of Mouth

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Draadstaal Ruben Dating Services

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The library services person will then give you the author's address, if he does accept engagements, or, often, make a preliminary inquiry for you. Most of her clients come through referrals from a client, her positive reputation, or organic connections. The matchmakers also comb through social media and interview hundreds of potential date candidates only to suggest isolate the absolute perfect needle-in-the-haystack match for their clients.

She does not pass clients off on a junior matchmaker or rely on algorithms to create matches.

Draadstaal ruben dating services

She recommends and arranges dates herself. Each year, she sees a handful of VIP clients paired up with someone on their level. She said none of her couples have divorced, and many have started having children. Amy is even the loving godmother of one Linx offspring!

She is the reason my husband and I met each other. Amy personally interviews candidates who want to join the database and potentially meet one of her high-end clients. Amy estimated that she has hundreds of passive members in her database. These are individuals who have been vetted by the matchmaking team and are now patiently waiting to be paired on dates with VIP or premium clients.

Linx Dating also has access to tens of thousands of date candidates in its global network. The matchmakers vet all date candidates before arranging a meeting with a VIP or premium client. Singles can apply to join the database for free — online application takes less than five minutes to complete — and have the chance to meet high-quality dates anywhere in the world. She is a prominent figure in the dating industry and has penned well over 1, articles on every dating topic under the sun.