Harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

harmony sovereign h dating after divorce

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

Main · Videos; Harmony sovereign h dating simulator. The infidelity my expository stigmas snug for can (if we outlet them) bolt us to a shorter infidelity to . Main · Videos; Buy outfits already put together online dating harmony sovereign h dating sim · mimi faust dating · aldi nord prospekt aktuell online. Results 1 - 16 of 16 This guitar has the date stamp S This is in nice . Harmony Sovereign H acoustic flattop guitar from The H model was.

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A neck reset or other action-lowering modification reduces this effect somewhat, but it still has the most powerful and clear rhythm punch of anything in its class. I've used one of these to play Freddie Green-style rhythm with a large Count Basie-style band! And, if you can stand playing up the neck, the high notes are sweet, rich, and accurately intonated. I have an H and a Silvertone version identical, but with a very pretty "iced tea" sunburstand they're both wonderful instruments.

I also have a couple of older Martins, and while I wouldn't go so far as to say that I'd swap the Harmonys for the Martins, the Harmonys have a different voice and power that the Martins lack.

I won't part with any of them. The small date stamp says "F 62 and either a C or an E But there is also an marking with a serial that says: F MO H So is it a or an ? This guitar has the burgundy tortoise shell pick guard. Comparison with other guitars is always difficult, because any character guitar has its own unique sound, but this guitar has phenomenal volume, tone and sustain that lasts forever.

It has had a neck reset and the action is wickedly low but it still has massive volume. It is such a joy to play that I can't put it down. I have played and owned goodness knows how many guitars from all the famous makers, but this humble battered beauty beats the lot. I suspect it is the enormous one piece spruce top and one piece back that allow it to resonate so freely.

Fabulous and mojo too! Loved it's deep sound, especially with the right strings. It was involved in a small altercation with someone's rear end. My mom sat on it. She felt badly so she replaced it with a Sigma Martin, but I still miss my first guitar. The strange thing about this guitar is that the name "Monterey" is emblazoned across the peghead.

I of course was surprised and told him no, but I knew I had to be something special about it. After a bit I decided to look into the guitar I purchased and I couldn't believe what I was holding in my hands. It has never needed a neck re-set because it was stored without strings. I have since realized that I got the deal of the century and this guitar is not going anywhere! Willy One Shoe - I'd been playing a hollow body Gretch electric as a teenager in Couldn't afford an amp. So I traded the Gretch for a new ser.

The action had gone bad over the years and made my finger work preety tough. I purchased a new Breedlove and kept the harmony in a case under the bed. Two months ago I had the neck reset by Gruhn Guitar in Nashville. The Breedlove doesn't get touched any more. There's just no comparison! It was stolen in in NYC. I still have that one and aside from some crazing due to an overnight in the car below freezing it still looks and sounds great. It needs a neck reset to get the action back where it should be and the pickguard needs to be glued back on but not too bad for a 45 year old!

I believe it was a or 69 model. I have played it ever since. The action is slick but the guitar can stand out over anything played with it. Christopher - I bought a Harmony Sovereign in when I was just a kid and just loved it. I busted it in the late seventies and have not played much since. In the past few years I have been noodling around with an old Yamaha.

I drove down and got it right away. The body was in great shape - but it had neck and bridge issues. I noticed when I play up the neck the action is high. At first I blamed it on the neck set - but quickly figured out it is the pinless bridge.

I appears that it cannot be lowered. Now I know why I see so many Sovereigns that have had the bridge changed to one with pins. I an back to where I was years ago - I just love this thing. Christopher again - Re: The action is just great and there is room for furture adjustment. Although I did not really want to get away from having a completley original - I think I made the right choice. Ollie - Christopher, I wanted to buy that onebut you beat me to it.

I picked up another one in Calgary, and it needed a reset. I just got it back and the action on mine is still high, too.

I might change the painless bridge out, too. And the width of the neck is perfect for me! Binky - I bought my Harmony Gutiar in it was new! I taught myself how to play gutiar with it! I traveled all across the usa with it! I Loved the Harmony and many people have played it though it,s life! I am about to give it to my 18 yr. Dalebert - Fender did make their own acoustic guitars in the s.

I had 3 friends that worked there in the acoustic guitar section of the factory in Fullerton Calif. The acoustic guitars that were made in the Fender Factory were of a different quality and design than the Harmony models that beared a Fender logo. I've owned it ever since, although, I'm ashamed to admit, that I never took very good care of it. Just recently, for the sake of nostalgia after 45 years, I have had it completely refinished and reconditioned top-to-bottom.

It now looks better than the day it arrived. I plan to try very hard to keep it that way this time around! Ten times better than that Martin that had one string, the Harmony had all six on it Bought that Harmony in a flash. Get one if you can Just 'cause your a star doesn't mean the neck end has to say Gibson At least on my H and the 2 rods sometimes brakes apart at the weld on the end oposite the nut Put a piece of dowel in the neck hole of the right length before putting in the truss rod so the nut ends up at just the right place for tightening It came with a vintage DeArmond soundhole pickup.

The body was heavily checked, there were a few cracks in one side, and the action was a bit high. Fixed the cracks, sanded the checks out of the body and re-finished the guitar with Tru-oil, reset the neck installed a threaded insert in the bottom of the heel and added a 6mm screw from the inside of the guitar to reinforce the necknew saddle.

Completely detailed and set up. Vintage looking wood, great sound, tons of sustain, arrow straight neck with low string action, and the pickup sounds amazing.

HarmonyMan - I don't intend this to be a blog. But please understand that we all read about how someone changed this flat top. Particularily with the bridge. I prefer the "ball" because of the pins that raise up the palm when holding the set in fingering. Also the holding of the palm on the bridge does muffle a little but with this tone carry it does not show much on this Harmony Model It had too heavy of strings on it.

Ted Hagen from Edmore mich. Ted added a DeArmond pick up mic. I looked and played other 12 string guitars and find no other that compares to the feel wide neck and sound my Harmony has. Was there a amp that was sold for this guitar? Mark Hendrix - My Mom bought a new H before she got married 59 or 60 model I learned to play it when I was 19 never really liked it that much because the action was too high and I couldnt adjust it much because of the pinless bridge.

When I was in college many years ago I took it to a drill press and milled down the bride and drilled six pin holes,lowered the bridge down to next to nothing super low action, no string rattle.

Recently I took it to a friends house he had just bought a new Martin he was quite disapointed in his guitar when he heard my beat up 52 yr old cheap guitar with dead strings sound better than his Martin Wish I had it back. My friend recently bought one and the Harmony logo is in block letters whereas the one I had was in script. I actually found one in a trash pile at the curb in northern lower Michigan in the 90's, without a nut.

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

I carved one poorly Will probably do a neck reset and get a bone nut carved locally here on Long Island, NY. My sovereign is all black I taught guitar at selly park girls school night school for eight years, used it as a resident guitarist with the grey cock folk clubhad it stolen about from the back of my car when I left it there by mistake, so if it's the one that got stolen, it's got a good home and I wish you well. Scrapman-Picker - I love this guitar and I think it represents perhaps the greatest value in all of vintage guitar-dom.

Bought it for myself for my 40th birthday after unsuccessfully scouring Nashville for an affordable, vintage guitar with great warm tone and a big honking neck. While I tend to be a Martin loving, X-braced boomer of a player boom-chucka and twangin'-rock with some funkyI have grown to just love the even, warm tone of this guitar.

Mine is an Airline branded model that I believe is from I would describe the tone and sound of this guitar as more Gibson jumbo with sorta-dreadnought thrown in, but it's more Gibson than Martin.

Once I got used to this guitar not projecting like a Martin Cannon I really began to love it's warm, mellow evenness and a tone that I can only describe as nuanced.

The big neck is a dream to play and I have always thought big necks are better for tone. Mine had to have had a neck reset at some point - it's perfect, action and intonation are spot on.

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

Mine also has the original, non-pin bridge and it's awesome. I won't replace it because "if it aint broke I've read the debates about switching it out and my original bridge will stay.

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

When one breaks down the basic specifications of this guitar: Adirondack Spruce top, one piece Honduran Mahogany back and sides, fully bound, etc. If this guitar said Gibson on the headstock, you can add a 6 to the price easily. If you find one of these guitars buy it. If it has issues, get it repaired reset neck, fix bridge, etc. You will easily have an irreplaceable, special, vintage guitar.

Geno - I was playing in an all-acoustic folk group in with a Goya gut-string with zero volume. I just took it out 2 yrs ago to pick and sing for the Lord, strung it with D' A's, and it sounds like a million dollars. My pro friends are impressed with the like-new condition, action and mellow sound.

Kept in its original case all this time and neck is still near-perfect. Only cosmetics come from my great-grandson aged 3 wanting to start an early career.

Go, Soverign, long may you run! I'm shopping "Craig's List" and a new listing pops up for an Applause acoustic bass a few blocks from my home in Austin, Tx. One piece of a brace had broken but appeared repairable. It came with a HSC. Two hours later phone rings, She just sold and delivered "Yari Alverez", I wanted to cry. Says she is still pulling stuff out of storage, has more, She says she has a Mandolin, a Uke, and Harmony Guitar with her and will stop by if I'm interested.

The Uke and Mandolin are goners, cracked, warped and split beyond my skills. The Harmony looks rough. The neck seemed straight, The original frets are not grooved and I thought if I could make it playable it would be good for a porch guitar. We hammered out a price and I cleaned and oiled the Harmony guitar. I swear I could hear it inhale it's first breath in years.

Now that it was clean, it didn't appear the neck joint had any issue. I guessed the heel screw was a novice attempt to improve the action. It was then I found the serial on both guitars an they were both H's.

Theirs was absolutely stock, with very few dings and scratches and average action. I found a luthier, she examined my Harmony and we decided if I minimized the saddle, I could improve the action on my Sovereign. A new set of string and ""W-O-W"". Not only does the wood sing the resonance is so strong it seem to evoke a response in all the wood in the room.

Yes there are compromises in the construction. Many people compare their guitars to Martins, Gibson's, Taylors, Collings etc.

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

Where there are one off instruments for the most part the major name brands are considerably sweeter and produce harmonics and volume that's hard to find on a budget instrument. Finally, I have question. My serial H 1 stamped below neck brace. Letter "S" handwritten directly through sound hole. Any idea as to year? It's in beautiful condition and is one of my favorites of my collection. Unfortunately with my work hours I can't afford to keep it. I currently have it posted on ebay so i can continue to pay my bills So sad to see it go It has a nice pumpkin patina.

I'm guessing it to be early 's. The action hurt my fingers compared to my electric and it was abosolutely filthy, so I kept it withoutreally playing it for years too busy learning Sweet Child O' Mine and all that.

When was older and more interested in tone, I finally picked it up again it sounded gorgeous: It had a clean up recently and now it's just the best guitar ever. The action's perfect, and everything sits well in my lap. It's got a lot of nicks on it and it's fun to look around it and wonder where it's been and what's been played on it to make it the way it is. He said "my step dad gave it to me, so now I'm giving it you.

So it's a ; also it has a dark distinct 1 stamped by the date stamp. Thanks for hanging out here. Uwe Hillmer - I have a Harmony 12 string. The harmony beat it at all. But I like Harmony. Robin - I just received a H serial number It's in great shape. This guitar has not been played for over 20 years. The neck is is straight, the body is in great condition, all original as far as I can tell. I have to get some work done to lower the action.

It sounds great now but looking forward to playing it once I get the neck done and new strings on it. Diane - Hi hope someone can help me.

I have a mint condition H that my husband purchased in or It's really hard to see the numbers inside, but from just the little bit I've researched this is it. The guitar I have is better than the one pictured on this site. My husband took good care of all his stuff. I can't even find a superficial scratch. Can someone please tell me the best site to list this at. I eventually saw a new one for sale in the window of Bells Music shop in Surbiton, west of London. But for me it was unaffordable.

From that day I harboured a desire to own one but it took over forty years to fulfil that desire! When it arrived it was unplayable due to excessive swelling of the belly, a very badly worn fretboard, and various cracks in the sides. It was a wreck! Undaunted, I removed and disposed of the fretboard, removed and renovated the bridge, and set about flattening the swollen soundboard.

I also removed all of the original lacquer — right down to the bare wood. After careful steam treatment to flatten the soundboard, I added a NOS Harmony fretboard obtained from an enthusiast in Chicago, and re-glued the bridge in place.

I colour toned the neck and body and re-lacquered the guitar in nitro-cellulose, to replicate as near as possible the original finish. This guitar now probably looks, plays and sounds better than it did the day it left the Harmony factory in the mids.

I play it every day and am delighted with it. It is worth the long wait to fulfil that dream. Robert Scott - Back in the early 60s everyone wanted a 12 string guitar due to many of the popular folk players having them.

They were in very short supply then and I think only Gibson and Epiphone then really Kalamazoo Gibsons were making them.

So Earl Gourmaine who owned the Pick and Strum shop in Southfield, Michigan started having Harmony Sovereigns converted to 12 string models by adding tuning machines and installing a metal tailpiece. There was a local policeman who moonlighted as a guitar repairman who did the actual work.

They looked a little weird but played just fine. I have never seen one since. I was lucky enough to pick up a near-new Epiphone Bard which served me well for many years. Traded it in on a Taylor eventually.

Wish I still had the Epiphone! Al - Hi. Last year i bought an American made H from a buddy, he said it was made in The stamp inside is F for Fall but i can't make out the year of manufacture. Comments and information appreciated. Lowbrass - Look further down for my first post. I did get my neck re-set and action is much better.

Lost one critical screw from tuners so got modern tuners which are smoother. Tone only gets better. Play it in praise group when amp is not needed. Don Cook - I purchased my at a music shop in Albuquerque N. I have had the ever since and I play it often. A few years ago I did have the neck reset at a shop in Nashville. I really don't think that I could put a price on this guitar that I have played for 50 years.

harmony sovereign h1260 dating games

Vance Lithgow - I would just like to echo all the above positive comments and statements made, they're all right! It had a raised and curled up scratchplate, a missing tuning button and no strings plus the usual chips, scrapes and blemishes but all very negligible to my eyes, nothing serious. It had a lot of gyproc plaster in it like it was in a room where a roof or something was getting torn down!

I would not say it was a gamble buying it at the low price I paid, in fact, it was a near-steal as I intend to carry out any necessary work on it gratis! It also seemed it hadn't been played for a long time, fretboard and bridge were dry with only shallow fret grooves too. I think this was how it was intended and built another commentator mentioned something like it was an attempt to homogenise the set up to deter anyone turning their nose up if the sound 'buzzed' or broke-up - good theory, as the bridge and saddle design may've been a limiting factor.

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When I strung it up to pitch it was indeed overly high, like a classical, but it wasn't difficult to play, just not what I'm used to. I regretted marring the tuning post with the missing button with pliers when I strung it but I'm sure a replacement will cover most of it up. Oh yeah, for me, this is the closest to what the ideal sound of an acoustic should sound like I've had my hands on, and I tell you, that says quite a bit Still have it, and case Jeremy - When I found my H, it was split on the down the side on the lap side but was still held together by bracing.

I cleared it myself and is now solid. After a few years of playing it with high action I finally had a professional neck reset, fret level, bone nut and bone saddle with setup. Plays amazing now and sounds superb. It was well worth it considering the materials are better than my 2k Martin.

Will never sell it. Cases are a tough find for the H I tried the Gator GW jumbo that some recommend but I hated it.

Sovereign H guitar - made by Harmony

It was way to big and too cheap. I found a perfect fit in the Mark W - I just found a Sovereign at the local dump. I saw the guy who left it there but didn't see the guitar until the attendant pointed it out to me. No strings on it but in almost mint condition besides a long groove just under the high E, as if whoever originally owned it had long right-hand nails and rode up and down that string with their pinky nail dragging on the wood The pickguard was lifted badly so I peeled it off - it's cleaned up now and I'm going to flatten and reglue it tomorrow.

Action is crazy high as noted but I'm leaving it as is. I can't wait to hear how it sounds. Dump shopping is the best. Bill - I have an Airline Jumbo that is marked H on the inside. The guitar is in great shape.

The finish is near-perfect, without a scratch, and still glossy.