Gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

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gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

Mayor Gregor Robertson announced Wednesday that he will not seek a fourth term as mayor. Has Vision Vancouver reached its expiry date?. Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and singer-songwriter Wanting Qu, Robertson and Qu started dating in late summer , after she. Until recently, Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson has managed to mostly evade media focus on his relationship with Wanting Qu, a Chinese.

gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

A spokeswoman said at the time "there is no third party", according to The Province newspaper. In August, Qu donned a bikini to challenge Robertson to undertake the ALS ice-bucket challenge and when Robertson turned 50 in September, she sang happy birthday to him via the Chinese Youku video-sharing website.

Qu had attended Robertson's inauguration for a third term in office in December.

gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

Qu and Robertson were both part of an person delegation from Vancouver that travelled to mainland China and Hong Kong in November promoting business and cultural ties. In her role for Tourism Vancouver, Qu is not directly answerable to the mayor, although she has helped develop his social media profile in China, where he has more than 88, Weibo followers.

Vancouver Mayor Forced To Confirm Breakup With Wanting Qu After Rumours Swirl

Both Qu and Robertson have spent the holiday season in Hawaii. In an oblique Instagram message sent on January 11 from Waimea Canyon on the island of Kauai, Qu said she lived "with integrity, strong morals and respect for the world.

gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

I believe in life you just gotta be who you are. And you'll only attract those who are like you and live by the same values. That same observation of Vision having friends in important places can be made of the mayor's relationship — bromance, if you like — with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who took to Twitter Wednesday to thank Robertson for his "friendship, partnership and years of work and service for people in Vancouver.

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said to be dating Chinese pop star Wanting Qu | National Post

So, again, why leave now? If Robertson's decision to leave is, as he said, because of family, he has not been the type to elaborate further or share details of his private life, despite his very public separation with his wife, Amy, and later romance with pop star, Wanting Qu.

All he would divulge Wednesday was that his kids were all in their 20s and he planned to attend one of his daughter's graduations next week. Father vanished in In looking back on some of the stories I've written about Robertson over the years, I came across a profile I wrote in when he first ran for mayor. He talked about his late father, John, who vanished in February Five years later, his remains were found in the Mt.

gregor robertson vancouver mayor dating

At the time of his disappearance, he lived alone in an apartment on the North Shore. He was facing tough times in his business and had split up with his second wife. He was diabetic and getting over a bad bout of the flu. At the time, Robertson described his father as "a very joyful man and super committed to family.

Gregor left Wanting? Vancouver mayor and pop star girlfriend split up

Looking back is what the mayor's supporters and critics have been doing since news broke of his decision to not run again. If social media is a gauge, then some people liked what Robertson has done for the city, others are dancing a jig. What will be his legacy? So I'm excited about that and we have a ton of work to do.

So I think it's premature to talk about any legacy until I've done all I can do. He was 51 when he wed Margaret Sinclair. To which all the men reading this, especially those of a certain age, are likely thinking, so what? Does it matter that greybeards have an eye for pretty young things?

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and Wanting Qu split after 3 years together | Daily Hive Vancouver

Maybe older single men these days are trying to relive their youth, or have swallowed the cultural nonsense that worship is to be reserved for the young.

Gregor Robertson is available, after all, and is a handsome year-old with a decent job and a full head of hair, which are pretty much the essential ingredients of all eligible paramours.

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So what if he is 50, and the Vancouver-based chanteuse is 31? Lots of young women are drawn to older men, after all, men who are powerful and established and experienced and have assets.