Exodia the forbidden one scene dating

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exodia the forbidden one scene dating

OM Dutt Kaushik. Prem Nagar. DeeaLove. Bucharest. Dan. Cape Town. divya singh. Rakehti. Eric. Mukono. Shade. Derby. Steven. This is the quickest and easiest way to join & we don't post anything to your facebook. We respect your privacy: We don't even request the permissions. However, Adrian ultimately wins by playing "Rage of the Forbidden One", of " Ritual of the Ultimate Forbidden Lord", Adrian returns "Exodia the Forbidden One " from . In the scene where Aster Normal Summons "D3", the artworks of the monster to date, not been released, "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord" requires.

Kaiba laughs that the Duel will be over sooner than Yugi thinks and draws a card. Joey is surprised again and states that it is impossible; they saw Kaiba tear that card in half.

exodia the forbidden one scene dating

Kaiba says that, faith or no faith, Yugi will fall before his superior monsters; faith is for losers, like his grandfather. Grandpa being rushed through the hospital.

Solomon calls to Yugi, encouraging him not to give up. Back at the Duel, Yugi refuses to give up. He draws and plays " Swords of Revealing Light ", which prevents all of Kaiba's monsters from attacking for three turns. Kaiba calls the move desperate and asks Yugi "what good will a three-turn delay do you? Yugi thinks Kaiba's right and looks at the cards in his hand: All "of the Forbidden One" cards have different artworks in the dub and Japanese versions.

He cannot figure out what to do with these cards; they are just pieces. Yugi then hears Solomon's voice. It says to him, for someone who claims to have faith, he is giving up too easily and that sometimes the cards are like a puzzle and you must put all the pieces in their proper place.

Yugi starts to ponder on this and remembers his grandfather telling him about Duel Monsters only unstoppable monster, " Exodia ". However "Exodia" can only be Summoned by gathering all 5 parts; a feat that, to this day, no one has ever accomplished.

Kaiba threatens to treat Yugi's stalling as a forfeitif he does not stop.

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Yugi draws the " Right Arm of the Forbidden One ". Kaiba claims that Yugi can draw whatever card he wants but it will not change a thing. Although his two "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" are frozen, his new monster is under no such spell.

At this point in the series, the effect of "Swords of Revealing Light" was different than its real-life counterpart. It only affected monsters that were already on the field when it was activated. Yugi draws " Dark Magician ". He thinks he can use this to attack, but it will not stand a chance once Kaiba's dragons are free. Kaiba's Life Points fall to Kaiba considers that to be a sacrifice which does not even faze him. Kaiba asks Yugi how his faith is now; with his three "Blue-Eyes White Dragons" free to attack next turn, there is nothing Yugi can do; Yugi was never a match for Kaiba.

Joey urges Yugi not to listen to him. Yugi realizes that Kaiba wanted the fourth "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" just so he would have them all, then tore it up so it could not be used against him. Yugi imagines his friends are with him. He realizes that he must draw the last piece of "Exodia", but the odds are against him. He tries to draw but his Deck seemingly moves away from him. Yugi wonders if the cards are moving away from him but thinks, no, it is just himself and he is afraid to draw.

In the dub, he says the Deck senses his doubt so he tells Yugi to concentrate and not lose faith. Kaiba tells Yugi to draw his last "pathetic" card, so he can end this Duel. However Yugi says his grandfather's Deck has no pathetic cards but it does have the unstoppable "Exodia", as he draws " Exodia the Forbidden One ".

Kaiba screaming as he loses. Kaiba recoils in horror, protesting that it is impossible. Yugi places the five pieces on the field and a large star appears. In the dub, the star has been given more points. The complete "Exodia" emerges from the star.

Kaiba steps back once again, calling it impossible, as no one has ever managed to call "Exodia" before. Yugi orders "Exodia" to "Obliterate". Kaiba is Mind Crushed. Joey cheers and Mokuba looks up in surprise, protesting that his brother never loses. Yugi tells Kaiba that he plays only for power and that is why he lost but if you put your heart in the game, there is nothing you cannot do. Kaiba wonders how he could have lost.

The Eye of Anubis appears on Yugi's forehead as Yugi tells Kaiba that he will crush the evil in his heart and taps into the power of the Millennium Puzzle, granting Kaiba a " Mind Crush ". In the dub, Yugi tells him if he wants to know to open his mind, he needs to do it; "Kaiba, if you truly want to know, open your mind!

Over at the hospital, Solomon wakes up, knowing that Yugi won the Duel. Maximillion Pegasus learns of Kaiba's defeat. Elsewhere Maximillion Pegasus is informed that the uncontested champion Seto Kaiba has been defeated by someone named Yugi.

Pegasus smiles and his golden left eye flashes. I only wanted to help. And I vow never to go against your wishes again. How can I believe you? Your grandfather once told you to trust in the power of the Millennium Puzzle, remember? Part 1[ edit ] Best of Friends, Best of Duelists: Part 2[ edit ] Yugi vs.

Match of the Millennium, Part 1[ edit ] Yugi thinking: I hope I'm doing the right thing deciding to duel again. Grandpa told me to trust the ancient presence from inside the Millennium Puzzle.

But how can I? It was willing to do anything to beat Kaiba. Match of the Millennium, Part 2[ edit ] Yugi vs. Match of the Millennium, Part 3[ edit ] Dark Bakura: As you can see, there isn't a particle of those fools left in this dimension.

I've no patience for obstacles that get in my way! I don't know how you did that and I probably don't wanna know. Just tell me who you are, what you want.

exodia the forbidden one scene dating

I know you're not really our friend Bakura. You're the one Yugi beat. He banished you to the graveyard. And in the process, he released Bakura from your control.

But that wouldn't have happened if Bakura hadn't betrayed me.

exodia the forbidden one scene dating

I've decided I need a new host. You won't take me without a fight! I want a vessel with a mind or spirit of its own. Now turn him over or face the same fate as those guards! Match of the Millennium, Part 4[ edit ] Dark Bakura: So what will it be, Mortal? Are you going to hand Mokuba over willingly or do I have to conjure something to consume your soul?

You know that I have the power to back up my threats. Hand him over this instant, or I'll dispatch you to the graveyard, too. Your evil power comes from that, the Millennium Ring.

The Millennium Ring not only allows me to control your friend Bakura, it gives me many other magical abilities as well. So unless you want a more personal demonstration of my power, you'd stop resisting me since you know any attempt would be pointless.

Why sacrifice yourself when you know I'll still wind up possession of him in the end? I think Yugi overestimates his mental prowess, and underestimates the burden of fighting a duel in the Shadow Realm. I don't think you have it in you, Yugi boy. You have two creatures to maintain- your Curse of Dragon and your Dark Magician. He's too young and unskilled to cope with the stress. And communicating with that other spirit splits his concentration even more. His mental and magical energies will soon be exhausted.

I can't sense his spirit. I can no longer feel the presence of his young mind. He can't be gone. The boy was too weak. It takes a person of true fortitude to undermine the dark energies of the Shadow Realm. Yugi is gone and it's just you and me now. You've used your underhanded tactics to overwhelm Yugi's mind! You will pay for what you did! So I take it, from this emotional outburst, that you're having a hard time acknowledging the fact that you failed in your self-appointed duty to protect your little dueling protege.

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Whoever you are, perhaps Yugi would have been better off without your interference. For what you have done, I will show you no mercy. Match of the Millennium, Part 5[ edit ] Yami thinking: But with Yugi gone from his world, he can no longer help me prevent Pegasus from reading minds. Yami has a vision Solomon Moto: Yugi is still with you. And believe me, his heart is still in this. But how can that be? You believe only what your eyes show you. The unbreakable bond of Yugi's friends keeps his spirit alive.

His friends, of course! They haven't given up on him!! This is the debut appearance of Shadi. After entering Yugi's subconscious mind via the Millennium Key Shadi: This youth's mind contains two chambers. Never have I seen such a thing. One is a room of pure innocence, devoid of malice. Purity of soul I sense could not possibly belong to the thief who stole Pegasus' Millennium Eye.

The other chamber- I detect another presence. And this soul is much more mysterious. You may enter my chamber if that is what you desire. But I warn you, tread cautiously. I will allow no harm to come to the boy whose vessel I share. Your presence here intrigues me.

exodia the forbidden one scene dating

In the past I have ventured into minds of many people. But never have I encountered such a strange soul here. I feel as though I am in the tomb of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. I don't know how you entered my mind. Explain yourself before you trespass further! I demand an explanation for your intrusion! I seek a criminal who has stolen the power of a Millennium Item. It has been five long millennia since those items were created.

The Wrath of Rebecca[ edit ] The Pharaoh: You saved everyone, Yugi. And I don't even know your name.

Exodia the Forbidden One

I've been called many things throughout the ages. I've been known as Yami. Well, Yami, I'm glad to have you as my friend. Good, because I'm glad to be one. Now listen to me, Rebecca. I'm only going to say this one more time, my grandpa didn't steal your Blue-Eyes White Dragon!


He did steal it! It was my grandpa's favorite and your grandpa took it from him. You won't get away with this, you thieves! There's a story that you need to hear, Rebecca. It's the story of how I met your grandfather, Professor Arthur Hawkins and of the danger we faced together. In other words, more of your lies! No, it's true and be assured it's one of the most frightening experiences I have in my entire life. It happened years ago, but it's an adventure I'll never forget. In a flashback in Egypt Solomon: I have traveled to Egypt to participate in an archaeological dig.

A brand new discovery been made not far from the Great Pyramids. We all wondered what Ancient Egyptian secrets will soon be unearthed. The desert was hotter and drier than I expected. So it was fortunate that I soon made a friend. He tries to drink water but his carton is emptied and suddenly Arthur Hawkins decided to give him his water Arthur: How could I thank you?

He drinks the water and spit it out Solomon: I guzzled it down a little too quick. But my new friend Professor Arthur Hawkins was just assumed my enthusiasm, he was a kind and very brilliant man. Back to the duel Solomon: But in his field of archaeology, he was viewed as a extremely radical thinker.

His theories, he believed that Duel Monsters may have played some mysterious part in Egyptian history. Am I'm right, Rebecca? I don't understand, Grandpa. His studies of hieroglyphics, the ancient Egyptians' writing, kept turning up one particular word over and over again.

And that one word was "Duel". It was a mysterious. Arthur and Solomon are inside an ancient chamber Solomon: Using duel as a keyword, he worked towards a new interpretation of Egyptian history.

And he came into a astonishes conclusion. It's here, my friend, in these hieroglyphs.

exodia the forbidden one scene dating

What on earth could that mean? If I'm correct, it has to do with incredible contests in which ancient Egyptians participated. Contests with high stakes. What kind of duels? I think you'll find the answer in that inscription, Solomon.

Arthur hands out a deck of monster cards Arthur: Now take a look at those ancient drawings.

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Solomon finds out that the monster card looks exactly the same like the one in the carving Solomon: The images are nearly the same. Long story short pun intendedthis is the main character from the first series of Pokemon, Red, from around the time of Ultra Sun and Moon, dueling against Yugi Muto as well as Yami Yugi from the anime. Hopefully I did both characters justice in merging worlds and I hope y'all enjoy! T - English - Chapters: K - English - Chapters: Or can Ash Ketchum and Yugi Muto team up and save their worlds as they did before?

I Suck At Descripions ; ; Rated: Even the Pokemon start getting involved! However, after extended exposure to this game, they realize that Duel Monsters is more than just a simple card game PikaBun included, but not the main focus.

Rebecca Hopkins and her brothers move to Domino City, where Yugi has unleashed two things: In order to stop him, it will involve allying with a set of acolytes and venturing into the world of Hamunaptra to uncover the pharaoh's ancient past. While May and Max are off to stop the forces of the Orichalcos, Ash Ketchum is drawn into another world where he has accidentally let loose the dark being known as Reshef.

Armed with a Duel Disk and allied with versions of friends and a tribe of ancient warriors, it's up to the Chosen One to save the world from total destruction.

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