Dating the page of pentacles love

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dating the page of pentacles love

In a love reading Page of pentacles tarot card often means someone wants to be Page of pentacles can also mean that the Seeker will find love at a seminar. The Page of Pentacles is one of those cards which I read one of two ways. In a Tarot reading which appears encouraging, I would say the Page is a good sign. Grab the free PDF Predictive Tarot Card Meanings Guide plus recieve Tarot tips, news, special promotions and updates directly. GAH I hate this card too in a romance/love reading. But being in a When I look at the page of pentacles, he's fixated on the Pentacle. It almost.

Look to surrounding cards as there may be issues that could be sorted. Weighing up Pros and Cons. Two of Pentacles — A decision has to be made about your relationship. You will have to weigh up all the pros and cons to arrive at a balanced decision. Finances may influence your decision. You feel stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the demands around you. A relationship that keeps you on your toes.

dating the page of pentacles love

You may be struggling to find time for your partner or social life. You may be focusing on your fertility cycle or concerned about a possible pregnancy. Twins could be implied. This card can refer to the ovaries.

dating the page of pentacles love

You might be juggling work and rearing a child. You or your partner may be going through periods of moodiness which could cause tension. Look to what is going on around you as there are bound to be external issues contributing to this. Financial worries could be putting a strain on your relationship. Trying to save for a house or wedding….

It is bound to work out if you can get through the current ups and downs.

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Look to surrounding cards for confirmation. If you are juggling two relationships at one time it is bound to catch up with you. Your relationship may feel as if it is all over the place. You might not be sure where you stand with your partner.

dating the page of pentacles love

You might have chosen a career over love. Time to get your priorities in order. Looking for money, status and prestige, but not love. Financial worries can put a terrible strain on relationships or bring it to its knees. All hard work and no play.

Page of Pentacles in Romance...

A relationship that takes a great effort to maintain. The need to remember why you want to be with each other as life may have got in the way of love. The need to search for solid ground. Over-stretching financially for house purchase or wedding. One partner may be secretive about their finances…. No if you find it all too much hard work.

No if there is any underhand behaviour. Look to surrounding cards.

Page of Pentacles Tarot and its Meaning for Love and Happiness

The Only Way is Up! Three of Pentacles — Great effort and commitment to each other is suggested by this card. A relationship built on strong foundations. You may meet your partner at college or on a course. As a couple you may be seeking guidance or relationship counselling because you want it to work. This cards often appears for couples who are saving for a joint goal; marriage, house etc. Financially committing to each other, or being financially involved with your partner…. It is worthwhile letting this relationship evolve at its own pace.

A serious commitment is likely. Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. A relationship heading in the wrong direction Three Reversed — No effort is being made to keep this relationship alive. There may be commitment issues or a lack of interest. It may have appeared to be off to a good start in the beginning but now shows lack of strength or weak foundations.

A relationship that does not appear to progress or develop. Career or work may be more important than relationships to you right now. Separate agendas for couples. Failing to heed sound advice or a warning.

This reversed Three may suggest that you make the same mistake over and over when choosing partners. You fail to learn from previous mistakes. This is definitely not your best work and you should consider what it is you want from a relationship. You may have a habit of bailing out before it gets too serious…. Someone is not making an effort or does not want to commit. Look to see what this relationship is built on. No, you are too busy to give time to a relationship.

Four — Possession and ownership in relationships. Someone may like to keep full control. A partner may be viewed as a possession rather than a person. Claustrophobic relationships, with little freedom or spontaneity. A relationship entrenched in habit and routine.

Financial issues may be dominating your relationship right now.

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You could also be saving hard as a couple and are feeling a bit miserable or trapped as a result. This card can highlight distance between partners, coldness or a lack of intimacy. It can also mean that something valuable has slipped away from your fingers.

The Page of Pentacles represents innocence and newness. It also suggests a time of searching, so there will be times when you will feel discouraged or overwhelmed. Remember that the pursuit of love should always be a happy and inspiring affair. It should not be so serious all the time. Nor should it make you start doubting yourself and just how lovable you are.

Have fun meeting new people. Remember that you must learn how to be happy single before you can be happy with someone else.

Nurture your relationships with your friends and family for now. The right one will come along. Page of Pentacles and Money With regard to money and finances, the Page of Pentacles tarot indicates getting your rewards for all your hard work and determination. Avoid spending too much and try to invest again. If you must spend your money, make it for the future and long-term benefits.

Things may be really tough at the momentbut if you keep the faith and soldier on, the rewards that wait for you at the finish line will be even sweeter. The Page of Pentacles tarot also signifies help when you most need it. When you feel like giving up, remember that there are people who will come to your aid. Hope is always alive. The Page of Pentacles and its Meaning for Health The Page of Pentacles, when drawn in connection with your health, is going to be a major positive for you.

This is due to it being seen in a more favourable light than other cards when you are dealing with this part of your life. The card is symbolised by the Page hoisting a golden sphere high above his head and pointing it towards a wonderful and bright sky.

It is the last card of this particular suit, but that does not mean that its power has been diluted in any way. Perhaps the most important aspect is that it points to you recovering and getting better if you have recently been ill in some way. You can look forward to those difficult times being behind you and there will be a brighter future ahead in connection with your overall health.

It is viewed as representing a guarantee that you will see a significant change and improvement in things shortly. There will be a sense of a new burst of energy that comes with the discovery that those tough times with your health are indeed coming to an end and you feel the distinct improvements each day.