Dating guild guitar serial number

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dating guild guitar serial number

There are not separate prefixes for each model of guitar, and the serial numbers alone do not provide specific dating information for the. Unfortunately, the records of Guild serial numbers prior to are somewhat sketchy, and so we are unable to assure the accuracy of dating. Body guild dating guitars serial from numbers. Of what i want is you happy and I know the default is pretty much a cornerstone to my sexy little ass, caress.

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I looked at all the links, and poked around their website. My first impression is that Epiphone has a lot of neck issues. But whether that's true or not, these MIRC guitars would not sell for the same price as a manufacturer's guitar would they?

The "used"-stamped Tacoma F I was looking at was priced right up there with a full fledged Guild. And I would wonder if information on what repair was necessary would be available. A finish ding is one thing. Again, thank you for the info.

I'm learning more about guitars every day, but still have a very long way to go. Cynthia Rayk It was returned quickly.

I'm not saying there all that way but be careful. Cynthia If two instruments were similar and one had clearly been sold through MIRC and the other had not, then as a buyer I would expect the MIRC instrument to have a lower price because of the stigma.

As a seller I would point out it was more valuable because it was professionally refurbished. Ignoring MIRC, sometimes a Guild marked and sold "second" commands a lower price in the used market because of that marking but sometimes it doesn't because no one can can find anything wrong. For example a second with a cosmetic defect doesn't mean much if the instrument has acquired its own mojo. I would tell you what process it went through for inspection and refurb but I probably don't even have the records of which instruments needed which steps.

I can even imagine being contractually obligated to hide that information. The best advice continues to be that the more hands on experience the buyer has with the potential purchase the better the buyer's ability to evaluate condition and asses the asking price. LTGers know that, which is why "Enabler" is an honorific.

Guild Guitars, serial numbers

Depends as well on the intrument. For a while there, If I couldn't hold the guitars in hand prior to purchase, I would have trusted an MIRC re-furbed Contemporary over a like-new but pre-owned one due to the neck problem stigma those had.

I suspect that part of the reason for the price on the F Cynthia mentions is that Tacoma strings are rare enough and there's no way to know when or even if Guild will produce new strings in the US again. It is after all still a fledgling enterprise in Oxnard. It seemed to me the market took a small jump right after all the New Hartford inventory was liquidated and I suspect many sellers were putting a scarcity premium on all things Guild in their asking prices.

Which is not unusual since the guitar was made in China. And they have no replacement parts lists for these guitars. Help would be appreciated. One of our members posted this http: There are not separate prefixes for each model of guitar, and the serial numbers alone do not provide specific dating information for the instruments.

All GAD instruments are stamped with a 10 digit internal manufacturing number located in the soundhole, at the base of the heel block.

This number embodies production information about the instrument. The first two digits of this number identify the production year.

dating guild guitar serial number

In this case, 11 would stand for The second two digits identify the production month. In this case, 04 would stand for April.

Guild Guitars, serial numbers (Guitarsite)

The next two digits, 33, are of no significance and are an internal number used by the vendor to identify their order number. The last four digits identify the unit number of the order.

In this case, 26 would stand for the 26th instrument made to the 33rd order. Ralf chazmo In any case, we'll have to deal wtih that when we move to the new host.

dating guild guitar serial number

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