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dating game show funny clips

was the creator of The Dating Game and The Newlywed Game, both Here are 10 clips that demonstrate The Gong Show — and Barris'. Game shows and TV quizzes are a great source of inspiration for classroom They would show a video clip, and contestants had to watch and. Viewers from around America send in home videos with comedic moments. Hosted by Pat Sajak, this game show features 3 contestants who try to solve a puzzle by spinning the wheel and guessing letters in a word or . Release Date.

dating game show funny clips

The opposing team had to guess who was telling the truth. Mr and Mrs In this show a partner had to answer questions about their spouse. The host then asked the spouse each question — every time the answers matched, they got a point. This concept is easily adaptable to the classroom. Once, I saw a lesson when the theme was giving presents.

Students were paired with someone across the classroom. One side of the room thought of presents to give to their partner, the other side wrote down the present they wanted. Never Mind the Buzzcocks This show had a round where teams had to guess the next line of a song. The presenter would read the lyrics in a really mundane way, to make the challenge harder.

Students who love pop songs also love this game! Listening for detail for specific song lyrics is a popular task, and was also a fun round on this game show. They have to decide how many they can name. The opposing team decide if they can answer more or less than the initial bid. The bidding continues until one team opts out. To win the points, a team must then name the amount of items from the topic that they bid. I think I just made that sound far more confusing than it is!

Good for… vocabulary review, topic introduction activating schemataassessing learner confidence Observation rounds Shows: My favourite feature was the observation round. They would show a video clip, and contestants had to watch and answer questions on it.

If you find the right video you can relate observation challenges to any grammar point.

dating game show funny clips

Quick fire guessing games Shows: I recommend storing taught vocabulary by theme and using this for quick fire quiz rounds. You can also get lists relating to pop culture, geography, history, anything you want really.

Win, Lose or Draw As I said, you probably use some of these already! Good for… making students laugh Find… Show: Wipeout The game Shout It Out is similar to this, but that just gives you a category without actual answers.

Wipeout was presented by Bob Monkhouse. It showed a load of answers on a screen. You can adapt this to pretty much any question or context. What a show, and so difficult! Basically, every contestant had two lives. They got asked questions, once they lose two lives they are out. In the second round, once a contestant answers correctly they can nominate someone to answer the next question.

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I play the game in 4 teams, and make it super quick and high-pressured! If they hesitate too long, they are out too. Good for… developing answers, thinking on your feet, developing confidence Blockbusters There is a great review game of Blockbusters knocking about. I was passed a copy over the summer whilst at British Council Vietnam. You can download it here.

However, I can tell you what an amazing job you did, thanks for the brilliant resource. Good for… reviews Jeopardy You can find some nice templates for Jeopardy here. Good for… reviews Remove a square Show: Catchphrase When contestants answer a Catchphrase correctly, they then have a chance to remove a square from the prize board.

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Just display an image on the board covered with removable squares. Then think of your review questions. It takes 2 minutes preparation. I find that students respond better when the image is not digital. Print something off or draw something on the board before classand cover it up with A4 or A3 sheets of paper. Students like to remove them. Good for… topic introductions and reviews. The Price is Right Similar to the pricing game above. Guess the price of the item — closest team wins.

You can be under, but not a penny over. Million Pound Drop tellyflux. They get asked a multiple choice question. I do this in a different way. During my classes, teams accumulate points.

I give each team one question each at the end of class. They must put all their points down, however they want. Obviously I give the winning teams harder questions. It just makes everything a bit more even. Good for… making sure students are challenged right until the end of class Matching answers Show: Strike It Lucky Ok, so we all give matching tasks, word and definition. Get them to choose their buzzer sound as a group.

Why not, just for fun! Elephant in the room Show: QI I use a similar game to this in class to keep students thinking.

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I just call it Bonus Word. I write a bonus word on the board at the start of class. They got a point for their team. No, they wouldn't be all at the same time, like a bunch of naked circus clowns trying to cram into a comically tiny VW Bug. We're not sure why you were imagining that. Instead, the 12 sperm donors' The reward would be bragging rights as the most fertile man in Germany and a new red Porsche.

Getty Which is weird, since Porsches are usually driven by men who question their fertility. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Although there was no promise that the egg would be fertilized by the end of the show, Sperm Race never made it to air, nor did its sister reality show Make Me a Mum. For that program also by Endemola woman would pick one man from a list of donors, and scientists would pick the other contestant.

They would then actually impregnate the woman and -- using a paternity test -- see whether "love" or science had triumphed in the end. It's unclear if the resulting child would receive lifelong residuals from being born of a media clusterfuck that would make The Truman Show look like a Dr.

That show comes from Georgia the country between Europe and Asia, not the American state. In springthe Georgian television broadcaster Imedi TV unveiled the quiz show Women's Logic, hands down the most famous game show ever to come out of the Caucasus Mountains region. Models are invited to the show and asked a variety of questions.

Meanwhile, teams of men are awarded points for guessing exactly how the beauties will answer each question incorrectly. We're going to take a wild guess that "Feminist Issues" isn't a category. The show isn't about getting the right answers -- it's about logical, smart males trying to guess the mental workings of those stupid, shallow, vapid humans known as "women.

There's absolutely no way this show can blow up in our faces! The dude in the back is clearly shocked by this. Continue Reading Below Advertisement So how long did this one last before somebody cancelled it out of sheer embarrassment?