Broad scale coastal simulation dating

broad scale coastal simulation dating

They may occur in response to smaller-scale (short-term) events, such as storms, tides and winds, or in response to large-scale (long-term) events such as . Sri Lanka's experience with coastal erosion dates back to (Swan, ; ). Wave transformation over salt marshes: A field and numerical modeling. Destroyed structural foundations that date from the 8th and 9th 13, a tsunami triggered by a large-scale earthquake invaded its coastal zones, causing Historical tsunami, tsunami deposits, northeast Japan arc, numerical simulation o. Coastal zones exemplify the environmental pressures we face: their beauty attracts settlement, they offer potential for diverse economic activities, and they are.

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broad scale coastal simulation dating

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broad scale coastal simulation dating

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In Spider's web point, E position office, Trill or Fb. Human activities along the coast land reclamation, port development, shrimp farmingwithin river catchments and watersheds river damming and diversion and offshore dredging, sand mining in combination with these natural forces often exacerbate coastal erosion in many places and jeopardize opportunities for coasts to fulfill their socio-economic and ecological roles in the long term at a reasonable societal cost.

Development within coastal areas has increased interest in erosion problems; it has led to major efforts to manage coastal erosion problems and to restore coastal capacity to accommodate short-and long-term changes induced by human activities, extreme events and sea level rise.

The erosion problem becomes worse whenever the countermeasures i. Often erosion is addressed locally at specific places or at regional or jurisdictional boundaries instead of at system boundaries that reflect natural processes. This anomaly is mostly attributable to insufficient knowledge of coastal processes and the protective function of coastal systems.

broad scale coastal simulation dating

The costs of installing hard structures for coastal protection are very high; strong negative public reaction to rock emplacements along the coast often aggravate the problem Bray et al. This has led to uncertainty among managers and local government authorities on how to treat shoreline erosion. It has become an issue for serious debate for politicians, coastal managers, land- and property owners, lawyers, bankers, insurers and fisherfolk, especially in areas of intensive use and rapidly rising coastal land value.


Many of these stakeholders are resorting to planned retreat where houses or hotels are simply removed and the coast is left to erode. However, planned retreat can be expensive, unnecessary and sometimes impossible, especially in highly modified environments.

Increased interest in soft structures for coastal protection including increased forest cover and a combination of hard and soft structures is predominating and is consonant with advanced knowledge on coastal processes and natural protective functions. This paper will elaborate on and discuss the causes of coastal erosion induced by human activities; erosion management options; and the role of coastal forests and trees in protecting coastal areas against coastal erosion, as well as their socio-economic and environmental considerations.

Extent and causes Coastal erosion and accretion are natural processes; however, they have become anomalous and widespread in the coastal zone of Asia and other countries in the Indian Ocean owing to combinations of various natural forces, population growth and unmanaged economic development along the coast, within river catchments and offshore.

Erosion persists even where preventive measures such as sea dykes are constructed. Beach scour has been found along coasts with sea-dyke protection. This erosion is attributable to many factors such as river damming and diversion, that leads to less sediment supply to the coast, and the clearing of mangrove forests, which makes coastal areas more susceptible to the hazard. Juxtaposing these phenomena, the intensification of typhoons and storm surges during the year period between and has meant that storm surges with increasing tidal levels exceeding one and two metres have occurred and 48 times respectively, thus exacerbating the erosion problem.

Most of the sediment taken offshore by the storm waves has been returned in minimal quantities to the coast during normal conditions owing to the frequent storm intensity. According to Othmannearly 30 percent of the Malaysian coastline is undergoing erosion.

Many of these areas are coastal mudflats, fringed by mangroves. Behind the mangroves there are usually agricultural fields protected from tidal inundation by bunds dykes. Locally, mangroves are known to reduce wave energy as waves travel through them; thus, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage has ruled that at least metres of mangrove belts must be kept between the bunds and the sea to protect the bunds from eroding.

However, the mangroves themselves are susceptible to erosion when the soil under their root systems is undermined by wave action that mostly occurs during periods of lower water level or low tide. This massive erosion — mostly due to wave and current action — and vanishing mangrove vegetation is attributable to the long-term impacts of human activities since the late nineteenth century and also human-induced change within watersheds dam construction that has reduced the sediment supply to the shore.

Erosion still occurs in the central coastal zone of Viet Nam and preventive measures such as sea dykes, revetments, and tree plantations have been implemented in many coastal areas; however, in the southern coastal zone, mangrove plantations have mitigated wave action and prevented further erosion Cat et al. The rapid erosion of the coast of Sagar Island in West Bengal, India, is caused by several processes that act in concert; these are natural processes that occur frequently cyclones, waves and tides that can reach six metres in height and anthropogenic activities such as human settlement and aquaculture that remove mangroves and other coastal vegetation.

The erosion rate from to was calculated to be 5. The areas that are severely affected by erosion are the northeastern, southwestern and southeastern faces of the island. Malini and Rao reported coastal erosion and habitat loss along the Godavari Delta front owing to the combination of the dam construction across the Godavari and its tributaries that diminishes sediment supply to the coast and continued coastal land subsidence.

It has become more serious because mangroves are being eradicated by encroachment human settlementfuelwood cutting and the clearing of coastal areas for intensive shrimp culture. Mangrove forest cover was estimated to be approximately 12 hectares in ; this dwindled to 8 hectares in and was estimated to be only 6 hectares in Samrayangke, In Indonesia, coastal erosion started in the northern coast of Java Island in the s when most of the mangrove forest had been converted to shrimp ponds and other aquaculture activities, and the area was also subjected to unmanaged coastal development, diversion of upland freshwater and river damming.

Coastal erosion is prevalent throughout many provinces Bird and Ongkosongo, ; Syamsudin et al. They succeeded in stopping coastal erosion on Sanur, Nusa Dua and Tanjong Benoa beaches, but were neither cost effective nor efficient, because during low tide all of the coastal area was exposed up to metres offshore; thus, these huge structures were revealed and became eyesores. In Thailand, intensification of coastal erosion came to notice during the past decade Thampanya et al.

Overall, the net erosion is approximately 1. Total area losses amount to 0. Most of the eroded areas increase with larger areas of shrimp farms, less mangrove forest area, and when dams reduce riverine inputs and coastal land subsidence transpires. In areas where erosion has prevailed, the presence of mangroves has reduced erosion rates. Mangroves dominating coastal locations exhibit less erosion than areas with non-vegetated land or former mangrove areas. Such examples indicate that there is a strong relation between major coastal erosion problems throughout the region and degradation of the protective function of coastal systems such as coastal forest and trees — particularly mangrove forest.

Artificial and natural agents that induce mangrove loss and make coastal areas more susceptible to coastal erosion include anthropogenic factors such as excessive logging, direct land reclamation for agriculture, aquaculture, salt ponds, urban development and settlement, and to a lesser extent fires, storms, hurricanes, tidal waves and erosion cycles owing to changing sea levels Kovacs, More scientific investigation and quantification of the physical processes and dynamic interaction of the system is needed to understand how and under what circumstances mangrove forests and other coastal vegetation effectively protect the shoreline from erosion.

A number of efforts have focused on field observations, laboratory and numerical model experiments and theoretical analysis Wolanski ; Mazda et al. Satellite images of the offshore breakwater and artificial headland, groynes and beach nourishment Google maps ; headland and beach nourishment with coconuts; loc cit waru trees; revetment protection using limestone in combination with waru trees note the dangerous placing of the boats 2.

In terms of temporal scales, the issue of sea-level rise is complex and produces a range of environmental problems. As the sea level rises, the water depth increases and the wave base becomes deeper; waves reaching the coast have more energy and therefore can erode and transport greater quantities of sediment.

Thus, the coast starts to adjust to the new sea level to maintain a dynamic equilibrium. Coastline type and sensitivity to coastal processes. The main force in wave generation; under the right environmental conditions, wind may transfer sediment from the beach environment landward on all open coastlines.

They are the most important forces for sediment erosion and transport to the coastal zone. They introduce energy to the coast and also a series of currents that move sediment along the shore longshore drift and normal to the shore cross-shore transport. It is important to understand the movement of wave forms as well as water particles and their interaction with seabed material; also how the waves determine whether the coasts are erosive or accretional. They are influential in beach morphodynamics.

They modulate wave action, controlling energy arriving on the coast and drive groundwater fluctuation and tidal currents. The interaction of groundwater with tides in the coastal forest environment is crucial in understanding why coastal forest clearance causes intensive coastal erosion in particular environments. Important for improving slope stability, consolidating sediments and providing some shoreline protection.

Equally significant human activities that must be considered over the range of spatial and time scales are: Activities along the coast: This can occur in the short term less than five years or the long term more than five years. Other structures such as groynes and jetties typically cause erosion down-drift of the structure within a short period of time between five and ten years.

Dam construction and river diversion cause reduction of sediment supply to the coast that contributes to coastal erosion. The effects of dam and river diversion in terms of coastal erosion are not straightforward, but there are mid-to long-term impacts 20 to years with spatial scales approximately from one to kilometres.

Onshore and offshore activities: Sand and coral mining and dredging may affect coastal processes in various ways such as contributing to sediment deficit in the coastal system and modifying water depth that leads to altered wave refraction and longshore drift. The impact of these activities will be obvious within a short period of time one to ten years.

Understanding the key processes of coastal dynamics and how the coasts function both in spatial and temporal time scales short and long termas well as human activities along the coast, within the river watershed and offshore is essential for managing coastal erosion because it may occur without reason.

broad scale coastal simulation dating

A quantitative understanding of changes in spatial and short- and long-term time scales is indispensable for the establishment of rational policies to regulate development in the coastal zone NRC, Their natural features depend on the type of rocks exposed along the coastline, the action of natural processes and the work of vegetation and animals.

The intensity of natural processes formed their origin — either as erosional or depositional features. The geological composition of a coastal region determines the stability of the soil, as well as the degree of rocky materials and their breakdown and removal.

This type of coast typically has a short shore platform that is usually exposed during low tide. Natural erosion is attributable to slope instability, weathering and wave action and leads to regression of the shoreline. As illustrated in Figure 4.

broad scale coastal simulation dating

The rate of erosion is relatively high compared to the hard coast because it is composed of weaker and less resistant material. Erosion is mostly due to coastal processes, weathering and loss of vegetation cover ARC, For extreme events such storms and tsunami, as illustrated in Figure 4.

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It has a broad gentle seaward slope, known as an intertidal mud flat where mangrove forest, saltmarshes, shrubs and other trees are found. Most erosion is generated by river damming that reduces sediment supply, diminishes vegetation cover usually mangroves and saltmarshes and exposes vegetation roots by lowering the mud flat Figure 4.

In the case of a tsunami, coastal forest and trees can decrease wave height and tsunami flow speed to some extent if the forest is dense and wide enough. Both extreme events can cause severe erosion and scouring on the coast and at the river mouth. Its profile depends on wave form and energy and wind direction; hence, profiles can be adjusted to provide the most efficient means of dissipating incoming wave energy.