Black eyed kids encounters dating

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black eyed kids encounters dating

Black Eyed Kids - Are they just a scary urban myth or something much more sinister? . Publication Date: August 7, ; Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC. While difficult to pin down the exact origin of the black eyed kids stories, one source may have in fact been Bethel, an Internet blogger/journalist who claims his was the first black eyed kid encounter. . Date of Collapse: December 15, ). That's when you realize, that standing behind this child are two more The use of black eyes to symbolize evil has become a common “One of my goals when I wrote the book was to find out if the encounters pre-dated the.

When investigators spoke to people in the area, one neighbor stated that he had also seen the strange figures. He believed they were children and had seen them playing in the road. The anonymous witness stated that he was alone in his room one evening watching a movie when a knock came at his door. Expecting it to be his roommate, who had forgotten his key, the Marine opened it without hesitation.

When he did, though, he was presented with the sight of two small children standing outside. As soon as he saw them, the man stated that he was filled with dread and had an impulse to slam the door shut as fast as he could.

That was before he realized that both children had jet-black eyes. Despite his fear, the Marine asked the children what they wanted, to which they responded, all the while staring straight at him, that it was cold outside and that they wanted to come inside and read.

The Marine suddenly realized that no one else was within sight, and as the children took a step toward the room, he gave in to the impulse that was racing through him and shut the door quickly. After visiting the mall, she made her way back to her car in the parking lot.

As she did so, she noticed a strange, almost sick-looking boy talking with an older lady. The boy looked pale with dark rings around his eyes, and he appeared to have a rigid and unnatural posture.

The old lady appeared to be searching in her purse for something to give to the young boy, whom Kerrie estimated to be around 12 years old. Kerrie suddenly became more acutely aware that there were very few people around, and the place seemed to take on an almost sinister feel. She quickened her pace to reach her vehicle, but as she passed the pair, the young boy locked eyes with her. She moved away as quickly as she could, while the boy suddenly turned and walked away from the scene, not waiting to receive whatever the old lady was searching in her purse for.

Kerrie stated that she had the strange impression that while she was staring at the child, he could read her mind and knew what she was thinking about him. Recently, year-old Trevor Tyre managed to snap a photograph of the dark-eyed specter, kneeling in the gallery and seeming to peer over the railings. They story goes that after she was imprisoned at Hampton Court, Catherine momentarily escaped from her guards and took this route in a desperate search for King Henry VIII in order to beg for her life to be spared.

Only when he returned home did he and a friend notice the strange girl staring down at them, dressed in what appears to be a white gown. Whether it is indeed Catherine Howard or an unknown black-eyed child, several staff members at Hampton Court Palace have stated that the figure has been seen by many people over the years. According to the report, it was a decision that she believed would have lasting implications.

The woman claimed to live in Vermont and told of how in the middle of a blizzard one evening around a year earlier, a loud knocking sounded at the front door of the house she shared with her husband.

Thinking that someone had been in a motor accident due to the weather, the woman went to answer the door. A quick look out of the window revealed footprints in the snow leading to the house, but there was no sign of a vehicle on the road.

Now a little unnerved, she awoke her husband. As the banging on the door continued, he went to answer it. Two children were stood on the doorstep, a boy and a girl looking to be around eight years old. The woman recalled that they were not dressed for the cold conditions outside and that she felt instantly unnerved by their presence.

Despite her probable better judgement, she invited the two children inside. As she ushered the two children into the living room, she noticed how her cats appeared to be afraid of the visitors, with one in particular hissing at them as they passed. She offered to make the pair a cup of cocoa to warm them up and recalled that whatever she asked them, their reply was always the same: As she stared at them, they both suddenly asked if they could use the bathroom. She tried to remain calm and directed them to it.

As the woman attempted to make her way to get her husband a tissue, she noticed both children standing at the end of the hall, motionless and staring at her.

10 Bizarre But Chilling Encounters With Black-Eyed Children

After all, it was Thursday and he still had to get up early the next day. Our doorbell glows and in the dark and without the porch light it would be extra obvious to anyone there.

It would be pretty rude for me to just sit there and not answer it. I glance down at Chloe and she was gone. My gazed followed her usual path to the front door expecting her to be on her way there as she normally does.

I stood up to look around the room better and found her, crouching by the back door like she was wanting out. However, she never asks to go out like that. She always comes and licks my hand or puts her head on my knee. This was totally out of character for her, and I have to say heightened my anxiety.

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I instantly felt relief. It was just some kids, probably a couple of my neighbors on their way back home that wanted to stop by and show me their costume or something. I turned on the porch light when I got to the door and sure enough, I could see thru the glass that it was a couple of pretty small kids.

A little late for such young ones I thought and I began to wonder about what kind of parents would let their kids run the streets that late at night. I began to feel very uneasy again. It was a girl and boy.

I had not opened the door wide enough for any light from inside to hit them directly. This was things really got weird. Both kids turned to look at one another like they were going to say something to one another, but neither ever spoke. Can we please come inside and call our mother. The other, a sinking fear in my gut that was keeping the other feeling at bay. Can we please come inside while you call our mom? As she did, she stepped into the light coming from inside the house and I got my first real good look at her.

black eyed kids encounters dating

I could feel every hair on my arms and back of my neck standing at attention. I closed the door to where just my face was able to stick out. We HAVE to come inside. That would have freaked me out even more to not know where they were. As I made my way to the side table by our couch to my phone, I glanced at the back door — Chloe was nowhere to be found. We later found her in the guest room under the bed. When I got to my phone and started to look for his contact info, it was only then the kids stepped away from the door and began to walk to the street.

As they did I walked to the door to get a better look to see where they went, still not calling my neighbor. If you get close enough to the glass you can see out enough to make out peoples shapes, but you can see much detail. Of course, standing that close to the door would make you pretty obvious to anyone outside looking in. From the door, I could see that the kids were still standing under the streetlamp nearest my house, staring at me.

As I lifted the phone to my ear after calling, only then did the kids start walking down our street.

black eyed kids encounters dating

I met my neighbor out under the lamp once he was out there, but the kids were nowhere to be seen. He was over six feet tall and dressed entirely in black. He wore a black suit, black tie, black hat, and black overcoat, with impractical black dress shoes covered with mud.

His face, barely visible in the darkness, sported a neatly trimmed mustache and goatee. The flashes of lightning behind him added an eerie effect. The girl gulped silently and backed away. Then she returned accompanied by a rugged young man hastily buckling his trousers in place.

He, too, turned pale at the sight of the stranger. The couple retreated murmuring to themselves and the tall stranger faded into the night. Beards were a very rare sight in West Virginia in Men in formal suits and ties were even rarer in those back hills of the Ohio valley.

And bearded, black-garbed strangers on foot in the rain had never been seen there before. In the days that followed the young couple told their friends about the apparition. Obviously, they concluded, he had been a fearful omen of some sort.

Black-eyed children - Wikipedia

Perhaps he had been the devil himself! Three weeks later these two people were dead, among the victims of the worst tragedy ever to strike that section of West Virginia. They were driving across the Silver Bridge which spanned the Ohio River, when it suddenly collapsed.

Silver Bridge collapse remains. They remembered the story of the bearded stranger in the night. It had, indeed, been a sinister omen, one that confirmed their religious beliefs and superstitions. So a new legend was born. Beelzebub had visited West Virginia on the eve of a terrible tragedy. I would prefer to believe that I did not look like the devil in my late beard. I certainly had no intention of launching new legends when my car ran off the road in West Virginia that November and I plodded from house to house searching for a telephone so I could call a tow truck.

West Virginia was almost a second home to me in those days. I had visited the state five times, investigating a long series of very strange events, and had many friends there. One of them, Mrs. Mary Hyre, the star reporter of the Athens Ohio, Messenger was with me that night. We had been out talking to UFO witnesses, and earlier that evening we ourselves had watched, a very strange light in the sky.

Since there was a heavy, low cloud layer it could not have been a star. It maneuvered over the hills, its brilliant glow very familiar to both of us for we both had seen many such lights in the Ohio Valley that year.

Hyre waited in the car while I trudged through the mud and muck. We had been trying to climb a slippery hill to a spot where we had seen many unusual things in the past. I found that the telephones in the houses closest to our location were not working, apparently knocked out by the storm.

Black-eyed children

So I had to keep walking until I finally found a house with a working phone. The owner refused to open his door so we shouted back and forth. I gave him a phone number to call. He obliged and went back to bed. I never knew what he looked like. My point, of course is that Beelzebub was not wandering along the back roads of West Virginia that night. It was just a very tired John Keel busy catching a whale of a cold. But from the view of the people who lived on that road, something very unusual had happened.

They had never before been roused in the middle of the night by a tall bearded stranger in black. They knew nothing about me or the reasons for my presence so they were forced to speculate. Even speculation was difficult. They could only place me in the frame of reference they knew best—the religious. Bearded men in city dress simply did not turn up on isolated back roads in the middle of the night.

So a perfectly normal event normal, that is, to me was placed in an entirely different context by the witnesses. Some future investigator of the paranormal may wander into those hills someday, talk with these people, and write a whole chapter of a learned book on demonology repeating this piece of folklore. Other scholars will pick up and repeat his story in their books and articles. The presence of the devil in West Virginia in November will become a historical fact, backed by the testimony of several witnesses….

Frame of reference and context are everything. Visit the same place in the dead of night or during a thunderstorm, and your perceptions will change drastically. The encounters almost always had certain factors in common: Many people have said that Bethel faked his story but since his story is a subjective experience and we have no way to verify it did or did not happen, I will not speculate and only relay it.

Why the sudden spike this year in black eyed kids? This year was ripe with black eyed kid movies, stories and appearences in the media. So in short, priming, pareidolia, frame of reference fictional movies, books and context all play important roles in how we perceive events and experiences, even other people, and all of these things can combine together to create one helluva scary experience, even if by the light of day we would dismiss such an idea out of hand for its ridiculousness.

This term is often used when referring to pupil dilation that is NOT the result of a physiological condition or cause, such as drugs, illness or injury. Normally, as you know, the pupil enlarges or constricts based on the amount of light entering the eye at any given time. There are several conditions that can cause a pupil to expand beyond what most people have seen in another human being or display other abnormal behavior. Some of them are: This is an informal term referring to when a set of pupils is dilated beyond normal limits due to possible and likely increased intracranial pressure brain hemorrhaging for example.

Seen in low light, could it appear all black?

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A condition where one pupil is noticably larger than the other often mismatched in size. Traumatic iris damage, third cranial nerve palsy, pharmacological dilation ie dilating dropsiris rubeosis Paitient UK, While none of these presents as a full blown black eyed kid appearance i. Teenagers and kids are among the most internet idiotic and the most internet savvy people at the same time.

This contradictory existence enables kids to do what they have always done: As time has went on, information on the internet is easier and easier to obtain, easier to fake and easier to decimate making the problem of priming and pareidolia all the more invasive.

These sclera contacts are relatively expensive if made professionally and often are custom made again if made professionally and legally. They have a variety of uses from theater and special effects in movies to medical treatment. Just because of the price, many people have discounted it as a possibility for modern kids to buy them.