B1a4 jinyoung dating services

#KPop: Actress Jung Hye Sung & B1A4's Gongchan Reportedly In Relationship; Agency Responds

b1a4 jinyoung dating services

Actress Jung Hye Sung and B1A4 Gongchan's agencies finally released a statement regarding the two's dating rumors. FNC Entertainment and. On April 26, an exclusive report from news outlet MBN claimed that Jung Hye Sung and B1A4's Gongchan are dating. Their inside source said. Jang Dong Min asked CNU, "When you saw your ideal type, Krystal, in person, The members revealed that the agency had enforced a dating.

I want to make sure my girlfriend enjoys it till the end.

#KPop: Actress Jung Hye Sung & B1A4’s Gongchan Reportedly In Relationship; Agency Responds

A date while holding hands. We will start with holding hands while walking along a place with beautiful scenery. When we get hungry, I would bring her to a cafe instead of a restaurant, since there are many girls who are uncomfortable with showing the side of them eating on the first date.

After having a light meal, we would come out of the shop and I would hold her hand again laugh. When night falls, I will walk her home. We would go to a cafe or restaurant, and have a slow chat.

I want to close the gap between our hearts by talking and understanding each other. I would lead in the talk, and create an easy atmosphere. Even though it may be very common, but I want to go and watch a movie! And after watching it, we can recap and discuss about the nice scenes.

A romantic candle night. What I want to do is a surprise shocking date. I would set a date on her birthday pretending not to know about it, and bring the jealous her to a restaurant. And when we enter, instead of lights the shop will be lit by candles. In order to celebrate with just the two of us, I would have rented the shop. And it will not be done at home but in a restaurant instead!

B1A4 discuss their dating experiences, ideal types, and current status | allkpop

Instead of the chef, I will show off my culinary skills and enjoy a romantic dinner just both of us alone. After the meal, I will sing a song for my girlfriend at a small stage near the restaurant. Lastly, I will secretly give her something that she wants as a present. A surprise party at home! In Korea, it is a tradition to have seaweed soup so I would have it prepared at home while waiting for it.

I would tell my girlfriend to first head to my house, and give her my keys.

b1a4 jinyoung dating services

When she enters the room, she will see a table full of birthday dishes! I will then enter with a cake, and make her even more touched. A trip to Chuncheon! I want to ride a train and go for a holiday with just the two of us.

b1a4 jinyoung dating services

The recommended place is Chuncheon, about a two hour ride from Seoul. The scenery is pretty, and it is famous for its chicken dishes like dakgalbi. I hope to leave behind our daily lives and make memories that we will never forget forever. It is the reconciliatory date after a fight, where would you go? Pretending to be a mascot in an amusement park.

How would that be? I will prepare a ticket to the amusement park, and have a friend of my girlfriend give it to her. I will wait for her in the amusement park wearing the mascot outfit. He is good at playing guitar. Apart from singing he is a good song writer. He has also involved in producing songs.

b1a4 jinyoung dating services

He has also debuted in many movies. He started his career with B1A4. He has been selected as the first member in that team through the photo he has posted in one of the social website. He has just began his career in the field of music by posting his photo which was noted by the officials of that team. She was stated as Star girl in that facts. It was said that he might be dating her. Other than this nothing was much known about his affair. He is very kind person by nature.

Hence he has not been in relationship with anyone. As he is busy in developing his career in this field of music and He was not able to find time to think about his personal interest.

B1A4’s Gongchan And Jung Hye Sung Reportedly Dating; Agencies Respond | Daebakkpop

Moreover he is not much interested to have an affair with anyone. His Ideal Woman Jinyoung expressed his ideal type must have the qualities like morality and courtesy. He expects the same nature of being kind to everyone around her. He expects his girl to be loyal to him. He wants a girl who loves his company. He is looking for a compatible girl who can be with him throughout his life and support his career.

He wants a loving and kind hearted girl.

B1A4’s Gongchan And Jung Hye Sung Reportedly Dating; Agencies Respond

His wishes for an ideal girl keep on changing and there is no fixed statement about his expectation. How He Thinks Marriage Jinyoung has enacted in marriage related subjects but still he has not given his personal opinion about his marriage. He wanted to make his wife always happy.