Adventure time jake dating advice

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adventure time jake dating advice

Results 1 - 10 of 10 Jake's Dating Tips. Adventure Time - Jake Explains Some Junk. See more about Dating and Dating advice. Dating girls. Adventure time. For a "kids' cartoon," Cartoon Network's Adventure Time has some surprisingly deep moments and seriously real life advice. From internal relationship struggles to even is an adolescent boy named Finn living his life as the last human in a post-apocalyptic world with help from a shape-shifting dog named Jake? Well. "Let me explain some junk about dating. Right now you're at tier one, which is hugging, but pretty soon you'll be at tier two, which is.

Ok if i had to guess, these would be the tiers: Hugging Jake says it in the episode 2: This Pin was discovered by Matilda Elizabeth. See more about Dating and Dating advice. Results 13 - 24 - Adventure time jake backpack. Nine steps to creating a good personal ad.

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Find and save ideas about Adventure time quotes on Pinterest, the world's catalogue of ideas. Adventure time wisdom This should go on my writing board as well. However, Ziggy Stardust lives again whenever we revisit the single, The. This alternate-universe adventure about Art Crime and its detection.

adventure time jake dating advice

Original air date, August 8. Find out more about your favorite characters from the show! Adventure Time is only on Cartoon Network. Could representation in cartoons be a next step in visibility on television? There are a few hints, however, which appear to date the first steps which Gary took.

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The closest allusion to the Temple adventure time period can then be. Adventure Time Amino Amino. July 10, ; Run Time: I'll go step by step on why this is one of the coolest Cartoon Network. After doing the next step you will NOT be able to get it and will have to start a new game ; Use pizza number with phone. Every few stepsPB tugged her shirt down only to have.

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adventure time jake dating advice

Plot The episode starts with Finn and Jake having a picnic and looking at the sunset. Finn says that he does not know and asks Jake the same question. Jake answers that he will take Lady Rainicorn. A duck walks by and Finn picks it up, saying that he will bring the duck to the movies, but Jake says that he has to be somebody he can "smooch. Jake mentions that Finn does not have to kiss but find somebody whom he CAN kiss. Finn then picks up the blanket and kisses it.

adventure time jake dating advice

Jake then tells Finn to put the blanket down and have a seat so he can explain couples to him. Finn quickly interrupts saying that he was just wondering if she would like to go. Princess Bubblegum says that she cannot go because she is practicing for the Whistling Choir Death Match Championship. Finn tries to say something but Princess Bubblegum quickly hangs up and continues to practice.

15 tiers of a relationship! By Jake the dog

Finn says to Jake that she does not want to go, but Jake says that she actually does want to go and that they need to help her "realize" this. He announces that he is going to call Marceline which is a strange idea for Jake, because he is usually afraid to talk to her. Finn wonders why, and Jake said that his fear was based on "ignorance. The viewer can see both ways that Marceline was actually hiding under the green coat in the background and comes up just to scare Jake.

adventure time jake dating advice

Finn, showing no fear, simply chuckles and asks if she is going to help, to which she agrees, saying that it will be funny. The scene then skips to the Candy Kingdom with Jake talking about the plan, which is to have Finn say funny things and for Marceline to laugh out loud at it.

Finn says a few words that Marceline quickly begins to laugh at, causing Princess Bubblegum to notice her and Finn outside her window. She greets Finn in her normally polite way but addresses Marceline in a somewhat rude way. Marceline takes this in stride and also says hello while calling her "Bonnibel.

15 tiers of a relationship! By Jake the dog - Imgur

Princess Bubblegum tells them to keep it down because she is still trying to whistle practice by using her whistling book. Jake believes that his plan was somewhat of a success, so he begins "Phase Two" and goes to get something.

Meanwhile, Marceline suggests that Finn take some advice from a "real" girl, referring to herself. Finn interrupts, saying that Jake's plan was "powerful," but Marceline asks how Jake is going to know what a real girl wants more than a real girl.

Finn agrees, and Marceline says that they are going to need something fun, because girls love fun more than anything although her interpretation of fun proves to be highly unconventional. Finn interrupts, saying that she said the word "fun" so many times that it sounds weird and starts to repeat the word to try out its new surreal sound.

Marceline asks him what he likes to do for fun. He says that he likes to wrestle and fight, although this only serves to lower his spirits as he does not think that any women would find that sort of thing appealing.

Marceline thinks that this is a good idea and says if he wrestles Princess Bubblegum, she will think he is fun. After Marceline leaves, Jake arrives with a Lute suit and a lute.

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Finn is confused, but Jake quickly explains that girls love it and to trust him. As Finn walks into the castle with the Lute Suit on and Jake disguised as a chair, Marceline arrives and asks what Finn is wearing.

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Jake reveals himself and answers her question, saying that Finn looks adorable in it. Marceline says that it is going to ruin the plan.

adventure time jake dating advice

Jake asks what Marceline is talking about, and Finn says that he was trying Marceline's idea also.