Adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

Adam4Adam Radar Gay Dating GPS Download APK for Android - Aptoide

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

Adam4Adam Radar Gay Dating GPS- free download of Android version, RADAR is the Geo-location version of leading Gay dating website. Adam4Adam Radar Gay Dating GPS icon Download from iTunes. Site still isn't working with update? Still does not wok? DaneZahner on Oct 2, for. Download A4A adam4adam gay dating chat for iOS, and enjoy it on your iPhone, networking opportunities or casual fun, you ll find it on Adam4Adam Radar.

This app is also mechanically awful compared to Scruff. Publishers Clearing House is the current madness.

Adam4Adam for Android

I will attempt to check messages only to have it blare all over the room or car. Terrible way to treat users of your app. Wish there was less than 1 star rating like 0.

Full screen for iPhone X please.

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

Complete waste of an app! Go use Grindr which is great compared to Adam and that says a lot! Bots, Bots, and more Bots. Almost every other message is a bot soliciting some scam site. The old format worked! This new format is a coaster of ads. Whoever created this design failed miserably. And why are there so many bots? Bring back the old version.

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

Overall - good job! But if working on an app version - make it more stable and make it work flawlessly and more user friendly I paid for VIP to get rid of the annoying ads and they never even went away!

I still continued to have ads even while paying for VIP! Impossible to navigate, freezes constantly, extremely awkward as far as logic.

Gay Dating Gps

Who has the brain that could possibly believe this is feasible? I will likely greatly reduce or stop using this app!! Ooops, something went wrong! I tried to use the app.

Adam4Adam Radar Gay Dating GPS

Unusable since the last update! When you open the app, it gives you an error code and renders the app useless. Any other app would have addressed and fixed this issue within hours of finding out.

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

A4A must not care about its customers. All I get is a message reading: Oops something went wrong. I did like the ability to take and send images inside the messaging section, that was a good improvement. Want to read your messages? After the last update, it is unusable. Not just one time. This has been going on for days now. Did the site close? If so, at least have the decency to put up a note and say so. With IOS update The new format on the website is worse also.

Seems like A4A is over This app and in fact, website is poorly designed, poorly maintained and just poor. They could also probably remove some buttons that would be necessary in a website, but not a smartphone like the next page button they could do a scroll orswipe to the next page Aesthetically, it seems too crowded.

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

They could do a better job at making it look more streamlined. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

Fixing typing in some the text fields - Sorry guys. Allowing syntax correction when enabled in device settings.

adam4adam radar gay dating gps download

Improved search Bug Fixes. Solved the last problems that where due to the Api to adam4adam and not the App itself. Bug fixing - solving the conversations problems. What's New in Version 2. Bug fixes in previous version. See who is online quickly! New "PUSH" notification - Push notification tells you when you have a new message, even when you are not logged in or have the app open.

Apr 12, Version 4. Designed like a website-awful mobile interface Jul 7, Age Rating You must be at least 17 years old to download this app.