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Abobo's Big Adventure is the fourth episode in the Double Dragon Week series. Upload Date, Feb 19, It's a Newgrounds flash game for fuck's sake. Abobo's Big Adventure is a freeware parody flash game. Inspired by various video games Adventure" for anyone who donated, though it pushed the release date for the completed project further. On July 12, , it was announced that Abobo's Big Adventure had won the Newgrounds "Game of the Year" award. Main · Videos; Abobos big adventure newgrounds dating. Anoint his gill for you such began before the beginning. the zack blots no compute for those.

Abobo has a rage meter that increases when he hits enemies and decreases when he is hit; when the meter is completely filled, the player can press 'A' and 'S' together to perform a special attack that destroys or greatly damages all enemies on the screen. With the exception of the "Contra Bobo" level, each level is single player only. The game's plot revolves around Abobo's son, Aboboy, who is kidnapped in the opening cutscene in a nod to the opening of Double Dragon.

The game's levels are mostly linear, featuring several nods to other Nintendo Entertainment System properties with their enemies and layout. Doc reveals that the real villain is his former pupil, Little Macwho went mad with power after winning the championship.

Abobo defeats Little Mac in a boxing match, decapitates him with the Power Gloveand rescues Aboboy. As the crowd cheers for the reunited pair, they suddenly leap out of the ring and begin to graphically murder everyone within reach.

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The events of the game are finally revealed as a dream Abobo is having, a reference to the ending of Super Mario Bros. Development[ edit ] The arcade cabinet's controls were designed to resemble a NES controller, while a trackball acted as a mouse. Working with a programmer nicknamed "Bane", they put together several early levels. However the game was delayed by various side projects, including a game with a similar concept named "Domo-Kun's Angry Smashfest".

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He later returned to the game with the help of developers Nick Pasto of PestoForce and "Pox" of The Pox Box, and after mapping out the storyline decided to start the project over from scratch in due to dissatisfaction with the early work, and the feel that the original programming strayed too far from the feel of an actual NES.

A lot of love went into Abobo's Big Adventure. We had no bosses to report to, no budgets to meet, no rules about what we couldn't do I have to thank Nick and Pox for seeing this immense project through to the very end with me. They put a ton of work into this and the game simply couldn't have turned out this incredibly well without their efforts.

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I'm incredibly lucky to have good friends like them who share my sense of humor to work on games with. I also have to thank our friends and families for putting up with all the long nights we spent working on the game when we could've been hanging out with them. Thanks to Tom Fulp and the Newgrounds community for showing so much support for our game projects over the years. And lastly, I want to thank you guys for being so patient with us as we kept promising this game year after year.

Your undying support really kept us going and we really appreciate so many of you spreading the word about it online. I know it took us forever to complete, but once you've played through the entire thing, you'll see that it was worth the wait.

We've added in a ton of custom artwork, cutscenes, unique rage moves on each level, huge boss battles, secrets, unlockables, jokes, and a whopping achievement medals! We even wrote a tutorial so you can learn how to play the game with a genuine NES controller on your computer. You'll also be happy to learn that we've created a convenient Level Select screen which automatically unlocks levels as you beat them.