2013 ford kuga review uk dating

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2013 ford kuga review uk dating

The Ford Kuga has everything you need in a family crossover - but Up-to-date technology means that the car can read out text February The first of the all-new Ford Kugas arrive in Britain. .. [email protected] "The Ford Kuga has recently been facelifted to keep it competitive, but Power owner satisfaction survey of cars currently on sale in the UK, The Kuga also has a five-star Euro NCAP crash-test rating, although this does date back to when the test was less stringent. . Hyundai Santa Fe (). Ford Kuga appears to be regularly flattening its battery. . UK Focus Ecoboost owner received a letter from Ford (dated 9th.

Supplying dealer advised him to log the fault with Ford Customer Relations Centre which he did. Under guidance from Ford CRC the car has been back again to the local dealership who again have reported no fault. However Ford CRC have indicated by telephone they believe the fault is down to driving style.

This had leaked out of a failed clutch slave cylinder into the bell housing and destroyed the clutch.

Ford Kuga review

Report of Ford Kuga 2. Owner took it to the Ford dealer who told him to keep the car in drive and when the engine then cut out he removed the battery terminals, which worked. This seemed to reboot the system, but all information displays and radio settings had to be re-established. Complaint of satnav of brand new Ford Kuga being hopelessly out of date and no dealer updates available to improve it.

I live on Lycrome Lane, Chesham HP5 3JY and at the top of the road, a former college was demolished over 2 years ago and a new development was built in its place.

2013 ford kuga review uk dating

Where my son lives Coxhill Way, Aylesbury, HP21 8FWa former factory site was demolished in about and new flats were built on the site in Neither can it find nos 6, 10, 13, 15 and 17 which along with my house were all built inso I have to use No. What we do know generally is that map updates are next on the list for SYNC 3. Drivers will be able to download new map data and route info.

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The launch is coming for year end. Owner if finding that it is not always possible to undo the valet setting. The dashboard screen then goes blank and the system needs to be re-booted in order to use it. The car has been returned to the Ford main dealer and the system software has been updated but it did not cure the faulty. Ford then agreed to replace the "APIM module".

2013 ford kuga review uk dating

However, the valet mode problem has apparently now now been replicated on other Ford Kuga models which has resulted in Ford not replacing the APIM module. No potholes, no kerbs. Massive hike in CO2 of 4-cylinder 1.

Lades to much higher firest year 'showroom tax' than before. Legally, this should be absorbed in the quoted price but some dealers are adding it afterwards. The new 3-cylinder 1. Complaint of thudding from fuel tank of Ford Kuga, thought to be the fuel tank float sensor for the fuel gauge come loose.

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Clutch, DMF and slave cylinder all destroyed. No previous clutch slip and car had been serviced miles previously. Rod N replied on Jul 22, Hi Mick I have the same model as you and only use 95 minimun ron and achieve around ks per tank, I do a lot of ks mainly highway and I am happy with an average of 10ks, thereabouts.

2013 ford kuga review uk dating

Mick I noted you said that you are achieving I suggest if you are not averaging at least 9 ks per litre, depending obviously on how heavy your foot is run it by your service manager at your k service. I believe it is very important to use only Ford dealers service departments for all service requirements, there are a lot of really good independant mechanics around but they have not got the correct gear to assess a problem on all makes and models!

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PS, I would not suggest ethanol. I've tried it using E10 94 and the car runs fine and so far the economy doesn't look any different to when I use Unleaded I don't believe you need to always use E10 once you have used it once.

I have a Kuga with a 1. Dave replied on Jul 02, TF. I Kuga EcoBoost Ambiente, going up steep hills loses power. Been told it is dirty fuel. Ran all fuel according to their request use 95 or 98 from Caltex or new tanks installed. Still has same problem. Car back in workshop for 9 days now, starter motor died, been replaced and going up a hill 3 days later car dies completely.

Ford Kuga (2013–)

After 4 days of them having vehicle I was told, 'There appears to be a huge power drainage problem. Really unhappy, always been a Ford love - I think I got a lemon that has a history or living in the workshop.

2013 ford kuga review uk dating

Whether or not that makes it a match for rivals such as the Nissan Qashqai and Mazda CX-5 we are about to find out. Fact is, the Kuga has one of the smallest load bays among any of its rivals, and is even beaten by some cars from the class below.

At least folding the seats is easy thanks to a lever that drops them flat. The same lever can be used to adjust the angle of the backrests for those in the back. You can get a third person in the middle rear seat without too much cause for complaint, and getting in and out is easy thanks to the wide doors and raised ride height. James Lipman Decent seats that feature lots of adjustment make it easy to get comfortable, and the steering wheel has a wide range of height and reach adjustment too.

We would though avoid anything larger than inch wheels to ensure the maximum levels of comfort. Wind noise is well controlled though. It feels pretty well built, if a little heavy handed with the black plastic. For the Kuga facelift Ford wisely replaced the dated old screen and its mass of buttons with its newer Sync 3 infotainment system, at least on all but the entry-level Zetec.

The trip computer sitting between the dials is also a little fiddly to navigate, although the resolution of the screen itself is good. The separate panel of heater controls is clearly labelled.

2013 ford kuga review uk dating