10 days with my devil haruhito dating a demon walkthrough games

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10 days with my devil haruhito dating a demon walkthrough games

10 Days with My Devil is an otome game by Voltage Inc. You are to destined to die The game starts out with you meeting the demons in disguise throughout the day. Kakeru Kamui; Haruhito Amano; Satoru Kamagari; Shiki Kurobane; Meguru early on, but she cools down (or he heats up) as her toast date approaches. Here is a walkthrough for Rein's story in the 5 Days A Human Sub Story. 10 Days with My Devil – Shiki Kurobane Dating a Demon Sequel Walthrough. 10 Days With My Devil Shiki Kurobane Dating A Demon Super Happy Ending Episode 5. 10 Days With My Devil Satoru Dating A Demon Walkthrough. finish your goals, Dating a Demon Kakeru. Kakeru Kamui – Main Story × Epilogue × Dating a Demon × Sequel Haruhito Amano In any game, you.

There are 6 choose-able characters so far, and like I said earlier only two of them are available to play so far.

10 days with my devil haruhito dating a demon walkthrough games

They really made everything in this game perfect, especially their blushing expressions. Anyway, without further adieu, here they are! He is just overall gorgeous and sexy. He is one of the available characters! I played his first.

10 Days with My Devil

Second available right now is Satoru Kamagari. His character is pretty hot especially in his reward pictures. And has a very interesting personality, one that we have never really come across in voltage games before.

He makes me want to die! He has such a sexy deep voice and just imagining that voice every time Haruhito says something make me nosebleed till I pass out! I want to play his story soo bad!

Second most anticipated character is Shiki Kurobane!

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Again both characters have the same voice actor which is the super serious and sexy Toriumi Kousuke who is my favrourite Seiyuu of all time. The only thing with Shiki is that his personality doesnt match those of my favourite Toriumi characters. Meguru Kurobane is the last of the demons you will be living with. He is very innocent and sweet that you would never guess in a million years that he was a demon. I love sweet guys like this as much as I love the sexy Tsun characters like Satoru or Shin.

Rein Isaka is the Last character in this sexy supernatural Line up. I love the way he looks, his hair and smile. Play it and you will be horrified and agree with me. We get 5 reward pictures for each main route and some very sweet emails from the characters. They are drawn very well. This actually might be my new favourite Voltage game. Angels and demons seem to age just like humans during their childhood, meaning that they stop aging at some point in their lives before they start aging as they're supposed to.

This is seen in Meguru's sequel, when Meguru awakens his special ability to teleport during his certification exam to become a true demon. His physical age changes from late teen years to young adult years and he becomes able to lift the MC off the ground with little to no effort.

The harshest punishment an angel or a demon can suffer for breaking the laws of their respective realms is "extermination" execution. If an angel or a demon dies, their body fades away from existence.

Special Powers Along with the toasting process, demons are also in charge of preventing toasted humans from staying on Earth and becoming ghosts. The Demon King has the ability to bestow and strip away demon powers. It is implied that the Angel King can do the same for angel powers. Whether this ability is passed down to the next Angel and Demon Kings or not is unknown, but most likely.

10 days with my devil shiki dating a demon walkthrough

If this were to happen to the King of either realm, they will be forced into retirement. Haruhito's ability to take human souls to Heaven seems to be an ability shared by all angels.

Since Haruhito is now a demon, his ability is now considered special, as most demons don't seem to have this ability. One's training regime varies from from person to person based on their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and personality. Kakeru was the youngest demon ever to pass his certification exam, passing when he was just 15 years old.

This is revealed by Meguru in his sequel. Both the angels and demons can fly, but in different ways: But there are some demons, like Captain Fujikawa, that have wings albeit black ones while angels have white onesimplying that they, or at least one of their ancestors, used to be an angel before they became a demon.

After the MC meets Haruhito and Shiki during the prologue, she notices black feathers on the ground after they disappear. Seeing as how Haruhito used to be angel, it is possible that the feathers came from Haruhito's wings; meaning that he and Shiki flew away. Cerberus, being a dog of the Demon Realm, can fly as well.

Rein is said to be able to use his strong sense of smell to sniff out toastees. However, he doesn't seem to have this ability in Haruhito's route, nor in his own, seeing as how he didn't know that the MC was a toastee until Haruhito told him.

In Shiki's route, Shiki tells the MC that toastees sometimes give off a scent that lets angels and demons know that they're scheduled to be toast. Angels and demons have the ability to create barriers around themselves to prevent being heard or seen by humans. For a human to hear and see through a barrier, they would have to have walked through a barrier before. However, in Shiki's route, she can't see through the barrier he created.

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While angels and demons can't see each other through their respective barriers, they can still hear and talk to each other. The Demon Realm The act of praying doesn't seem to exist in the Demon Realm, as in Meguru's sequel, Meguru doesn't seem to be familiar with the term until the MC explained to him that praying is when you make a wish to God. Even though the demons don't seem to practice the act of praying, churches are present in the Demon Realm, and it's implied several times that the demons do have gods and goddesses that they worship.

In the Demon Realm, there is a law that forbids demons from falling in love with humans. This is because if a demon were to become emotionally attached to a human, it could lead to more attachments developing, and it may become difficult, or even impossible, for him or her to complete toasting missions in the future.

While this is explained in Satoru, Shiki, and Rein's routes, it remains unexplained in all the other routes. The Demon Realm is said to have always been filled with jealousy and resentment. It's also said to be a dangerous place, especially at night. While the Angel Realm isn't as dangerous as the Demon Realm, it is still not a very safe place for a human, as there is some opposition against humans entering either realm.

In the Demon Realm, the royal family hosts an annual ball in which all members of the Demon Aristocracy are invited to. Even so, not everyone in the Demon Realm is fond of the royal family. The Demon Realm has an organization known as Central Intelligence, who gathers information inside the Demon Realm whenever a serious incident occurs. Competition is said to be much harsher in the Demon Realm than in the Human Realm, as everyone needs to rely on their family and friends, and kick down anybody that gets in their way, all just to climb the ladder.

The Angel Realm All angels have at least one bottle of a medicine that can restore someone's regenerative functions. If they ever run out of it, they can always get more. Along with the reincarnation process, angels are also in charge of taking the souls that the demons miss to Heaven. Since the demons can be prideful at times, the angels have to take the soul to Heaven without the demons noticing, otherwise they would try to do so themselves.

In his sequel, Satoru reveals that while the demons are in charge of toasting humans, it is possible for an angel to do so, but they would have to be of an extremely high rank. While the Angel Realm doesn't have a law forbidding angels from falling in love with humans, it is still deemed taboo.

10 days with my devil haruhito dating a demon walkthrough games

This is because there is a law forbidding angels from telling humans about the existence of Heaven and everything related to it. This includes the demons, and the toasting and reincarnation process. Otherwise, universal balance will be thrown off. The reason why one of the demons had to keep an eye on the MC until the tenth day of the agreement is so she doesn't affect the fate of other humans, and draw the attention of the angels, since she's supposed to be dead.

This is revealed in Satoru's sequel. In Satoru's sequel, Tsubasa implies that angels are more trusting of others than humans and demons. He also says that demons can be nit-picky, and that it's better to date an angel than a demon.

Also, when the MC mentions how Tsubasa was willing to help others, Satoru simply says "Yeah, well, he's an angel. This is further implied by Rein in Haruhito's main story, Meguru's epilogue, and his own main story.

He says that Haruhito is too gentle of a person to be a demon, tells Meguru that his eyes are too kind for a demon's, and says that being a demon doesn't suit Haruhito. While demons can be kind as well, of the two races, angels seem to be kinder. Gameplay Despite the title, the word "devil" is never used to refer to the titular characters. Instead, they are called "demons". However, in Meguru's route, he refers to them as "devils" at the beginning of Episode 12, though that is the only time that term is used.

Another thing to be noted is that routes for angels are being released despite the title referring to the MC falling in love with a demon. At the end of each story, there is an illustration of a demon that represents the demon of choice. Kakeru has a demon with a ghost swirling behind it, in reference to his ability to separate a soul from it's body.