Top 10 online dating sites 2012 presidential candidates

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top 10 online dating sites 2012 presidential candidates

The United States presidential election was the 57th quadrennial American presidential .. All other candidates were on the ballots of fewer than 10 states, electors, and Obama raised $ million through online channels, beating his record of $ million in Sites of the national party conventions. Jul 28, But over the last nine presidential elections, women have Hillary Clinton is now officially the first woman to top the ticket of a major U.S. political party. Most recently, in , there was a percentage-point gender gap: 55% of women In Pew Research Center data dating to , women have been. Mar 8, Keywords Elections, political communication, partisan homophily, rumor, satire, . Rainie, L, Smith, A () Social networking sites and politics. Available at:

That began to change some in late July when the Obama campaign revamped its website. And while the troubled economy was the No. This is the fourth presidential election cycle in which the Project for Excellence in Journalism has analyzed digital campaign communications. This year, in addition to the campaign websites, PEJ broadened its analysis to include an in-depth examination of content posted on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, areas that were either in their infancy or that candidates made no use of four years ago.

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The study encompassed an examination of the direct messaging from the campaigns for 14 days during the summer, from June 4 to June 17,a period in which the two campaigns together published a total of posts. The changes from go beyond the candidates adding social media channels. The Obama campaign has also localized its digital messaging significantly, adding state-by-state content pages filled with local information. It has also largely eliminated a role for the mainstream press.

Four years ago the Obama campaign used press clips to validate his candidacy. Now the only news of the day comes directly from the Obama campaign itself.

top 10 online dating sites 2012 presidential candidates

The Romney website, by contrast, contains a page dedicated to accounts about the candidate from the mainstream news media, albeit only those speaking positively of Romney or negatively of Obama. Across platforms, the Obama campaign published posts during the two weeks examined compared with for Romney.

The gap was the greatest on Twitter, where the Romney campaign averaged just one tweet per day versus 29 for the Obama campaign 17 per day on BarackObama, the Twitter Account associated with his presidency, and 12 on Obama, the one associated with his campaign.

The campaign is about the economy, but what that means differs depending on to whom one is listening. But Romney devoted nearly twice the attention as Obama to jobs. On the Democratic side, the view that Sanders and Clinton would be good presidents is most common among two reliably Democratic religious constituencies — black Protestants and religiously unaffiliated voters i.

The uptick in the view that Clinton is not particularly religious is most pronounced among Republicans, but also seen among Democrats.

The gender gap in presidential voting: A closer look

And most who hold this view — about half of all U. These figures have not changed much sincebut they are considerably different from the results of a survey taken at a similar point in the presidential election cycle.

Other key findings include: Candidates are viewed as religious by more people in their own party than the opposing party.

Partisans are deeply divided on this question. For more information, see our methodology — LINK]. Clinton and Sanders post as frequently as Trump — but his tweets and Facebook posts get far more attention Over the three weeks studied, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders posted on Facebook and Twitter at roughly similar rates, averaging five to seven posts per day on their Facebook pages and posts per day on their Twitter accounts. Both Trump and Sanders had a few posts that received outsized responses.

Comparatively, Clinton had no breakout posts or tweets in this period, instead collecting a fairly steady number of interactions on her posts and tweets. Her most retweeted tweet, about drought conditions in Californiahad received about 5, retweets at the time of analysis, while her most highly shared Facebook post was a video attacking Donald Trump that was shared 15, times.

Even accounting for the posts that drew overwhelming attention, Trump still received the most public response.

2012 United States presidential debates

Looking at the median — or middle point — rather than the average number of interactions per posts puts less weight on the extremes, and under this metric, Trump maintains his top position. I look forward to debating Donald Trump in California before the June 7 primary. On Twitter, Romney averaged just one tweet a day, again far lower than the candidates. However, in Obama far outpaced both Romney and the candidates studied, averaging 29 tweets per day. These tweets were spread across two accounts, though both were officially tied to the campaign.

At the time of the analysis, Obama had more than 27 million Facebook followers and about 18 million Twitter followers across his two accounts.

top 10 online dating sites 2012 presidential candidates

This is far higher than Trump, the candidate with the highest number of followers 10 million on Twitter and 9 million on Facebook. Romney had about 3 million Facebook and aboutTwitter followers infar fewer than any candidate.

Clinton and Sanders link to their campaign websites, while Trump links to news media One common practice in social media is to add links to external web pages, news articles or other online material when creating a post. During the time period analyzed, the use of links by Trump, Clinton and Sanders varied, both from one candidate to the next and across the two social networks studied.

Within their Facebook posts, the candidates included external links at similar rates: These include links to campaign events, videos both recorded and streaming and donation pages.

2012 United States presidential election

Links to news media outlets were considerably less common for these two Democratic candidates. In comparison, news media links from organizations such as Politico, Univision and medium. On Twitter where Clinton and Sanders include links about a third of the time and Trump just a tentha similar pattern emerges. On Twitter, Trump primarily retweets the public, while Sanders retweets the news media and Clinton retweets her campaign Another way of engaging with others on social media is to directly repost content posted by someone else — whether a media organization, another political figure or a member of the public.

top 10 online dating sites 2012 presidential candidates

On Twitter, however, all three did at least some promotion — or retweeting — of outside content.