Tag dating site review

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tag dating site review

Over the past two years, one of the fastest growing social networks used for dating and hookups has been stirim.info Originally intended as a social network. Consumer complaints and reviews about stirim.info sites like this should be banned! I received and e-mail from a friend where it asked me to join tagged. com and . In every instance that I've investigated to date, the email address and . reviews for Tagged, stars: "I've been on stirim.info since telling me that someone else is using my photos and name on this $#*!ty dating site.

Regardless of its look, Tagged has steadily grown in popularity as a resource for meeting people for dating and hookups.

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Honestly, it seems creepy to do so. Nevertheless, since a significant number of people are doing so it seemed appropriate for us to review it through an online dating perspective.

tag dating site review

The desktop version is easily accessible from any browser. There are also native apps for iPhone and Android devices.

tag dating site review

In both repositories, it has an average rating of four-stars as of August During our testing, we encountered some slight sluggishness in the Android version.

While it did not freeze, it did make for substantially slower navigation compared to the iPhone app. From there, new users can register by using their Facebook or Google Plus credentials.

tag dating site review

Alternatively, users can register manually. The latter requires minimal information. Either registration method takes less than one minute. Users that download the mobile app and who wish to register from their phone can do so following the same steps outlined above for desktop registration.

tag dating site review

Immediately after registering, tagged redirects you to a screen from which you can invite your friends from various platforms — such as a Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc. In the mobile app version, it is quite easy to accidentally initiate this process. You should be careful because if you do, you will be sending email invitations to your contacts on those platforms.

On both the desktop and mobile platform, Tagged will remain connected by default unless you specifically sign out. Also, some of the age ranges of those member profiles were — how can we phrase this?

Tagged Review January 2019

Due to the social network model used by the site, it was not uncommon to find profiles of members under the age of 18 on our home screens. The first one is the list of profiles that are supposed to be from your immediate area that is presented on your home screen.

The second discovery feature follows the swiping model.

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The two sites are separate platforms, but they share the same features and users. Where is the Tagged headquarters? Tagged is based in San Francisco, California. Usability Why does Tagged cancel accounts? There are various reasons: And Tagged cancels these accounts based on their sole and exclusive discretion.

Tagged App Review, Tagged Dating App Comparison

Why is my email blocked? You might have violated their Terms of Services. Contact their customer service team or create a new account entirely. How do I deactivate my Tagged account? On the top menu, select Account, then click on Settings. On that page you'll find "Cancel Account"; follow the instructions, provide your password, and you're done. How do I change my name? Go to your profile page.

To the left of your profile photo, select Edit Profile.


Select Basic Info, then change your display name. How do I sign up? You can sign up through the desktop website, iOS app, or Android app. How does Pets work on Tagged?

tag dating site review

Pets is a game that lets you "own", "buy", and "sell" other members. The fun lies in competing with your friends to see who can gain the highest value.

Tagged.com Review — Can It Be Used as a Dating Site?

Read more about it in our Special Features. How do I unblock someone? Go to your Blocked Users list, find the user, and click "Unblock".