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steven hoskins dating sites

Safeguarding has to date remained a non-statutory policy directive, on adult safeguarding and places Safeguarding Adults Boards on a statutory footing, with into the death of Steven Hoskins (Flynn, ), adult SCRs to date have not had. Aug 4, The report below about the murder of Steven Hoskin, referred in error to the Treffry viaduct in the Luxulyan valley. The scene of the murder was. Jun 13, Steven Hoskin was beaten, "walked" around on a dog collar and lead, and forced to confess to being a paedophile before he was killed on July.

Mrs Hoskin was moved to sheltered accommodation in Launceston, 20 miles away. Digs were found for Mr Hoskin in Newquay. He frequently returned to Maudlin to see his old friends and work with Morley Richards.

In the spring ofhowever, he was moved to the bedsit in Blowinghouse Close in St Austell, his landlords the housing association, Ocean Housing. At first he seemed to enjoy his independence and he was not seen so often in Maudlin. As Tony Williams said, he thought he had found his "gang". Unfortunately the gang leader, "Daz" Stewart, turned out to be a violent control freak. He had no home of his own, preferring to doss down on other people's floors.

His front room was the street corner in front of the block where Mr Hoskin found himself installed. Stewart was a magnet for youngsters, especially young women whom he would ply with drugs and alcohol.

He was also obsessed with painkillers and the idea of leaping from bridges. Within weeks of Mr Hoskin moving into Blowinghouse Close, he had a lodger, Stewart, who began to control Mr Hoskin, partly by supplying him with alcohol and drugs.

He systematically fleeced him of his benefit money.

Safeguarding adults: lessons from the murder of Steven Hoskin

If Mr Hoskin resisted he would punch and kick him. Soon Bullock also moved in. She was in thrall to Stewart and followed him as he abused Mr Hoskin. After the murder, the pair returned to the bedsit and Bullock pestered Stewart for sex - "playtime" as she called it.

Still, there appear to have been chances to save Mr Hoskin. Carol Tozer, director of adult social care in Cornwall, said workers used to visit him weekly and - according to the case file - had no cause for concern.

She said Mr Hoskin was "supported" until about a month before his death. He told them he did not want to see them any more.

steven hoskins dating sites

The review will look at whether they should have been so quick to comply with his wishes. Dr Tozer said the department was "devastated" by Mr Hoskin's death and would learn lessons from it.

Reg Broad, chairman of the east Cornwall branch of learning disability charity, Mencap, called for a public inquiry. Ocean Housing agreed with Mr Broad that the review should be independent rather than one headed by social services officials. David Renwick, chief executive of Ocean, also criticised the time it would take - it is not due to report until December.

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Friends say Mr Hoskin's mother is heartbroken at her son's death. His uncle, Thomas, said on behalf of the family: We now hope he can finally rest in peace". Darren Stewart, 30, jailed for 25 years for murder The ringleader. Reviled by people who lived in and around Blowinghouse Close in St Austell but seen as a "big man" by the local teenagers.

steven hoskins dating sites

Used to hold court on the street corner. Many thought he dealt in drugs. He certainly took amphetamines and supplied alcohol to youngsters. A string of teenage girls appeared fascinated by him. One accused him of once threatening her with a hammer. While in prison awaiting trial he wrote to Sarah Bullock asking her to marry him.

Police think he was simply trying to keep her under his control. Sarah Bullock, now 17, detained for 10 years for murder Became obsessed with Stewart and would do anything to impress him - including stamping on Steve Hoskin's hands to make him fall from the viaduct.

The third defendant, Martin Pollard, described Bullock in court as "evil and vicious".

Man with learning difficulties 'tortured and forced off viaduct to his death' | Daily Mail Online

She is thought to be the one who put the dog's lead on Mr Hoskin, telling him: After moving into Mr Hoskin's flat with Stewart, she started drinking heavily and took drugs. Bullock's family, who live nearby, tried to get her away from Stewart two days before the murder but Stewart had turned her against them. Martin Pollard, 21, jailed for eight years for manslaughter The only one of the killers to have a job - he was a stonemason - and a stable address.

Bullock calmly strolled back to the flat with Stewart where she demanded sex before dialling and reporting Mr Hoskin missing. Having been subjected to such sickening brutality he asked what he could do to make things better, said the judge, Mr Justice Owen.

Safeguarding adults: lessons from the murder of Steven Hoskin

Not content with that, he was then walked up on to the viaduct where he was forced to climb over the railings and fall to his death.

There was evidence in the course of the trial that he was terrified of heights. His suffering as he hung from those railings is unimaginable.

Following his death you lied, lied and lied again in attempts to deflect the investigations from yourself and to blame others.

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You sought to put all the blame on your lover, Sarah Bullock. She had become totally infatuated with Stewart and there was a dramatic change in her when the relationship began.

He detached you from your family and friends. He gained complete control and I accept you would never have come to anything like this without his influence. It follows that I regard your level of responsibility and culpability is substantially different to that of Stewart. Whilst there are some aggravating features present, I take account of your very young age and the degree to which you were trapped in his web. He had written abuse on the wall as Mr Hoskin sat underneath, describing him as a paedophile and nonce, and had set off the fire extinguisher over him before going to the viaduct.

It is in your favour that in your evidence you expressed remorse and regret, that is borne out in the days that followed in what you had to say to friends and relations. That is part of the punishment you will suffer and that will continue for the rest of your life.

He viewed with grave disquiet that a man as vulnerable as Mr Hoskin had not received the support he plainly needed, support that should have protected him from Stewart. That was his genuine, uncynical wish.